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Launching Loveology University® is one of my dreams come true because I believe we teach what we need to learn the most. Raised in a repressed environment without positive life or love lessons from parents or peers, my main goal was to help make the world a better place by empowering people to overcome sexual guilt and shame. I established Love U in order to share the vast knowledge I have gained in the last fifteen years offering students a wealth of information on love, relationships, intimacy and sex they may otherwise not have access to. At Love U, you can become certified as a Loveologist and Love Coach, a Master Sexpert or choose from dozens of other certified courses.

In the last ten years, I have written seven books and lectured worldwide, appeared on hundreds of notable TV shows as an expert and contribute to myriad of magazines who solicit my advice on a regular basis. I maintain a private practice in Los Angeles where I help clients with love, relationship and sexual issues. I address concerns varying from communication problems, performance anxiety, infidelity, sexual compulsion, inability to orgasm to parental concerns.

In summary, I continue to dedicate my life to helping individuals, creating programs and products to promote the benefits of healthy love, relationships, intimacy and sex around the globe as I continue to study and collaborate with therapists, social workers, doctors and scientists on a daily basis to pursue quality and distinction in my career.

Future Plans: To exemplify the value of love and make a significant impact on the human race. To train millions of Love Coaches so they can help people to have healthy relationships and change the vibration of this planet.

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The Laws of Attraction

Why are we attracted to different people?

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How to Talk to Children About Love and Sex

We teach children to read and we expect them to read…. So then how can we not teach our kids about human sexuality and still expect them to make sensible love and relationship decisions?

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How To Overcome Inhibitions and Revel in Sexual Intimacy

If you can shed your inhibitions with yourself, you will have the opportunity to discover and explore parts of you that you may never have known existed.

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The Loveologist Guide To Understand Cheating by Ava Cadell

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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Whether you are breaking up from a relationship or going through a divorce it’s inevitable that you will feel emotional pain.  The following seven steps are the most ef

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Building a Relationship Based on Everlasting Love

Love is a give-give proposition, and everlasting love becomes 100% give on each side. The nature of love is to pour out, it wants to give. Love is being flexible.

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How to Find the G-Spot

Playfully referred to as the “great-spot,” the “glory-spot” and the “go-ahead-spot,” the G-spot area was first identified by gynecologist Ernest Grafenberg who

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What Are Your Sexual Inhibitions and Boundaries?

Breaking Down the Walls

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The Power of Forgiveness

What forgiveness is:

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Love vs. Lust

Lust is often mistaken for love.  In the dictionary you’ll find definitions that include "An intense longing, desire, or need," and  Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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