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Carole Lynne is an author, spiritual teacher, Spiritualist minister and psychic medium who offers private and group readings on the telephone and in-person. During consultations she brings accurate and compassionate messages from loved ones in spirit. She offers demonstrations of spirit communication and seminars in Spiritualist churches, spiritual centers, and meeting halls. Ms. Lynne has worked in many countries, including the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, England, and Scotland. She has also done phone readings for people in most of our 50 beautiful United States as well as phone readings for people in Australia, Spain, Mexico, England, India, Ireland, Scotland, Alaska, Singapore, Viet Nam, China and Japan. Carole Lynne is the author of How To Get a Good Reading from a Psychic Medium and the award winning book: Consult Your Inner Psychic, both published by Weiser, and available from bookstores, and the store of her website. She is author and composer of Heart and Sound: a book and CD of affirmations, prayers and chants published by Red Wheel Weiser. Her newest book is called Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World. Look soon for her online course called "The Consult Your Inner Psychic" online course. Carole Lynne has been interviewed by ABC World News and The Boston Globe. Learn more at

Remembering The Departed

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs the years go by, it becomes easier to cope with the grief created by the passing of a loved one.  It was almost ten years after my father passed into eternal life before I could listen to a recording of his voice, or really enjoy looking at pictures of him.  It was even harder to cope with my grief after my mother passed on as she had so many emotional problems when she was alive.  There were many regrets to cope with when she moved on.

It is amazing how time heals our grief.  Today my grandchildren put flowers in the bay in Maui where the remains of my parents were placed when they died. Both of them had Hawaiian Sea Burials. As we visit their seaside graves, we visit a beautiful site.

As a psychic medium I work with many people who are in deep grief.  I bring messages from their loved ones who have passed on. This brings great comfort to those still living. What many people do not realize is that when someone living allows a medium to bring through messages from those departed, they are giving an incredible gift to the departed spirit. From my point of view and experience, those in the world of spirit are very eager to communicate with us.  I have never felt a spirit tell me “leave me alone, I do not want to be bothered.”  I realize my comments go against the thinking of many religions, but I am simply sharing my personal experience as a medium as I write these words.

The departed love to be remembered on their birthdays, the anniversaries of their passing and on other special days in the family. When prayers are said for them on special days, I believe they hear these prayers. In fact, in many readings, those who have passed on bring messages that suggest they were present at particular occasions.

It is important to remember those departed always, even years after they have passed on.  Send them your prayers, tell them all about your love and continue to send your thanks to them for the lives they have lived.



5 Tips for Coping With Grief

clounds picture croppedThere is nothing more difficult than coping with the death of a loved one. As a psychic medium I work with clients regularly, who are coping with grief.  As I connect with their loved ones during a reading, the sorrow that the client feels spills over into our session.  At the end of the session, here are some of the suggestions I make to clients in grief.

1. Remember Your Grief is Unique:  While the “stages of grief” have been written about many times, in my experience, each person experiences grief in a unique and personal way.   And each person must move through grief at his or her own pace.  Sometimes well-meaning family members, friends and even therapists try to rush a person in grief.  Of course all of us who are interacting with those in grief want so badly to see this person out of emotional pain. But we must realize that the one in grief is in charge of the pace., not us.  And if you are the one in grief, this is a time when you must get in touch with your personal power so that no one can influence you as to how you cope with grief.

Of course there are exceptions: if the one in grief is not taking good care of him or herself, then family members and friends must step in to make sure the person gets the professional help needed.

2. Protect Yourself From Family Criticism: Many who are in deep grief, have so many feelings up guilt and anger, that they find it impossible to be kind to other members of the family.  I often have clients tell me about the guilt they feel because there were not present at the time of passing of a loved one. Or a client tells me about how a sibling is angry with her because of something that happened around the time of passing.  The truth is that everyone in the family is terribly upset, and although people would all like to be kind and compassionate with each other, family life does not always work out that way.  I encourage my clients to take a step back emotionally if criticized by another family member.

