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BIG Happy Day LLC was founded to create a venue that allows the many facets of yoga and spirituality to be accessible to the world through video. BIG Happy Day creates online video campaigns and provides daily video coverage of events within the world of LOHAS, specifically with an emphasis on Yoga and Well Being. The focus of the content, whatever it may be, spreads the message of yoga, health and awareness while using a conscious media model that connects like-minded companies with teachers, artists and charities within the community.

Say Goodbye to Self-Sabotage For Good (Video)

How many times have you tried to achieve the same goal again and again, only to give up?  Is there a way to transcend self-sabotage?  Hillary Rubin says, YES!

Hillary asks us to first check in with our environment – are we putting ourselves in situations where we will thrive… or where we will struggle? The people, places and things that surround us need to lift our vibrations in order to support our dreams and truth.  Awareness is a huge self-sabotage buster… watch as Hillary explains more on what she calls, the “myth of self-sabotage.”



Gratitude: What Is It Good For? (Video)

Enjoy an easy and simple gratitude practice with this video from Janet Stone. When you are feeling “lack” remember to pause, and bring mindful attention to your breath. That one little breath can help us to remember all of the things in our life we can be thankful for. So Hum – I am that.


Your Anatomy Isn’t That Complicated After All (Video)

Are you intimidated by anatomy? Jason Crandell helps us to think about it in a different way by reminding us that we actually know A LOT more about our bodies than we think we do. YOU HAVE ANATOMY! In every movement on your mat, you have access to anatomical information. Watch the video as Jason shares a few more ways to relate to anatomy and make it more accessible.

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Photo: Anne Nowell

Need to Get Balanced? Watch this! (Video)

In this video from Big Happy Day, yoga teacher and clinical psychologist Bo Forbes discusses the neuro-emotional web.  This web includes the nervous system, the emotional body and the immune system.  We learn that these systems are actually intricately connected,  influencing one another all the time.  When we become aware of how to integrate them, we can lead fuller, richer, more balanced lives.

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Move Forward With Your Health! (Video)

In this video Hillary Rubin talks with Big Happy Day about moving past an illness or injury and moving forward with your health.  After a health scare, people have a tendency to want to get back to how they were before, but Hillary invites us to get excited about moving forward.

For a free introduction to Hillary’s Living Wellness Kickstart Program visit her website here.

Radiant Mom vs. Slightly Haggard Mom (Video)

How do you find balance being a mom, honor your practice and also be a part of the world? Janet Stone offers a grounding practice (that is short!) to support you in finding more presence in the moment. Let go of the long lists of shoulds and should nots – Mothering allows us to transition into the reality of what is available now. Being a parent is an amazing adventure and learning how to take care and nourish yourself along the journey allows you to be more present when taking care of others.

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Good Digestion = Good Health (Video)

Ayurveda expert, Felicia Tomasko, and editor of LA Yoga Magazine shares that according to Ayurveda, we are what we digest. We can incorporate practices of strengthening our digestive system like waking up with a cup of warm lemon water or finding space between our meals to give our body a chance to process the food as well as being aware of the environment we are creating when we are eating our meals. Start your relationship with food when it is on your plate and start with intention.

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