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Cora the Elephant grew up in the grasslands of India, a great land enriched by sage wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. As she got older, Cora heard more and more that her keen observation skills and endeavor to always be honest made her a great elephant to ask for advice. It's a role she takes very seriously. Send your troubles, predicaments, and heartbreaks to editor [at] intent [dot] com, who will forward them to Cora for a weekly advice column specially tailored for our Intent audience. Further guidelines for submissions can be found at: Go ahead and do it instead of letting your worries take up all the space in your life - Cora wants to be the only elephant in the room.
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Elephant in the Room: I Can Only Be With My Boyfriend If He Proposes

Dear Cora, I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 5 years.  I am 23 and he’s is 30. I am from a religious family so my mum and dad won’t allow me to live with him without being married. He lives quite a few miles away from me and works a lot so I only […]

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Elephant in the Room: Will He Ever Marry Me?

Dear Cora, I’ve been with my boyfriend for over five and a half years and I love him so much. We’ve been through a lot together, including a clingy ex and a pregnancy scare. We live together now and we are on the same page about wanting to stay together long term – but I […]

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Elephant in the Room: Inspiring You to Seize the Day

Dear Lovelies, We don’t have a letter this week and I thought I’d try something a little different. Something sort of extraordinary has happened that has inspired me and I’d like to share it with all of you. I’ve been a writer all my life. Not always professionally, but a good pen (preferably blue) with […]

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Elephant in the Room: I’m Allergic to Being in a Realtionship

Dear Cora, I have been dating for a while but have never managed to commit to a serious relationship. I have friends who have found long time partners and it is something I really want. There have been several guys who I have really liked and put a lot of energy into pursuing something with […]

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Elephant in the Room: I Hate My Brother’s Girlfriend – Help!

Dear Cora, My family has always been a bit dysfunctional, but we’re still really close. While we didn’t get along when we were younger, as an adult I’ve developed a really strong relationship with my brother in particular. He is five years older than me but we both make sure to look out for each […]

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Elephant in the Room: Personal Safety and Your Right to Say No

Dear Cora, Last year I ended my last long term relationship. For a long while I was happy being single but lately I’ve been tempted to “get back on the field.” Recently, a man approached me while I was taking my dog for a walk. He was very complimentary, forward even and asked for my […]

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Elephant in the Room: How Do I Find the Right Man to Marry

Dear Cora, I just celebrated my 27th birthday in April. I’m finally at a point in my life where I have a great job and can help support my mom and our family. (We’re Guyanese and staying close to family is very important). I’m really happy except for one thing – I want to get […]

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Elephant in the Room: How to Get More Respect from Family

Dear Cora, I am from India and am wondering what shall I do when my family people keep on nagging me to do something? For example, if I am cooking, my mother may ask me to go to a relative’s house. If I explain that they are not close to me or I will go […]

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Elephant in the Room: How to Love Yourself & Make Friends

Dear Cora, It’s always been hard for me to make friends. It’s difficult for me to jump into conversations with groups of people and my fear of saying something awkward or embarrassing myself prevents me from really connecting. Recently I’ve found myself involved with a social group I really like hanging out with though. However, […]

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Elephant in the Room: Fighting Depression for My Daughter’s Sake

Dear Cora Most of my life I’ve suffered from a form of depression stemming from a profound existential disappointment with life, the world, and especially with humanity which makes it nearly impossible to participate in the every day world of work that most people take for granted without getting even more down and depressed. With […]

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