3. Realize Most People Have Guilt Feelings When in Grief: The passing of a loved one very often does not happen in a nicely organized way.  Emergencies occur, other members of the family have to make medical decisions that impact the life or death of a loved one.  This becomes an extremely difficult time, not only for the person who is passing, but for everyone close to the person getting ready to transition to eternal life. One simply cannot make all the right choices, say all the right things, and be in the right places at all the right times.  It is impossible.

4. From My Perspective, those who have passed on are not worried about all the details of their passing: As a psychic medium who is in communication with the spirits of those who have passed on, I would like to share that my sense is that those who have just passed to eternal life, are received by their loved ones in spirit and by the God of their understanding.  They are no longer in human form, but in spiritual form. Many of those who have just passed on seem to be trying to help those loved ones who are still living. They are full of love and compassion. Even those people who may not have had the most tolerable personalities when alive, seem to evolve into compassionate spirits.

5. Know Your Loved One is No Longer in Pain: What is beautiful, is that the woman who dies from cancer no longer has cancer. She is a spirit. The man who was mentally ill, no longer is mentally ill. He is a spirit.  It becomes difficult for me to express this side of reality, as eternal life is ultimately beyond words, and any words used will not convey the whole truth.  The point is, those who are living and in grief need to know that their loved ones who have passed on are well taken care of and are no longer in pain of any kind.  They do not need to replay over and over within their minds, the things they should or should not have done.  What will be most helpful is to cope with grief on a day-to-day basis, and ultimately to come to a feeling of peace about the passing of a loved one. This takes time and patience.

Death and Birth and the most important experiences any human being has within a lifetime. Let us honor those passages.  And when we are in grief, let us take our time and take very good care of ourselves, as coping with grief is extremely difficult.

Carole Lynne is the author of Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World, Consult Your Inner Psychic, and Heart and Sound.


How to Change Your Mood in Five Minutes

How do you change your mood in five minutes? MOVE!

We Have to Move

If you and I want to feel better we have to move.  It does not matter how much and in what way we move, we just have to get up out of the chair, off the sofa and move.  Even if we have physical challenges that keep us confined to a chair or bed most of the time, in this day and age there are many exercise videos for those who are physically challenged.

No Excuses Allowed

I and many of my friends have made the mistake of becoming obsessed with a current so-called problem in our lives. And it is true that we do have real problems in our families, at work, and in our worldwide communities. These problems are real, need to be addressed and solutions need to be found.  But when we become so obsessed with our problems that we stop making time to eat well and exercise, most of us become depressed, discouraged, frustrated and sometimes cross the line into feelings of anger and despair.  When we get into these desperate feelings it becomes all to easy to make excuses: we start eating foods that are not  healthy for us and we stop exercising “I am too upset” we tell ourselves.

It is unfortunate that just when we need nutrition and exercise more than ever, we sometimes give up all the good habits we have worked so hard to develop. When we are distressed we need to take care of ourselves especially well so that we can make the best possible decisions and take the actions that will help us solve our problems.

Five Minutes to a New State of Mind

I have been in the emotional pit of life and after exercising only five minutes, my mood has changed.  This experience always amazes me.  I know many of you have had the same experience, and if time allows us more than five minutes and it is possible to do a good forty minutes of exercise, that is even better!  The problem is, we often do not have the will to exercise when we are feeling down.  Here is a short verse that I like to say when I am starting to resist exercise. This verse helps me and I hope it will help you.

“UP or DOWN ~ UP or DOWN

Which state do I choose?

If I want UP I will GET up

Stay DOWN?  I’ll have the blues”

A simple and somewhat silly verse to say, but it works.

Change  your mood. You can do it. I can do it, so let’s do it.

Now listen to Lighten Up by Carole Lynne! This piece is uplifting and makes me want to move.

