SOUL PERSONALITY IS MY RELIABLE ADVISOR On this blog entry I will talk in first person, but my goal is to include you. I feel an immense blessing by doing this. Thank you! The contents of this writing just wishes to share some spiritual experiences with you all. I'm quite sure that it was inspired by the master within itself. In order to benefit from it, let



Ezequiel Rodríguez Saldívar



Don’t you think it would be an amazing feat to be able to recuperate the essence of all our leanings gathered so far in the numerous times we have been striving human beings for a never ending self-development.

 Well, I am here to share with you what has worked for my peers, students and me regarding our always fascinating and creative past. Today, we are enjoying some blessings earned in our past, but we must do many more productive things in this life to keep on growing at all possible levels.


We can start by downloading a dozen of scenes from internet sites. These scenes must depict nature, only nature with no man-made objects on it. Choose different regions of our planet including every single imaginable place, for instance; rivers, beaches, coasts, rain forests, woods, flat areas, wavy deserts, spectacular mountains, waterfalls, grass lands , oasis etc; Depicting yourself there and use a 360º vision absorbing with the rest of your senses everything here.  Now close your eyes and allow your sixth sense to capture the astronomical and astrological specific atmosphere here.  Then ask yourself the following question:  As a spiritual being inside a human body have I been in a similar place?



 Let’s always keep in mind that we as spiritual beings posses a total memory in our minds, so our brain which belongs to our human beings can get information from our total memory if we do it in a kind subtle way, suggesting never commanding to obtain this important data.  We get easily lost in time and in space. The amazing results have helped us to get out from what seems to be a self-induced state of amnesia. We usually experience sharper and with more appropriate atmosphere sights and perceptions our emotional state awakens and becomes a very useful tool on this.

First it is highly recommended that for two whole weeks on a daily basis we get lost in two dozen different scenes, landscapes and seascapes.

Our next two weeks will be spend , but now placing just a minimum amount of man-made constructions, for instance ; stone bridges, windmills, roads, pathways ands some basic simple constructions like houses. As we feel these places and admire the man-made constructions let’s also feel the influence of celestial objects; specifically the moon and our sun.


For example; roads on which some fences made with stone would appear, next some stone bridges, the some far away castles, walls, temples, churches and houses.  Another tip is always to realize the cardinal point on which we are heading, so from time to time we will turn around to face the opposite direction on which we are travelling. This simple action will help our brain to build a reliable framework regarding taking and following directions. We must allow the free manifestation of repressed emotions and forgotten very deep feelings.

Our next two weeks will be spent observing how people are dressed, staring to notice their sandals, boots, shoes etc, the pants, skirts, belts, blouses, shirts and hats. Were we on foot or on horsebacks even carriages? It will be very romantic to be able to recall admiring many fool moons in different settings.

  Now, we can experiment the wonderful not polluted sunrises at different environments, for example at beaches facing the Atlantic Ocean and other times at beaches facing the Pacific Ocean, next we can imagine being attentive  as we face a wild river, afterwards facing a brook, a lake, a pool, yes an old pool.

    Our next suggested action would be using a tree which seems to be standing alone in the wilderness , next we will sit down under the shade of this wonderful tree and start getting its vitalizing oxygen and just start enjoying our thinking by being grateful to the Divinity for these amazing harmonious moments.

Please dare to share similar moments with us.










For successful mental/ spiritual journeys to countries, besides their music, scenes, noises there is something which has been little considered. I am referring to the taste of its traditional dishes; Dishes which cannot taste the same in other countries that have adopted these dishes. It has been proved many times that until we have this vital information about taste our culinary appreciation of this particular country is not complete.

