Are You Ready to Change Your Life? Start now!

Natalie and Iman, learning that they are about to have a colonics treatment

What would you do to radically change your life in 30 days?

The key to transformation is within your reach. It’s the underrated yet highly effective power of intent. The power of focus, attention, and desire. If you’re ready to set an intent to transform your life, then let’s get to work. The Chopra Well’s new intent-centered show, launching October 2, will be there to guide and inspire you along the way.

30 Days of Intent follows YouTube star, Iman Crosson, and professional athlete and entrepreneur, Natalie Spilger, on a journey of intent and self-discovery. Natalie and Iman spend weeks visiting experts in the health and wellness fields. They experience watsu massage, spiritual therapy, nutrition counseling, and much more. They laugh, they cry, they push their boundaries. It’s the kind of transformative journey many of us wish we had the time and resources for. Imagine spending 30 days going from expert to expert, exploring a range of spiritual traditions and wellness tools. What would you want to try? Where would you want to go?

Before you cash in on those extra days off from work, let’s go to the heart of the issue: your intent. A journey of this kind is most relevant in the context of an intent, which will likely stem from some aspect of our lives that needs attention. Iman and Natalie are perfectly poised for their adventure on 30 Days of Intent. One is struggling with the rupture of a meaningful relationship; the other is grieving what appears to be the end of a life-long dream. They each set an intent at the beginning of the journey, and this acts as their compass throughout.

Consider where you are right now in your life. What are you struggling with? What short and long-term goals do you have? If this is where you’re trying to go, then let your intent be the guiding compass. Set an intent for the day, for the week, and for the year.

Join Iman and Natalie for 30 Days of Intent, launching next week on The Chopra Well. Episodes will air on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so you can stay closely connected to their journey throughout the Fall. Set your intent now, and have fun exploring your own tools and processes alongside Natalie and Iman. Click here for an exclusive link to where you can share your intent and support others’.

As always, keep us posted on your progress in the comments sections of our videos and blogs!

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