Carole Lynne


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Has a Girl’s Life Changed?

This was me as a daughter of the 1940s.  I had long blond hair and I gleefully walked across the rocks: first on beaches in California and then when we moved to New York, I walked across more rocks on the Bronx River.  Life was VERY different for me in those days than it is for young girls in 2012, or is it? It all depends on which girl we are talking about!

When I was a school girl in the 1940s and 1950s, a girl automatically took home economics instead of shop, and when my daughter was in middle school and high school in the 1980s, she still had to battle to get into mechanical drawing class instead of some more girl-fashioned class. Being the daughter of what is often referred to as a “second wave feminist mom” she learned early to go to battle for what she needed and wanted. And she usually persisted and got what she wanted!

When you look at girls around the world, both my daughter and myself have had many freedoms, when compared to what the girls in other parts of the world have suffered and still suffer. And it goes without saying that still in America there are also girls who suffer simply because they are girls.

What about girls in 2012?  It all depends on where you live and what your family values are.  There was a time when I felt that life had really changed for girls because I was looking through rose colored glasses and not facing the abuse of females around the globe.  As I have been willing to open my eyes and have learned about the sex trafficking of girls into Thailand and the honor killings of girls around the world who have gone against the family moral religious codes, I have realized that even today in 2012 there is a small percentage of females who live in a more liberated society. I am one of the most fortunate females in the world and so are many of you.  What can we do to help those females who are not so fortunate?

Are you willing to look?

While some of us are willing to look at the abuse to women, others find that looking is so painful that they just can’t read about the abuse.  And because they cannot look at the abuse, they cannot find ways to contribute to helping abused women through volunteer work or charitable donations. It is only through looking at the abuse to females and facing the atrocities, that we can move forward and create a safer and more equitable world for women.

If you are willing to look, consider reading a book called “Half the Sky” by Nicholas D Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn. Here is a quote from this book:

“We will try to lay out an agenda for the world’s women focusing on three particular abuses: sex trafficking and forces prostitution; gender-based violence, including honor killings and mass rape; and maternal mortality, which still needlessly claims one woman a minute. We will lay out solutions such as girls education and microfinance, which are working right now.”

As you read “Half the Sky” you will not only read about the problems; you will also read about the solutions.  And the more that you and I are willing to read about the problems AND the solutions, the better chance that each one of us will find a way to participate in the solutions!

Many people do not realize how the life of a whole family can change because one member is able to borrow $400 to start a business.  I have a woman friend in India who worked for many years in microfinance for women, and she told many stories about how women started small businesses and were able to support their families.  When you and I realize how much good can be done with so little money, we can stop saying things such as “there are so many poor women in this world and there is no way that I can do much to solve this problem.”  The fact is that every dollar you and I give to a charity that helps women is incredibly helpful.  The $5 a month you give adds up and when it is added to the $5 hundreds of others give, now we are talking big money: money that can be used to help a girl go to school, money that can help a young woman start a business or money that can help a mature woman get the medical care she needs for herself and her family.

Has a girl’s life changed?  Keep asking this question and as you receive the answers, get involved and help solve the problems of abuse to women.

Carole Lynne


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Three Natural Guides to Inner Peace

This week Carole Lynne is giving away a free copy of her book, Consult Your Inner Psychic. See the bottom of this post for details. 

Allow these three images to guide you into a deeper sense of peace.  Then create additional images of your own and you will see how powerful images are in accessing inner peace.

Image 1: THE RIVER

Imagine a natural river with no man made dams.  The path to inner peace flows as a never ending river, with bends and turns on the way.  Sometimes the river trickles over the rocks, and sometimes it crashes over the same rocks and floods its banks. But the river keeps flowing, and if you can flow with the river, you can find inner peace. You have no control over the amount of rainfall that will either cause the river to become a mere trickle or a raging and dangerous weapon bringing destruction to those who live on its banks. Accept the unpredictability of the river within you and do what you need to do. Your responses to what the river brings are under your control. If there is a flood coming, you can get away from the flooded areas and then help rebuild those areas that are destroyed. You can control your response but you cannot control the river.