Our first step then would be to imagine experiencing how this country tastes. As you may know my first twenty productive years were spent at a five star hotel in Monterrey, México; from January 1965 to December 1984. During my first ten years this is how the percentage of travelers was formed: eighty five percent was foreign and only fifteen percent was national. At that time tourists on their way to Mexico City or other cities must drive and stay for about four days here in Monterrey before starveling further on. This way I met dozens of middle aged couples from The United Sates and Canada. The funny thing was that only one third of them still kept asking for fried chicken hamburgers and pizzas. They were afraid to ask for our traditional delicious Mexican dishes. Most of them had tried the so called Mexican food in San Antonio Texas, Los Angeles and Chicago. They al were amazed at the main difference had with our food. The menu was designed never to offer really spicy hot dishes; even the stuffed green peppers were mild. Our national customers explained to us that the section dealing with Mexican dishes was designed for gringos. I have many anecdotes about these twenty y years spent at Rio, Ambassador and Gran Plaza hotels.

Here I have a humble suggestion to make you before you visit our sunny Mexico and its many gastronomic regions or go to another country for vacation or for doing business. First think about the different fruit and vegetables each country has, the add fish, game, beef, pork and seas food.

In our system a similar action has to be taken regarding trying to experience the dishes fro the country we will visit in a mental/ spiritual mummer.

Bone appétit!










The mystical experiences moves man to look deeply inside oneself for answers regarding our purpose in life, besides many other important questions regarding our eternal soul. Such experiences require the aid of our spiritual essence in order to count with a reliable divine perspective. There have been a lot of books written throughout centuries, but these contributions just have scratched its surface. Each one of us must do our very best to go beyond this surface and we do it by rediscovering learning by discovery.

Each one of us needs to find first the golden key which will open the gates to lead to a much happier and productive living. Happy living is like a very powerful magnet attracting Harmonious Inspirations. These inspirations allow us to appreciate powerful creative forces which can raise our loving consciousness. Counting with this virtue we can achieve great victories on our long mystical path. Our soul personality starts to cast a guiding light right in front of our daily walking during our dark nights. The wonderful phenomenon is that by doing so we share our light with others at all levels. Our light can be felt even at opposite sites on our planet. Our empathy is now a sublime characteristic which allow us to make a stop on our path and help those less fortunate than us. Every time we do this we are praising God. We don’t need to attain perfection to be able to love and help others. In spite of our many faults and mistakes we can make life easier to many people including ourselves.

As days, weeks, months and years pass by we become the vessel to receive a rare spiritual blessing. Our minds obtain amounts of spiritualization. This new action permits us the comprehension of eternal spiritual laws. Suddenly we don’t see ourselves as human beings having some spiritual experiences, but as spiritual beings having many human experiences. We then do our best to allow our soul personality to manifest its amazing skills and attributes!

As my spiritual experiences are gladly shared also yours are needed by us. Dare to share all your mental-spiritual abilities. Please forget all about what many people would think wrongly about you. Think about a few people you will help by always being sincere and truthful .Each one of us has wonderful spiritual gifts to offer. As we have the courage to be creative and share we will feel indeed needed by others. Please dare to comment on my contributions.

With true brotherly love and comprehension

Ezerquiel Rodríguez Saldíavar.











 For many of our past centuries man had used his telepathic skills to communicate with his love ones at the speed of light. Important messages were transmitted this way between sensitive receptors and senders; And also between people with a mental-spiritual affinity. Some years ago I used this technique with my parents and later on with my wife. Until she had a very serious health condition which it was necessary to count with a telephone line between my work and at home. Since this time our telepathic communications stopped being as reliable as it had been. You might ask how we dared to use modern technology instead of telepathy; well my wife’s condition was a kind of temporary mental condition. At sixteen my then wife was my girlfriend and had taken charge of my two sisters and one brother besides dealing with her own siblings. She always did a terrific job, but at 26 due to a lot of stress her health was affected physically. What follows are some personal considerations about the always fascinating theme.

Telepathy is the ability of the human brain to receive informationtransfer its consciousness and also perceive objects and situations from a distance. Indeed, in all eras, humanity has wanted to be able to read thoughts and to be able to see from a distance important happenings in people’s lives and world events.

Man invented language not God. So there are some mistakes on man’s efforts to communicate in effective ways. Worldwide events prove us every single day of our lives that there are misunderstanding among nations, people, neighbors and families, but what I want to enhance is also between parents and children, spouses, relatives, specially on husband’s side and wife’s sides, good friends included.


