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Antonia Blumberg is the Channel Coordinator of The Chopra Well. This new premium YouTube channel, run by Deepak, Mallika and Gotham Chopra and friends, features exciting, relevant content that helps viewers expand their awareness and build a community based around wellness and spirituality. As Channel Coordinator, Antonia writes blogs, markets and facilitates the channel's operation within the larger Chopra world. An avid reader, writer and spiritual seeker, she loves exploring new topics and research in the health and wellness fields. Before joining the Chopra Well team, Antonia worked as Program Assistant with The University of Southern California's Office of Religious Life, where she organized interfaith events, trips and service projects. Antonia is also a trained birth doula and is passionate about reproductive health.
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Ginger Masala Chai Worthy of a New York Winter

I recently moved to New York City from California and am (ahem) “enjoying” my first real winter here. Let the wuss jokes begin! It’s alright. I’m laughing at myself, too. Born and raised in California, used to being fairly tan, gets cold easily, loves sunshine so much she’s basically part lizard… Yep, that’s me. Now […]

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5 Ways to Celebrate the Fall Harvest Moon

Early this morning, if you were awake during the pre-sunrise hours, you may have noticed a brilliant full moon lighting up the sky. It’s called the Harvest Moon, and it signifies that autumn is just around the corner. The autumnal equinox is officially this Sunday, September 22. This is when the sun shines straight on […]

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Paula Deen’s Public Apology – Will Her Public Shaming Transform a Larger Racist Society?

In a recent deposition for a lawsuit on charges of racial discrimination, celebrity chef Paula Deen shocked the public by admitting to using racist slurs. The ongoing controversy surrounding this revelation has starkly countered the welcoming, motherly persona she embodies on her show. Is it all a lie, one might ask? Can she really be […]

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Denied an Abortion – What Now? A Study on the Effects of Unwanted Motherhood

It may have been one spontaneous night with an ex, never to be replicated; or perhaps a traumatic moment of violence and sexual abuse. She could be unemployed, ill, very young, or already a bit creaky in the joints. Maybe she has other kids at home and a partner in active duty, in prison, in […]

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Health Benefits of the “Mildly Overweight”: Can We Handle Subtlety in Scientific Reporting?

If researchers discovered that, contrary to popular belief, carrying a few extra pounds might not actually be that bad for our health – that it could in fact be better for long-term health than being a size zero – would you want to know? Our guess is: Yes, absolutely. Now imagine a doctor who has […]

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Why Disney Princesses Are Too Sexy for My Daughters, and 5 Heroines to Admire Instead

If you watched the movie Brave and then saw the recent corporate rendering of the willful protagonist, Merida, you may have been taken aback. The film’s Merida was modeled after the 13-year-old daughter of director Brenda Chapman – she’s wild, sweet, and pretty but in an unglamorous, un-womanly way (as would be expected of a […]

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Why I’m Not Setting New Year’s Resolutions

After all the fuss and celebration surrounding New Year’s, how much has actually changed? What have those resolutions amounted to? Once the festivities die down, there’s little left to remind us of our resolve. And it seems the new year often masks a continuation of old habits and routines, despite how loudly we hail its […]

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The Pregnancy Scare – How I Found My Voice to Demand Respect

This girl knows that her mind and her beauty and her soul are nothing short of holy, and should be treated as such.

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Todd Akin Refuses to Back Down After Rape Comments

Should Akin withdraw from the race?

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Confronting the Bullies on the Bus

Can you remember a bully from your school years? Did you ever confront him or her? I remember our elementary school bully. He teased me mercilessly for having a weird name and a tendency to blush. I slapped him in the face once and got sent to the principal’s office. So unfair, I thought. Stormy […]

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