The RIVER represents the unpredictability of life and asks us to be humble as we accept the fact that we cannot control all that happens. Let the RIVER be your guide. As you accept life you will find inner peace.


Imagine a high and enormous mountain that has been part of the earth for millions of years.  This mountain existed long before you were born and will exist long after you have left your physical body and returned to the Eternal Life of Spirit.  During your physical lifetime you may want to seek refuge from your daily life by imagining that you are climbing this mountain and getting far away from the noise and traffic of hectic times.  As you climb upward the air smells fresher, the silence warms your heart, and your worries and cares fade into the background of your thoughts. You are absorbed with the beauty and peace the mountain brings to you and realize that like the mountain, your energy has always been part of the existence of All.  Before you entered your physical body, you were part of the Divine, you are part of the Divine as you live your physical life and you will be part of the Divine when you return to Eternal Life. Breathe deeply as you experience your Divinity.

THE MOUNTAIN represents the continuity and stability of life here and hereafter. Let the MOUNTAIN be your guide.  As you accept that you are part of All That Is and Ever Was, you will find inner peace.

Image 3: THE SUN

The SUN is all-powerful and sustains all of life with its energy.  The sun can warm your body when you are chilly, heat your house when it is cold. But too much sun can blister your skin and give you a fever.  The SUN teaches you to respect her great power, and to learn how to use our own individual power.  If you use your power for good, you will be happy and bring happiness to those around you.  If you use your power in a destructive manner, you will be unhappy and bring tears and pain to all those with whom you interact. Consider the many ways you use your personal power: the power of your speaking voice, the power of your eye contact, the power of your touch. When you are speaking to others, listen to the power of your voice. How do you sound? What kind of energy are you sending to those who are listening to you? Are they receiving love or anger? When you are looking at others, do your eyes radiate with love and acceptance or irritability and hostility?  And when you touch another person, are you loving or angry?

The SUN represents the power of the universe and the individual power each one of us possesses. Allow the SUN to be your guide. As you learn to manage your personal power and use your power for love, you will find inner peace.

Your comments are welcome. What images can you add to the three presented in this blog? What images help you find inner peace?

This week, Carole Lynne is giving away a FREE copy of her book, Consult Your Inner Psychic. To enter, simply leave a comment before June 17th answering the question above. We’ll announce the winner on our Facebook page next week.


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Babies Need Food: How One Charitable Project Changed My Life

Feeding babies in the Babies Need Food project has changed my life. The babies fed are healthy and happy and so are the parents, but no one receives more than those of us who take part in this effort to feed babies who need some assistance in order to grow into strong healthy kids who can become strong healthy adults.

My son, born in the United States and my daughter in law, born in south India, have given me the opportunity to become part of a very small family project called “Babies Need Food.” This charitable project began when my daughter in law, Anita, gave birth to a baby girl. One day as she sat with her baby in her home in Massachusetts,  she heard her baby crying for food. As Anita quickly went to prepare a bottle, her soul wept for all the babies she knew about in India who were not receiving the nourishing formula she was able to provide for her child.  She spoke of her soul awakening experience to many in our family here and to her family in India and the Rani Roberts Memorial Corporation, in honor of Anita’s mother , was created with the project being named “Babies Need Food.”

All the project work is done by family members in two countries: the United States and India, and the only expenses we pay out of the donations we receive that do not directly go to buying formula, medications and medical care, are used to pay the shipping charges that occur when the formula is shipped to the family house in India where the formula is distributed.