It is appreciated too between English speakers; native and the many speakers which it has become their second language. I am a vivid example of it. I do believe that making mistakes is unavoidable. A very practical solution would be to make this lost art our daily habit; as important as our daily prayers and meditation.


   The increased use of telepathy would be one of some solutions. Why is this so? Because telepathy uses images transmitted from one mind to another mind. Isn’t a fact that mentally and spiritually everybody is connected to everybody? If you whish to send the image of a man to someone’s mind you just make the image of a man in your mind and send it to the other person. It is as simple as that. It really doesn’t matter how it is pronounced much less written in the mind of your receiver. Our advanced technology has become our main obstacle in achieving this goal. We’ve always been connected by a powerful and beautiful spiritual silver thread. It is our optic fiber connection. We’ve also enjoyed this subtle kind of communication when we look at a painting, famous painting or not. Another universal language has been the influence of music and mathematics. ry to imagine God’s supreme qualities how they have always sheltered us, his children. Imagine been surrounded by these high spiritual forces and enjoy by being lucky to be called His lovable children. Lovable and loving children who thanks to our mental process of imagination can achieve giant progressive steps right here and right now!




  If you are interested in enhancing your inborn telepathic powers I humbly suggest studying the impact of symbols in our lives. These symbols are of two kinds: natural and man-made. It is a very fascinating well worth studying subject.

  Please t



Posted by Debra Gehrke

Great post, Amorifer… I too believe that we are all born with the gift of telepathy. I also believe that in the future (the timing truly just depends on when we as a humanity decide to collectively "wake up" enough) telepathy will be our foremost communication tool. Becoming more aware of the images we see in our minds is a wonderful practice to begin with. Most of us get so caught up in words, reading, typing, etc. that we don’t realize what we see first in our mind’s eye are images, pictures, scenes…or even little movies…we’ve been taught to translate those images to words, a language that largely limits our true expansive abilities to communicate with clarity. I love your suggestion to study symbols. Just be with the symbols and listen, feel and watch…in your mind’s eye what messages, in images and pictures start to float in. I find this particularly fun to do in nature. She always delivers wonderful information! :0) Thanks again for bringing this to everyone today!! Peace, Love and Harmony… Debra




                 ONE’S LAST MOMENTS


Today I will touch a very delicate topic, but it is necessary. Since a little boy I have always wondered about how our great initiation will be like. On my wife’s side one of her brothers is very sick, so the last three days for her have been an ordeal. Almost seven years ago I faced death in this life for the first time; although I had being preparing for it for a dozen of years prior to this. What I discovered was indeed hard to accept. I had missed very important spiritual lessons. Please allow me to elaborate on this.

I was fifty two years old when I began gathering with two dozen people on a weekly basis to talk about Metaphysical, Philosophical and mystical conversations in an opened forum. The youngest member was forty two years old and he was the one who insisted in talking openly about this not very comfortable theme. The rest of the members were in their sixties and early seventies. The older they were the greater degree of reluctance was shown.

Almost everybody believed in reincarnation. What we did was to experiment on our last moments in previous lives in order to have a reliable framework to pass it over younger members. It took many Sundays to accomplish this task.

Nowadays here in our country and specifically in our metropolitan area there have been many killings where innocent people have been shot to death and also many injured people from all ages including babies.

Automatic weapons are usually used and also many hand grenades. Kindergarten and elementary school children are taught to lie on floors as they listen to any kind of gunfire. Churches now have many more members because of this bad news. The good news is these happenings have forced our people to think seriously in preparing in a mental-spiritual manner. A dozen years ago this was one of the safest places to live in. At that tranquil times was when we accomplish the following summarization of our mental-spiritual exercises.

Most of us realized that our strongest convictions were those experienced in our last moments in a former life. I would love to see that my contributions be much more participative, so please we need your comments and perspectives of these latest contributions.



