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Never say never! Four years ago I left fashion and business to raise babies and teach yoga. I moved from the gorgeous desert after 32 years and moved to Fort Worth, Texas...and can honestly say I love it. After a lifetime of scribbling intently in journals, I now share my heart via my writing with the world (or whoever will read it). My sweet supportive husband and I just celebrated 10 years of marriage, and my biggest living inspirations are my son and daughter. I am living the life I created, and living a life that I love. Connect with me on Facebook or Twitter, or through my website
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A Letter To My Disenchanted Yoga Student

I saw a student out in public today. It always throws me for a moment when I see someone outside the studio, seeing them in “real life.” In our quick chat it came up that she’s been disenchanted with yoga lately. This is someone who has been known to say yoga is her religion, which […]

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Love is Love: 4 Steps to Overcome Judgment

A soul is a soul is a soul. Love is love. You are not right, and neither am I. You aren’t wrong either. You are who you are, and I am who I am. There is no such concept as absolute, right or wrong when it comes to who we choose to love or what […]

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Top 10 Life Lessons Learned From My Dad

Where I am concerned, my Dad’s heart is always on his sleeve. He is so grounded in truth, so deep in his thinking, and so moral about humanity that I wonder how I got so lucky! Of course he doesn’t see it that way, and wonders instead how he got so lucky to have me. We have […]

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Honoring My Mother on the Anniversary of Her Passing

It’s a practice of healing and cleansing, one of renewal and expansion. As the shift happens, a rawness sets in. It is a total unshielding of spirit/heart/energy…whatever you choose to call it, it really doesn’t matter as it is one in the same. Once the breakthrough has taken place through yoga, you can’t hide. Today […]

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So You Wanna Be a Blogger? Six Steps to Get You Started.

The blogosphere is blowing up these days. If you’re reading this, you are a part of the movement! Blogging is gaining serious momentum as a social media tool and is lighting a fire to the idea of connection to ignite business and relationships. Ever wondered if you too could be a blogger? You can. Here […]

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How Healthy Is Your Energetic Bank Account?

Practicing yoga is like making a deposit into an energetic investment account. Every little bit helps, and it will grow exponentially depending on the commitment made to build up the reserve. Just as the account can be piddled away through mindless spending, your precious energy can be depleted through mindless living. We save things to […]

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When Your Friends Have Cancer and You’re Healthy

Every day without fail, I find something to be grateful for. Consciously grateful. Some days it is a search. Some days it feels like making something out of nothing as I try to piece together a grateful state of being. Ironically, other days I have so much gratitude I can barely contain myself, bursting with […]

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Mission: Breakthrough. The intriguing name of the six week yoga challenge at the studio I teach at In Fort Worth, Texas. Each week being a different spiritual theme, this upcoming week is a focus on life itself. Broad? Yes. Scary? Possibly. Freeing? Most definitely. As I think about what message I want to spread to […]

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Indulge in Connection

It is easy to move in the shadows, to look down and avoid a stranger’s glance. It is easy to not draw attention to your magnificence and to shame others for showing theirs. What if you decided that today was the day you were to step out from under the cloak of invisibility? What if […]

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Terrifying Stillness

I just finished my first clean eating cleanse. It was simple, but like most things described as simple it was anything but easy. Three weeks of eating incredibly healthy. No coffee, alcohol, refined sugar, gluten filled carbs…did I say no coffee? The first week was rough eating just veggies, and a lentil here and there. […]

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