Because our international family does all the work, we have no overhead and almost all of the money donated is used to help the babies. Every time we are able to raise between $150 and $200 we are able to take a baby off the waiting list and put that baby into the feeding program.  The mother of the child accepted in the program then brings the baby to the once a month food distribution day (which takes place in the family house in India). The mother receives a bag of formula, and if she chooses to, can ask the attending doctor to see her baby that day.  The doctor sits at the kitchen table, and the mothers line up with their babies in order to receive care.

Babies can stay in the Babies Need Food Program until age two. It is amazing that we are able to feed a baby and provide medical care for about a year and a half and only have to raise up to $200 each time we are able to put a new baby in the program.

Working for Babies Need Food has changed me.  Yes, I love to buy things for myself. But these days I have to ask myself how many babies I could feed if I gave the money to Babies Need Food instead of spending it on something I do not really need.  I have to ask myself “Carole, what are your priorities?”

As a psychic medium and author, I do a number of events each year, and when I choose to do the event as a fundraiser for Babies Need Food, I always feel the presence of spirit more strongly.  I know that the Divine supports me in the fundraising.  And I also know that those of you who are working hard to help others know exactly what I am writing about.  When we walk on the spiritual path of compassion, we experience an inner-flow that supports the work we’re doing in the world.

If each and every one of us gave some of our yearly income to charities like the Rani Roberts Memorial Corporation, there would not be any starving children in this world. I ask that each one of us think about giving more to those in need.  I ask that each one of us investigate charitable organizations that help feed children around the world, and then choose a number of organizations to support. I ask this of myself as I ask you, because I can become more charitable than I am now.  Learning to give is part of the ongoing journey on the spiritual path.

Carole Lynne

Our theme of the month at Intent Blog is Giving Back. This week, the Intent Voices are highlighting their favorite charities and non-profits. If you have a nonprofit organization you’d like to blog about, send us an email at editor [at] with a short bio, headshot, and your article. We’re happy to consider guest contributors.getting the nourishment they need or the medical care that will help them to grow into strong children who become strong adults.


Improve Your Communication Skills with Loved Ones

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

I am probably showing my age to use a phrase that I heard around the neighborhood as a child. This expression may have been repeated often, but it is NOT true. Name calling and harsh words can hurt a great deal, especially if they are spoken in anger.  How much better our relationships would be if we became more aware of our upset feelings before these feelings exploded as harsh words.

Most of us have at some point in our lives called others names or said words we wish we could take back.  “If I had only kept my mouth shut,” we cry inside. But the fact is harsh words directed at a loved one can never be taken back. While loved ones can in time get over hurt feelings caused by our harsh words, it would be much better if the harsh words had not been spoken in the first place.

So here are two brief exercises you can use to improve communication with your loved ones:

Exercise One:  When you are upset by the behavior of a loved one, check in with yourself to determine your emotional state are before speaking. 

If a behavior of your loved one is upsetting you, take some time to think about whether you can live with this behavior or whether you need to discuss it with your loved one.  For instance, if your loved one is not listening to you when you speak because he or she is answering the phone or texting, decide if you can go along with this behavior or if you need to talk about how much you are bothered. Remember, if you are the kind of person who wants to be free to pick up your own cell anytime you want or receive texts anytime you want, then obviously you cannot complain about your loved ones over indulgence in technology! On the other hand, if you feel your relationship is getting worse because of all the interruptions, then you need to have a “heart to heart” conversation before your irritation boils up inside and you end up yelling “YOU never listen to me. I have had it,” or you end up grabbing the phone and throwing it against the wall: not acceptable behavior.

Ask yourself: On a scale of 1 to 10, how irritated am I?  If your answer is 5 or less, you may be able to live with the behavior, but if your answer is 6 or higher it is time to talk to your loved one about what is bothering you. You need to plan for times to talk in a “quiet zone” where all phones are off!

Exercise Two: Work at improving your own communication skills by seeing yourself through the eyes of your loved one.