INCREASING OUR MEMORY, IMAGINATION AND INTENTIONAL THINKING March/26/’11 Due to our modern life’s daily demands an ancient know




Due to our modern life’s daily demands an ancient knowledge comes to the rescue. We, human beings have always shared something that difficult our meaningful learning; our focused attention. We usually get distracted very easily; lately much more. In order to aid you in such matters I will share with you something very practical which nowadays is rarely used. To wear a hat shaped like a cone on top of our heads only three days and a half before each moon phase. Its color can be any one.

  Because I have been able to remember some past lives there are in my total memory; the memory belonging to my master within  I can express the following: Some very sacred and secret useful mystical principles have been spoiled through times.

  It was during many centuries when people realized the great importance of improving their adult lives regarding performing a profession as well as their children’s correct education at school or as apprentices by wearing on very specific days of the month these peculiar hats.

  It is like the saying: "Let’s keep our fingers crossed" when we desire to see some positive results of our honest efforts and not as a magical formula that without doing enough efforts something miracle would happen. The same can be applied to the positive use of wearing a wizard’s hat. Also when we see depicted the comic scene applied to a student when he is wearing the DUNCE hat sitting alone in a corner. 

Originally it was used to those students who were already very smart, but due to their lack of concentration couldn’t retain important instruction. These teachers were using the pyramid principle. The inverted cone on one’s head was with the purpose of remembering very complicated instructions, or something difficult for us to retain. My own private research through the years has cast some light about this. Currently science has discovered that our left nostril is attuned with high tides in spite how gar we are from a beach or coast. The right nose trill is attuned with low tides. These tides as you know are influenced by the moon; another good idea would be to meditate at night during our sacred solar-day keeping a journal start noticing what we experience.

I love to share my contributions with action people. People who trust new knowledge until it have been demonstrated. Ok, then let’s start using one of such homemade hats and use it on the day of the week on which we were born an also three days and a half before any of the moon phases, also by discovering which nostrils seems to be wider than the other, this has to do with the ocean tides, if your left nostril seems to be more opened than your right nostril it will indicate us that it is the appropriate time(three hour period of high tide) to spend some of our time with this cone hat on. It was in the seventies when there was a very strong interest in the power of pyramids. Well the cone shaped wizard hay follows the same esoteric principle. It would be an excellent idea if we do some of our mediations wearing our handmade domestic hat. Please try this exercise and keep me posted please. Best regards a modern-ancient shaman.


PRACTICUS PROGRAM Lessons; 25, 26, 27 and 28 FOUR DIFFERENT RITUALS TO HARMONIZE OUR HOMES: Lesson 25 Instructions to harmonize


Lessons; 25, 26, 27 and 28



Lesson 25 Instructions to harmonize our bedroom.

Lesson 26 harmonizing our kitchen and dinning room. Lesson27 harmonizing our living room.

Lesson 28 harmonizing our studio




To me, home is a piece of heaven on earth. Each room has different needs because it depends how often we are in them, so four different rituals must be carried out to succeed in creating the appropriate atmosphere in each one of them.

My master within has suggested some effective actions to magnetize the interiors of our homes with a vibrant plasma filled with universal love. This universal love will attract great amounts of cosmic energy filled with a loving light ands also a vital life force which will stimulate the spirituality of each member of our homes.

My first sixteen years of my current life I lived in wooden house with my parents and siblings. Only rich people in my hometown posses brick houses. To me they were palaces because they usually were two story mansions. So , as I used to go from Matamoros to Brownsville Texas just before a dozen blocks there was and still is the richest neighborhood . The new bridge was two blocks away from this area. It was until I became seventeen years old when after losing our house we rented a brick house. Right away I noticed a big difference. Wooden houses had in them a cozier flavor. It felt much more pleasant. Now I know that it was due to how wood absorbs with quality people’s emotions and thoughts. Brick or stone houses also have their magic, but their interiors must avoid having flat roofs. The houses I lived were all with two gables. I mean these constructions posses a forty degree angle at the top. I am explaining this to you because it will require our mental creations to give the appropriate spiritual shape to our homes.

