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Jane Wilkens Michael is the host of the Jane Wilkens Michael Show-- Better Than Before on CBS Radio, The Sky. She is also the Better Than Before columnist for Spry Living Magazine and SpryLiving.com which appears both online and in 600 newspapers around the country, writing about how survivors of any life-altering event can become Better Than Before. Jane also writes for AARP Magazine, created "Beauty Talk" a health, beauty, fitness, and spa column for Town & County Magazine and was a contributing writer to The International Herald Tribune, The New York TImes, New York Post, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Ticketrmaster's Live! Magazine and Star. She is the author of Breakfast Lunch and Dinner of Champions, for which she interviewed athletes in ten major sports and discussed their nutritional needs and ideal diets, as well as two spa and beauty books.
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holiday dinner

Better Than Before: Thinner for (Holiday) Dinner

Next week brings us Passover and Easter. And just these two holidays alone can spell diet disaster. If you’ve ever eaten matzoh, you know that it stays in your system for all eight days, unable to find a way out! And matzoh balls can sometimes weigh as much as a Mack truck. An Easter brunch […]

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Better Than Before: The Highs and Lows of Cholesterol

“I’ll have the steak,” my husband with the three coronary artery stents announced to the waiter. “A fillet mignon, medium rare,” he added, with a look of self-satisfaction on his face. He was obviously proud of himself because he didn’t order what he really wanted—the marbled prime rib. “While you’re at it, dear, why don’t […]

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Better Than Before: Recovering from a Cruise Excursion

A few weeks ago, I was invited to go to an 80th birthday party. Among the select group of fellow guests were important political figures, judges and lawyers. Now, one would naturally assume that this distinguished assembly of New York City notables would have preferred something equally elegant, say a staid steak house or an […]

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ADHD pills

Better Than Before: Why are Adult Women Using ADHD Meds?

I read with great interest the other day a story on the rising use of ADHD medication among women. While the new mantra for women is that to succeed they need to “lean in,” to be more assertive and seek greater authority at work and at home, the added pressures to do it all may […]

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Better Than Before: Is Juicing Worth the Squeeze?

When I was growing up, my mother believed that eating liver was essential for good vision. Animal livers, she insisted, stored vitamins, in particular A and B complex. These essential nutrients help keep the retina in good shape, the visual purple strong, and the eyes well-lubricated. In any event, my mother took it one step […]

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Better Than Before: A Hypochondriac Discovers von Willebrand Disease

The worst thing you can tell a hypochondriac such as myself, is that there is another illness out there waiting to be experienced. Case in point: The little-known bleeding disorder, von Willebrand Disease (vWD). While it sounds like something you can only catch from effete German aristocrats, it is, in fact, named after Erik Adolf […]

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Better Than Before: How Diet Effects Mood with Elizabeth Somer

Quite frankly, with the type of winter we have had so far in New York – and continuing to have, now into March – I sometimes think that only a trip to a Caribbean island will make me feel better! Thoughts of a swim in the warm ocean, lying around the sun-drenched white sand, and […]

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Better than Before: Follow Your Gut (DIY Healthcare Tips)

One would think that, as a confirmed hypochondriac, I would run from doctor to doctor trying to get a diagnosis for whatever symptoms, however mild, I happen to have. But even though I work closely with the medical community in my role as a health columnist, I seldom, if ever, visit any of them for […]

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Snow Problems: Suggestions for Surviving This Wicked Winter

I live in New York City which has been smacked with the worst winter in over three decades. However, if you reside in one of the few areas left that hasn’t been hit with record cold or sleet and snow –yes, I’m talking about you L.A. and Honolulu — no need to read any further. Then […]

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Stop Procrastinating and Pre-Commit to Healthier Habits

What if I told you that we, as a nation, waste $317 billion a year in medical expenses just because of forgetfulness and procrastination? Research from Express Scripts, a pharmacy benefit manager, shows that the biggest healthcare issue facing the nation today is not illnesses related to smoking, excessive drinking or obesity due to overindulgence […]

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