This next exercise is a bit scary, but very helpful! Pretend for a few minutes,that you are your loved one having a conversation with you. What is it like?  As you imagine yourself as your loved one talking to you, do you feel like you are being listened to? Do you feel like you can get your point across without being interrupted immediately?

Trying to imagine what it is like for a loved one to talk to YOU is not an easy thing to do, but it is worth the trouble because you can learn a lot about the things you may be doing to irritate your loved one. In addition, the next time you and your loved one are having a conversation, listen to yourself.  How would you describe your tone of voice? Does your voice sound kind, interested, irritated or impatient? How would you describe your body language?  Do you appear to be comfortable, relaxed, fidgety, or nervous?  How would you rate your communication skills in the conversation you are observing?  Do you score an A, B, C, D or have you flunked with an F?

As you observe yourself and also imagine what it is like for your loved one to communicate with you,  an incredible opportunity is evolving for you to improve your communication skills. And if you can improve your own behavior, guess what happens? Your loved one will feel more comfortable talking to you and will likely do less things to irritate you. Perhaps you merely improve for selfish reasons, because you WILL be treated much better. But ultimately both of you will feel much better and your relationship will improve. It’s a “win-win” situation.

What ideas do you have for improving your communication with your loved ones? Please share your thoughts in the comments so everyone can benefit.

Carole Lynne


5 Ways to Walk the Spiritual Financial Path

“We do not care about making much money,” a couple in their fifties state proudly.  This couple grows their own vegetables, has chickens to provide their eggs, and although husband and wife work to support their family of four, making money is not the priority. This is absolutely not a “keep up with the Jones” couple. They live in a neighborhood where many are interested in status symbols, but not this couple.

“I am in my seventies and make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year,” another man brags as he walks across the room with a slight swagger.  “I do not plan to retire because at this point in my life I am able to give a lot of money away.  Health and education centers are being built with the funds I am able to supply. Why would I want to stop working when the high amount of money I can make helps so many people? The more money I earn, the more I can give away! I have no plans to retire.”

“Don’t even talk to me about approaches to making money,” she laughs with a hint of sarcasm in her voice. “I am a single mother doing everything I can to keep food on the table. The only approach to money I have is to pray each month that I can pay my bills and feed the kids.  Most months I cannot pay all the bills at once, and have to hope that I will not have the bill collectors at my doorstep when I come home from work.”

These are comments made by people about money, and reading them it becomes readily apparent that people have very different perspectives depending on their particular financial situations. Money IS a personal matter.

We cannot always make the choices we prefer.  Not every couple can successfully grow a vegetable garden to feed their family, and some couples who might prefer to live “off the land” may have way too many kids to feed to even consider that possibility. Surely, most of us do not have the earning power of our gentleman who makes hundreds of thousands a year, and so we could not afford to give away the amounts of money he can give away. And the lack of choice our single mother has is easily apparent. She is doing her best to provide for her kids without the help of a partner.

From a spiritual perspective we know that life is full of choices and that no matter what our circumstances are, there are always choices and opportunities.

Five Ways to Walk the Spiritual Financial Path

1. Avoid Waste:  In our consumer society those of us who can afford to buy things buy far too many things and have too much food in our cupboards.  None of us, no matter how rich or poor we are, can afford to waste.  The things we are not using can be used by some family that really needs more clothing, furnishings and food to eat.  The money we save by being more frugal can be given to organizations that help others in need.

2. Find Freedom: If you can earn enough money, you will be able to do the things in life you want to do (such as travel or help put kids through college). There is nothing wrong with earning money, and when money buys you freedom, money is doing it’s job. If you can earn enough money to find financial freedom… great. Just be sure to practice the following suggestion also.

3. Share with Others:  If you have enough money to take a vacation and a good friend who cannot afford to take a vacation, treat your friend.  And if you are the friend who cannot afford the vacation, accept the treat!  Allow your friend to pay for the vacation as it will be a gift for your friend as well as yourself.  Money is meant to be shared, regardless of who is paying the bills.

