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Chelsea Roff is Managing Editor for Intent Blog. She is an author, speaker, and researcher writing about science, spirituality, women's health, and humanitarian issues. Visit her website to read past writings, watch video interviews, and see her teaching schedule. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.
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#OccupyYouAreBeautiful: Why I’m Camped Out On A Rooftop Yoga Mat

Right now I’m sitting on a yoga mat on the rooftop of 2309 Main Street in Santa Monica, California. Just below me is a giant red wall painted with the words “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL,” and there are two ten-foot tall inflatable dancing man balloons blowing in the wind beside me. There are men and women […]

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Will Banning Underweight Models Prevent Eating Disorders?

In 2007, Israeli fashion model Hila Elmaliah died of anorexia at 34-years-old. She had dwindled away to just under 60 pounds when she passed. Elmaliah’s untimely death motivated her friend, Israeli photographer and modeling agent Adi Barkan, to campaign for legislation in Israel that would prevent underweight models from walking the catwalk.  Just over a year […]

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Dove Real Beauty Sketches: Why Do Women Hate Their Bodies?

Many of us are taught from an early age to loathe and control our bodies, laying the groundwork for more serious problems, like obesity & eating disorders.

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How the Monsanto Protection Act Silently Slipped Into Law

Last week, Congress quietly passed a controversial last minute addition to the Agricultural Appropriations Bill  that has many food and consumer advocates up in arms. The addendum, which has been dubbed the “Monsanto Protection Act” by critics, will protect companies like Monsanto from facing litigation in the face of health risks posed by genetically modified organisms […]

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Can Science Tell Us What is Morally Right and Wrong?

This article is a response to Julian Walker’s recent blog on YogaBrains, The Contortionist: Science, Morality, and Extreme Relativism  Julian Walker, a fellow YogaBrainer whose thinking and writing I respect and admire, recently argued that “moral questions have to do with human well-being, and human well-being is something that we can look at through the lens of science.” I […]

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Matt Damon: I’m Not Using a Toilet Until The Water Crisis is Solved

Matt Damon has vowed not to use the bathroom until the world water crisis is solved. The multi-award-winning actor made the announcement in a video released on Tuesday, saying that he is boycotting toliet use until people start taking action to change the fact that millions of people lack clean water and basic sanitation. Damon, who […]

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10 Strange and Little-Known Facts About Charles Darwin

Happy Darwin Day! Today marks the 204th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth, and in celebration of his life and works I’ve dug up 10 weird facts about the man behind the theory of natural selection. Here they are: 1. Darwin once ate an owl. Darwin was part of the “Gourmet  Club” at University of Cambridge, which met […]

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Cute Kitty Responds to Campaign to Kill America’s Cats

According to a new study published in the journal Nature Communications, free-roaming house cats kill around 4 billion wild animals across the U.S. every year.  The scientists who conducted the study say that domestic cats are one of the top threats to US wildlife — our feline friends massacre more wild animals than road accidents, collisions with […]

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When Business and Ethics Collide: Yoga Journal vs. Hyatt Boycott

Will Yoga Journal continue to financially support a company that’s been branded by some workers as “the worst employer in the hotel industry”?

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The New Flu Shot for Babies: Puppies! (cute pics)

Now here’s a counterintuitive science finding: According to the latest research, babies who spend time around a dog or cat to in their first year of life get fewer colds than those who live in a pet-free household. The study, which was published in the journal Pediatrics last year, tracked the health of nearly 400 Finnish children born […]

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