Ok then, our ritual is good for any kind of home. We, human beings have a divine spark inside us. Everybody can harmonize effectively his home. There are usually four steps top accomplish this. It will take four weeks in total. Our sacred ritual will need that we use the day of the week we were born in.

Our solar day is indeed sacred. It is the day which is highly spiritual. It is the day when we should abstain for our sexual relations, so this creative energy succeeds in harmonizing our homes. On this holyday, our prayers and meditations have an extra gentle cosmic push.

Our first room to harmonize will be our bedroom. Before an hour to perform our ritual we must have the following ingredients: a candle, some water in a wide bowl. The candle should be unlit placed at an east west cardinal point. This water should have to be magnetized and blessed by using the palm of our hands above this water. We must wash our hands and mouth as a symbol of purification of thought, words and action. Using a sprinkle pour some of this water in it; Face eastwards standing at the middle of your bedroom take short steps and reach the wall or window. Vow and sprinkle some water sprinkling it in an ascending manner from floor to ceiling and then from left to right at the middle. Return to your place by walking backwards. Now follow the same instruction and walk northwards; then westwards and finally southwards. As you again face eastwards finish the rest of the water on the wall or window. Now is time to burn the candle, do it please. Take three deep breaths and sit on a chair near the middle of the room; after a short meditation say the following prayer:

“I am standing right in front of you Sweet Lord Jesus Christ  begging for your grace and understanding I wish to become much more balanced, much more tolerant and help me express my love to my family in correct ways, so I humbly  invoke your light, life and love to be imbedded in each one of walls of this bedroom, floor and ceiling including every object in it. Make my actions have your loving compassion as my spirit goes and is at different places helping people, fulfilling my sacred mission of being just one more of your reliable workers. Amen!”

Next week I will give you another step.

Thank you!










If we really wish to understand our present our key will be to understand our past; each one of man’s achievements, every single effort to leave a reliable record for future generations must be valued and deeply appreciated. Stone has the material used for such gigantic tasks. Stone man-made constructions have much more information that meets our eye. In them there are records of his emotions, thoughts, efforts, sufferings, but also his successes and blessings. Some lucky people like poets; mystics, psychics, saints and shamans have always possessed the tools to unlock its mysteries; those of us interested in discovering our numerous past lives nowadays have easy access to thousands of pictures in the internet. We must become very receptive to absorb such information imbedded in these stone constructions. We all, have our favorite architectural ancient favorites, so step by step let’s start using only one of these choices and experience these hidden positive messages left by us as a human race. The astronomical ad astrological conditions are extremely good. It is like from the universe many laser beams started to hit such stone constructions and all the valuable information in them would be projected into our mind’s eye.

As a proud Mexican citizen my task will be to unlock the mysteries of our Mayan Civilization.




A THANK YOU WORDS TO ALL MY NEW FRIENDS AT INTENT.COM AND AT FACEBOOK Spring time is indeed a wonderful time to create strong bonds with all of you who are new ion our friendship, but who are old from a spiritual perspective. It is a very strong conviction that must of us have met in the spiritual world. Our common factor has always been our love to God and Humanity. We indeed have been working very hard to attain our personal goals. Let me embrace each one of you and ask for God’s supreme blessing to us and our love ones. Gracias!




MARCH 19 ‘11

Nowadays a lot of experts are helping us with their knowledge to harmonize our homes by using the five eternal elements in every room in our houses. Ancient mystics usually used this knowledge to built doorways and arched gates and windows. The doorway was very similar to a human being’s aura; arched at the top. So every time we enter a place by an arched doorway immediately we are cleansed not to contaminate with the slightest negative emotion such room. And it is when we go out from this arched gates immediately a very protective shield is enhanced making our auras resistant to harmful radiation coming from the earth or above. You can Google this by writing ANCIENT ARCHED DOORWAYS. This action takes us into a very interesting backwards time traveling and the more you observe them and allow your total memory to experience sights blended with emotions there will be soon a lot of material to work with.

Please share with us your insights. Spring time will enhance our almost forgotten key symbolic spiritual tools.



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