4. Do Not Stop Working: The happiest, healthiest and brightest people are those who never stop working.  Once you reach retirement age, find a way to work part time.  It is good for your body, mind and spirit to work.  If you do not need the money, earn it anyway and then give it away.  If you are an older person and do not think you should take the job a younger person should have access to, then do volunteer work.  Or if you are not in good enough health to work part time, then do whatever volunteer work you can do based on your physical and mental restrictions. The happiest people with health problems are those who still do for others even though they need help themselves.

5. Remember That Money is Not Happiness: Of course having money makes life easier. But we all know people who have tons of money who are not happy. Once they get tired of one toy they need another new status symbol and they are never, ever satisfied.  We also know people without hardly any money who are incredible peaceful and happy.  It is not money that creates happiness, but attitude.  Know that if you have a million dollar attitude, you will feel like a million dollars.  None of us need money to be happy, unless we have decided that the only way to be happy is to be rich.  Have a good attitude about life and always find the beauty in everything and in everyone.  You will have rich with happiness.

Carole Lynne

Each week on the Intent Blog, we feature articles, videos, and images to inspire you to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life. This week, our focus is on Money and Finances. If you’ve recently set an intent related to your relationship with money, share it with us in the comment section below. We’ll do our best to support you with interesting content to keep you motivated along the way!


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Are you afraid to die?

“If it were possible to have an astrologer tell you the date of your last living day, would you want to know?” 

That is the question I posed to readers here at Intentblog last week. I went on to tell the story of a reading I had while in India from an Indian astrologer who told me the year and the cause of my death. At the time of the reading, I was horrified and wondered if it was irresponsible of this astrologer to provide me with such information, if in fact he really had a way of knowing such a thing. I asked my readers what they thought: “Was this astrologer irresponsible when he told me when I was going to die?”

The blog was posted on and shared on my Facebook page.  A comment I received from Paul Loverde on Facebook startled me, and I realized I was having a very “western” reaction to my astrological reading.  Paul was kind enough to give me permission to share his comment with you.

Paul Loverde:

Western astrologers usually won’t, but (and I say this from a less than firm footing….) what you may have encountered was a different cultural view of death. A Hindu might not have the same approach to death as someone from the West, since reincarnation is generally accepted as a fact. So death might not be so sad, and a Hindu may appreciate the advanced warning to get his/her affairs in order. I have found that Indian astrologers tend to be more likely than Western astrologers to make hard, precise predictions. Some charts clearly show a possible date for death, but the custom is to be tactful and give a warning of the nature of the event, rather than to fix it in someone’s mind that a certain event is to happen on a certain date. Western astrology emphasizes that celestial events show trends and likelihoods but fate is in the hands of the individual (in an Earthly and/or spiritual level…). SOOOOO, you can go ahead and prove him wrong.

Paul’s words jolted my memory to another day in India when I young man told me, “We do not fear death because we believe in reincarnation.”  His words have remained with me, as I could see that he and I had very different feelings about death. As a child, I had a terrible fear of death. The religion in which I was brought up made the fire of fear burn brighter as I was told emphatically that if I was not a good girl, I would go to hell.

This dialogue between Paul and me brought up questions that go way beyond the subject of astrology.   These questions are about all of us, no matter where we are from,  and our thoughts about our mortality.

Questions For You

To what extent do our beliefs about what will happen when we die affect our feelings about death?  To what extent does a belief in heaven make us feel more comfortable about dying?  If we believe we will be reincarnated do we have less fear of death?  Or if we believe that death is the end of us in spirit as well as in body, is our fear greater or less?

As I ask you for your thoughts on death and dying, I will also share my own thoughts.  As mentioned, I was extremely fearful of death most of my childhood and early adulthood.  As I reached my more mature years, I had the experience of visions of spirits who have passed on, and someone suggested to me that I might be a medium.  Quite frankly, at that time I did not know what a medium was.

