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Betsy Chasse is a filmmaker, author, speaker, and mother best known as the co-creator behind the film What the Bleep Do We Know?! Chasse is a featured blogger on Huffington Post and Modern Mom. She has been a featured columnist for multiple magazines and online sites most-recently Select magazine, Common Ground, and Yahoo! Shine. She has written three books, most recently Tipping Sacred Cows. Find out more about her at
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Tipping The Ultimate Sacred Cow

It seems at every turn, every careful step I take in this pasture of life I find a sacred cow. Sacred cows about love, sacred cows about spirituality, sacred cows about the world I live in and sometimes they tip easily and sometimes…well have you ever tried to tip a sacred cow, geez!  Some of […]

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It’s Time For A Revolution – Science and Mysticism

It’s time for a revolution! Science does not need mysticism and mysticism does not need science; but man needs both”  -Fritof Capra Do we need both? Sometimes I feel like those two camps are as diametrically opposed as the Democrats and the Republicans. Is it time for a revolution? As I travel the country doing book signings and talks people seem pretty […]

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I Intend to Keep Holiday Happiness All Year Round

I have to say the holidays from Thanksgiving to New Year are my most favorite, but not just because of all the festivities. The family and food and wine and chocolate, and I love to give gifts. My mom is the most amazing seamstress and every year we create something for her to make. We give […]

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Juggling My Lemons

You know how when you’re at the grocery store, gazing at that skillfully stacked display of lemons looking for just the right one, and then you find it? You pluck it from it’s snug little piece of time and space and then suddenly, lemons are flying and you’re doing your best impression of a circus […]

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Wordplay Wedneday: Looking for Love

I have been looking for you I have searched for you in the kiss of a stranger I have sought you in the eyes of my child I thought you might be hidden in the arms of my mother Or perhaps in the songs my father sang me to sleep. I crumble in defeat Wishing […]

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3 Words to Remember to Make You a More Compassionate Person

One of my greatest frustrations with the idea of “being spiritual” is this notion that the response to our actions is really the responsibility of the person reacting. I suppose that’s true, I mean I know it’s true that everything we see and hear and experience is almost entirely painted with the colors in our […]

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Finding the Hugger in Me

I am not a hugger. I probably just failed Spirituality 101 by making an “I am” statement that includes a negative, but the truth is, I’m not a big hugger. Even though it’s a negative, it’s a true negative, so there. I’ll hug my children and my close friends, but I am not one of […]

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Guess what – I’m human!

I think people have a fear of being found out. I know this because I once had this same fear. This fear of being caught with my hand in the non-organic, sugar laden, big corporation labeled cookie jar instead of a raw, homemade dessert with DIY edible decorations. I have feared the wrath of my […]

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My Box: A Reflection on the Limitations of Our Reality

I don’t even know where to begin, where I begin anymore, where it begins and where it ends and how I fit into any of it anymore and for that matter (lol – matter!) what it even is. I’ve just arrived back in the box I call home that is a box within a box, […]

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I Met My Soul By the River, and This is What She Said

We are hilarious creatures. The things we put ourselves through in the name of enlightenment, evolution, understanding, knowing. It’s times like these I wonder if not knowing anything would have been safer. Maybe being asleep is actually a better way to be… Alas we are seekers, even those of us who live quiet lives, going […]

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