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Dr. Keegan Sheridan is a nutrition, marketing and communication specialist to the natural food and health industries. She's also a naturopathic physician, mom and evangelist for people and planet health. Keegan speaks and writes about the science, politics and evolution of natural food, health and medicine.
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Two Recipes to Personify the Winter Season

There are so many things to love about winter: soft, fluffy scarves to bundle up in, holidays to celebrate with loved ones, and of course all the many traditional dishes filled with hearty ingredients and warm spices. The ingredient that personifies this time of year more than any other for me is ginger.  It’s a […]

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Transparency is the New Marketing

I write this post while anxiously waiting for confirmation on the passage or failure of WA State Initiative 522 that would require labeling of food products using GMO ingredients sold in the state.  Numbers are still rolling in from yesterday’s vote and even though many say it doesn’t look good, it’s still officially too close […]

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Your Seasonal Guide to Food as Medicine: October Produce

It’s no coincidence that the shift to shorter days and harsher conditions coincides with the emergence of hardier fruits and vegetables.  Thicker skin, more substantial leaves and, most relevant to this article, produce that is absolutely packed with health-promoting compounds is the feature of this month’s food as medicine post.  As a naturopathic doctor, I […]

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Soy: Is it Safe for Me? A Cautionary Tale for People and Planet

I came across an article this week, written by Barry Boyd, MD, a board certified oncologist and hematologist, that does an excellent job of summing up, once and for all, the myths and facts around soy as it relates to breast cancer.  Fortunately, I think we’ve finally gotten to a point in science that we can confidently […]

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Celebrating a Practice That’s Changing Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine Week is October 7-13th I am a naturopathic doctor. I represent a community of approximately 4400 practicing physicians in the United States.  We may be small in number, but what we lack in size we make up for in a passion and commitment to the philosophies we took an oath to honor:  that […]

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The Best Grab-N-Go Superfood Breakfasts

If you’ve read some of my recent articles, you’ll know that I not only believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but that it should also be the largest. Not just for the reasons you likely heard as a child (i.e. improved mental focus and test scores), but because a big, nutrient-dense […]

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Your Seasonal Guide to Food as Medicine: September Produce

Over the past few weekends, my sister-in-law and her family have made over 20 gallons of cider from some of the pie apple trees that grow on the pasture of our family’s Iowa farmland. Nothing says autumn like apple cider! And so it is here…the end of summer. Luscious berries and delicate flowers are fading […]

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How I’m Moving Forward in the GMO Food Debate

A few weeks ago I wrote a post, “The Genetically Modified Food Debate”, which introduced a series of articles by Nathanael Johnson, a writer that’s taken on the big task of sorting through the GMO debate to provide the straight story on where the science, politics and implications to people and planet truly stand. […]

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Weight Loss Tip: Eat Your Dinner for Breakfast

For many years, I operated a private practice as a naturopathic doctor in Southern California, specializing in the treatment of digestive diseases and side-effects of cancer treatment. Although weight loss support was never a service that I proactively marketed, it was an all too common issue that I found myself needing to address with my […]

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Your Seasonal Guide to Food as Medicine: August Produce

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