To make a long story short,  I had the privilege of studying with some incredible teachers both in the United States and at the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Research in Stansted, England. The result of my studies and my ongoing understanding of communication with those who have passed on, is that my fear of death is lessoned in comparison to what I felt as a child.   Now it is not so much dying that I fear, but NOT living. I have so many things I want to do: books to write, music to compose, people to spend time with. I fear losing the time I need to do all these things, but I do not fear death itself anymore.

Please join me with your thoughts about death and the reasons why you feel the way you do. What do you think influences the way you feel: your family, your culture, your friends?


Carole Lynne

photo by: Ray Ordinario

Would you want to know your last day?

If it were possible to have an astrologer tell you the date of your last living day, would you want to know?

It has not yet been proven to me that an astrologer or anyone else can predict the date of my death, but I had a chilling experience during an astrological reading that left me wondering if the behavior of the astrologer was irresponsible.  Here is my story.

It was a lovely day in India, and I was blessed to stay in a splendid hotel. A sign labeled “Readings” caught my eye, so I decided to stop in and have an astrological reading from a man who sat on a beautiful silk rug in a very mystical looking room. He asked me my birth date, time of birth and a few other questions. He then requested I go away and come back in twenty minutes. He needed time to make his astrological calculations before he could give me a reading.

I wandered around the hotel for the requested twenty minutes and ended up in a gift shop where I bought a much too expensive necklace. But that can happen on a lovely day in India, especially when you love jewelry as much as I do.

When the twenty minutes was up, I went back for my reading and the astrologer told me all about myself including the year I was going to die and the condition that would take me into the world of spirit. I had never met this man before, and here he sat and told me when I was going to die! I tried to brush off his prediction as nonsense.  But as the reading continued, everything else he told me was true: he talked about my marriage and my two kids, a boy and a girl and many other things that were true. The reading ended and I left feeling a bit shook up!

This experience left me with two questions. One: could this astrologer really predict the year of my death?  Two: If he could, was it irresponsible of him to share this information with me?

I cannot answer the first question, as I am not a student of astrology. But I can answer the second question and state that in my opinion it was irresponsible to make a prediction about the year of my death.  His prediction left me feeling haunted.

It is not as if I am not capable of dealing with the subject of death! I am a psychic medium, and in my work I communicate with the spirits of those who have passed on into eternal life.  I am used to dealing with issues of death on a daily basis.  There are many times I am working with clients and a client asks “when am I going to die?” or “when is Uncle Harry going to die?”   I always have the same answer: “I ask the Divine to only give me information that is useful. I do not feel it is useful for me to know the time of anyone’s passing, as I feel this is between each person and the God of that person’s understanding.”

There are psychic mediums who disagree with me, and if they feel they have received such information about the specific date someone will pass on, they will give it. But I feel it’s irresponsible for a psychic medium to do that, just as I felt it was irresponsible for the astrologer to share such information with me.  Predictions are not easily verifiable, and when a prediction is about a subject as sensitive as death, I do not feel it should be given. There is too much of a possibility that such a prediction will be wrong.

I have been to other astrologers who were marvelous. They did charts based on my birth date and time, that told me many things about myself.  I learned about my strengths in this lifetime and the challenges that I have to work to conquer.  This information was extremely uplifting and motivating.

As I look back on that day in India,  I am happy that while I waited twenty minutes for the astrologer to make his calculations, I went and bought this expensive amethyst necklace.  The reading haunted me, but the necklace made me feel incredibly happy!  Years have passed since that reading, and I wear my beautiful necklace often and try to put the astrologers prediction out of my mind. FYI, he has me living a long time, but I still do not like a prediction about the year of my passing.

Do you think it was irresponsible for the astrologer to make a prediction about the year of my death?  I invite your comments.

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photo by: ranjit