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Deepak and Oprah Announce “Find Your Flow” 21-Day Meditation

Get ready – Deepak Chopra and Oprah are launching another 21-Day Meditation. “Find Your Flow” is designed to help you find your inner guide and transform your life. Registration for “Find Your Flow” is completely free and begins today (March 17) here. The meditation officially begins April 14 so make sure to sign up now […]

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One World: Shiva Ayyadurai on Inventing E-mail at Age 14

Most 14 year old boys find themselves interested just in sports, school dances and making it through high school. Shiva Ayyadurai was no ordinary 14 year old. While his peers were busy just with the traditional pursuits of adolescences, Shiva was inventing email.  This did not mean he was a “nerd”, who sat drinking Red […]

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7 Quotes to Help You “Find” Good Luck

Luck is one of those words that means something different to everyone. What is responsible for good luck or bad? For some it is a karmic force and for others it’s a manifestation of personal desire. Are you someone that carries a good luck charm – an object you put all your faith in to […]

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Carolyn Myss

Join Caroline Myss for a “Help Desk” Shoot on March 13 in San Francisco!

(Click to enlarge photo) “HELP DESK” with CAROLINE MYSS  *** A NEW SHOW TO AIR ON THE OWN NETWORK *** WHEN: March 13, 2014 LOCATION: Justin Herman Plaza, 1 Market St., San Francisco, CA (scheduled) 10:30 AM-12:30 PM –     Help Desk Open to Public 2:30 OM – 1:00 PM –       Group Exercise Led by Caroline […]

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Join Panache Desai for Help Desk in San Francisco on March 13

(Click image to enlarge) “HELP DESK” with PANACHE DESAI  *** A NEW SHOW TO AIR ON THE OWN NETWORK ***  WHEN: March 13, 2014 LOCATION: Justin Herman Plaza, 1 Market St., San Francisco, CA (scheduled) 2:30 PM-4:30 PM –     Help Desk Open to Public 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM  –   Group Exercise Led by Panache […]

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syria war

Campaign Video Teaches Lessons in Empathy for War Torn Families

If you made a compilation video of one second of every day for a year, what would it look like? A campaign video to raise awareness of the political strife in Syria wanted to show you what it would look like for a child stuck in the middle of a war zone. It follows a […]

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Overcome Your Procrastination with 7 Go-Getter Quotes

It’s been said that procrastination is the assassinator of opportunity – and that’s probably true. Yet, we’re all guilty of putting things off at least every now and then. There’s always time to do the laundry later or pressing the trash down so you don’t have to take it out just yet. Have you ever […]

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Empower Your Intents with These Motivational Social Media Accounts

By Elizabeth Eckhart The holidays are long gone and the rush of the New Year is steadily drifting by, which means that the motivation to accomplish all of our new goals for 2014 might be declining. If the weather hasn’t brought you down, perhaps it’s the stress of work and school, or family concerns that […]

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The Importance of Following Your Inner Voice

By Kristin A. Meekhof When a well- known author gave me the opportunity to guest blog on her website, I did a happy dance. I had to reread the email several times to take it all in.  At the same time, I was a ball of nerves. I actually felt a knot in my stomach. […]

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work out partner

4 Reasons to Find a Great Work Out Partner

We know that motivating yourself to get out there and work out can be tough. So don’t do it alone! One of the greatest assets you can have is a great work out partner who pushes you to reach your own goals and doesn’t let you give up when you’re having a rough time. It […]

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