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I provide unconventional team building, effective communication, leadership and diversity training, workshops and seminars for forward-thinking leaders and organizations that value self-awareness and practicing positive behaviors. I love connecting with leaders who think outside the box, welcome change and want to help their employees grow and succeed.

Be You

Be you because you already possess everything you need to do it. 

Be you because you have special gifts nobody else possesses.

Be you because the world needs you.

Be you because you’re the best at it.

Be you because you deserve it.

Be you because you’re important.

Be you because there’s no one else like you.

Be you because you allow yourself.

Be you.


The Joy of Letting Go

Have you ever kept doing something even though you weren’t getting the results you wanted? Perhaps you keep enabling a negative behavior in yourself or someone else. This is natural because we tend to be most comfortable with what we know. Next time you find yourself hanging on to this negative energy try something new and let it go.

The act of consciously letting go and moving on helps you heal and consider new perspectives.  When you let go of the monkey on your back you suddenly find you can walk taller and more comfortably.  You can take a breath and see your issues for what they really are; things that you can actually deal with. When you give negative behaviors less importance they have a way of going away.

Try it sometime. You deserve to feel unburdened.

Take care,


Life Coaching

Sing Your Song

You were born with beautiful, unique talents and gifts that nobody else in the world possesses.  These amazing qualities are like a song that you compose throughout the course your life.  Your song originates from the deepest part of you that holds the secret to who you really are.  What will your song be?  Where will it take you?  It’s up to you.

You decide what notes are in it, its tempo, how it sounds and what part it plays in your life.  You have the ability to make it as beautiful, sublime or frightening as you wish. 

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what it sounds like, just that you sing it.

Your song is yours, sing your song.

Take care,



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