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Kelli Fox's astrological accreditations include: CA NCGR IV, PMAFA, ISAR C.A.P., FAA. Kelli has been fascinated with astrology since she was a child in Sydney, Australia.As an eight year old she carried around a little blue book and recorded everyone's sun sign whom was willing enough to tell.She is the first member of the Founders' Circle of Kepler College. She is also an Emeritus Member of the Board of Trustee's. Kepler College is the only college in the western hemisphere authorized to issue BA, AA and MA degrees in Astrological Studies.In 1995, Kelli, along with her husband David, created the worlds leading astrology web site, They continued to work there until 2003 when they left to spend more time with friends and family. After a 2+ year break and a near death experience Kelli was ready to bring astrology to the world again through The Astrologer, Inc. with never seen before astrological products and services. She feels that with her karmic experience comes newly found insight and wisdom which she is channeling into her life's work of continuing to bring astrology to a global audience to use in everyday life. Be sure to check out Kelli's video's on YouTube: or follow her on Twitter:

Today’s Astrological Forecast

Another productive day for moving forward successfully. The Moon continues through pragmatic Capricorn, and people are in the mood to take responsibility and make long-term commitments.

It’s best to attend to important business and interactions early in the day. The Moon forms a supportive trine to sociable Venus, and there’s a mood of cooperation. Collaborations with co-workers and business meetings are favorable. This can also be a good time for financial planning.

But later in the day, the mood shifts as the Moon opposes testy Mars. Conflict is possible, as there can be a tendency to take things personally and overreact. If you’re feeling cranky, it may be best to pull back and take some time for yourself. Adding to the need for caution, tomorrow’s opposition between mental Mercury and murky Neptune could be creating confusion in the atmosphere.

Today’s Astrological Forecast

You’re ready to get down to business. The Moon in practical Capricorn sets a productive tone for the day. You’ve got more focus, patience and discipline to pursue your ambitions. Once you get started you’ll have the persistence to follow through to completion. It’s a good time for getting clear about what is worth the investment of your energy and resources.

There’s a mood of intensity in the morning, when the Moon meets up with passionate Pluto. You might feel driven to succeed, and could make strong progress toward your goals. Just watch out for being overly obsessive or willful in your approach.

Later in the day, the mood lightens up when the Moon forms a flowing trine with jovial Jupiter. Business deals can be auspicious, and meetings are likely to go smoothly and lead to tangible results.

Today’s Astrological Forecast

An upbeat start to the work week. The expansive Sagittarius Moon inspires you to see situations from a big-picture perspective and trust in positive outcomes. There’s a mood of adventure and people are more willing to take a risk.

Enhancing your optimistic outlook, the Moon makes a supportive trine to mental Mercury. It’s an auspicious day for sales and promotions, as well as negotiations and other important communications. Reach out and share your ideas or present your proposal.

Magic is in the air this evening, when the Moon makes a sweet sextile with dreamy Neptune. You’re more open to subtle influences, and intuition and imagination are high.

Later tonight, the mood turns more serious, when the Moon moves into sensible Capricorn.

Today’s Astrological Forecast

Yesterday’s wave of optimism continues to ripple out into the atmosphere. And the Moon in passionate Scorpio brings a mood of vitality, supporting you in taking powerful action. It’s a good day for making strong progress in whatever area is important to you. Your psychic radar is extra-sensitive, and it’s easy to get to the root of any situation.

However, a word of caution is in order, as the Moon squares off with nebulous Neptune in the afternoon. Some confusion and misunderstandings are possible. Not to worry — this influence passes quickly, and toward the evening the Moon moves into upbeat Sagittarius. Confidence expands and it’s easier to look on the bright side. You could be feeling restless and in the mood for adventure. It’s a great night for going out and trying something new. An unexpected social opportunity could arise — go for it.

Today’s Astrological Forecast

Optimism and confidence abound, and cautious risk-taking is rewarded. The Sun forms an energizing trine to generous Jupiter. Be alert to opportunities, especially in work, health and finances. With the Sun and Jupiter in practical Earth signs, your faith in the future is grounded in realistic thinking. You can hold a big-picture perspective while keeping sight of the specifics. Benefits come to those who pay attention to the details and take a slow and steady approach.

Since Jupiter is now Retrograde, refrain from launching a major new venture. Instead, use this expansive energy to resolve a past issue or improve a current situation. It’s also possible that you could realize a long-held goal, or receive recognition for your efforts. Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn could feel most enthused by this influence.

Today’s Astrological Forecast

September starts on a peaceful note, but the status quo is likely to be shaken up as the month progresses. When Venus, the Sun and Mercury shift into Libra in a few weeks, they’ll conflict with change agents Uranus and Pluto. Spend the first part of the month getting your routines in order so you can be better prepared for the storm.

This morning, the Moon moves through sociable Libra, and people are in the mood for harmony and cooperation. The Moon forms a flowing trine with dreamy Neptune, heightening your sensitivity. You could get a helpful intuitive hit about an important relationship.

In the afternoon, the Moon shifts into sultry Scorpio. Small talk fades into the background as people are ready for more meaningful connections. Adding to the urge for intimacy, tonight the Moon makes a supportive sextile to deep Pluto.

Today’s Astrological Forecast

August ends on a mostly agreeable note. The Moon moves through harmony-seeking Libra, promoting a mood of cooperation. Negotiations and situations requiring diplomacy can be favorable. People are more willing than usual to see both sides of an issue and seek win-win solutions. Teamwork and collaborations are likely to go smoothly.

However, in the afternoon, the Moon’s monthly union with somber Saturn could put a damper on the good cheer. You might meet resistance from your boss or feel stuck in making progress. Your best bet is to slow down and rethink your strategy for moving forward.

The influence passes but more tension is possible in the evening. The Moon forms a stressful square with prickly Mars, and you could feel cranky with your partner or a family member. If you’re honest about your feelings, and willing to compromise, you’ll come back to balance quickly.

Today’s Astrological Forecast

Reconsider your plans for expansion. Giant Jupiter, planet of luck, abundance and opportunity, turns Retrograde, until December 25th. Over the next four months, outer-world growth slows down, and it’s possible that income and other sources of support could decrease. You may need to scale back a current project, and it’s best to put off launching bold new ventures. Instead, focus on personal growth and building up your inner foundation.

Jupiter is now in Taurus, the sign that rules money and other material resources, as well as values. Rethink your priorities and ensure that your plans are aligned with what you consider most meaningful. Strengthen your sense of faith by reconnecting with spiritual teachings and your own inner wisdom. When Jupiter starts moving forward again, you’ll have a stronger base to support your expansion. Some frustration is possible during this shift today — stay focused on the higher perspective. Taurus, as well as Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius and Pisces, could feel most slowed-down by this influence.

Today’s Astrological Forecast

A productive start to the work week. The Moon moves through industrious Virgo, and you’re in the mood to take care of business. You suddenly become aware of what needs to be organized, cleaned, improved or fixed, and your to-do list could grow quite long. Avoid getting overwhelmed by busyness by focusing on one task at a time. Once you get started, it’s easy to get into a rhythm and you’re likely to enjoy yourself. Mundane duties can feel satisfying under a Virgo Moon. Relationships with co-workers are likely to go smoothly. It’s easier than usual to put aside personal agendas in order to get the job done.

Adding to the ease and flow, the Moon harmonizes with both lucky Jupiter and dynamic Mars. It’s a great night for cleaning your house and purging old belongings.

Today’s Astrological Forecast

Today is the New Moon, an auspicious time for new beginnings. Get clear about what you want to create, and set intentions that will come to fruition over the next month. The New Moon is in Virgo — the sign that rules both work and health. This is an ideal time to set in motion changes that improve your self-care habits, daily routines, efficiency and productivity.

The Sun and Moon form a supportive trine with powerful Pluto, adding extra potency. You have an enhanced ability to analyze the details and get to the bottom of a challenging situation. By digging beneath the surface, you might discover useful information or resources that help you achieve your goals. Willpower is stronger than usual, so you can stay focused and push through obstacles. Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn may feel most motivated by this New Moon.

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