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New Year – A Celebration with lots of Excitement and Hopes

new year is celebrated with lots of excitement, before a few months people start dancing on the flow of New Year. It’s a fresh beginning of life, deleting darkness, evil thoughts; people want to purify their mind. New year 2011 will share exceptional moments with you and your near ones. With new resolution, you will move towards the journey of life. Everybody wants to do some special on the eve of New Year. In the year 2011, you can enjoy tremendous moments. You should start setting frequent exciting schedules together with your friends.


New Year is identical with fresh start, bright dreams and new aspirations. Every year on the

new years eve, the whole world comes together; to kick start glittering celebrations and shout out loud Happy New Year. New Year in different regions is celebrated as per their regional calendar. Countries have their fixed calendar dates and begin their New Year merriment according to that only. The most popularly used calendars of recent years are Solar, Lunisolar, Lunar, and Arbitrary calendars. Today, most of the religions follow solar, lunar or lunisolar calendar.


After the year 2010, the new year 2011 has in store various belongings for different persons. It is expected to be an exciting year with achievements and success in every field. This year you would achieve bigger goals and fulfill those commitments which were pending last year. Whatever work we had deliberation of taking up but failed to do so, should be taken up this year. We all would try to make this New Year 2011 extra successful and joyful.


The year 2011 is knocking at the door, time for us to bid adieu to the year 2010. It is better for us to keep a tab on the events slated to acquire place in 2011, such that we can plan our work accordingly. If you have the list of 2011 events with you before-hand, it becomes a great deal easier for you to put things in place. We are the biggest resource for new years eve party information, New Years Eve tickets, and more. We sell NYE tickets to all the popular nightclubs, lounges, restaurants, bars and hotels in New York City, Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.


New Year Astrology – What’s says your New Year Horoscopes in this Year Calendar

Astrology is an essential component of our social system. Every society believes in the astrological order and the calculations thereof. Astrology helps in predicting the events, occasions and the consequences of the life term of human beings, their personality as well as other terrestrial bodies. new year astrology mentions in great details about the position, movement and influence of the planets, sun, and other celestial bodies and their effect on us, on the forthcoming year.

New year astrology is popular among people from all age groups and walks of life. Nothing can be more ideal than beginning on a New Year packed with complete astrological information as per the sun sign/ horoscope. new year Astrology will help you to not just keep a tab of the events predicted to be encountered by you, it will also help you by suggesting remedies incase something not so pleasant is in store.

People who are waiting major surgeries, investment in properties and also by people wanting to change their jobs, are seriously referring to New Year Astrology. This piece of article/ literature is also significant for people wanting to start a new business venture as well as for people wanting to go on a long holiday. People also refer to the astrological calculations before planning on a holiday to exactly plan for the vacations coinciding with their best dates and days to bring in better luck.

New Year Astrology and its various calculations can be based on the Indian astrological calculations, the western methods or the Chinese estimations. Calculations as per these distinct categories have been proved to be precise and their credibility guaranteed.

Astrology is referred to as superstition by several and science by the rest. Whatever may be your view on the genre; New Year Astrology will nevertheless offer you interesting facts and figures of your life and the year ahead. Believe it or not, the calculations will certainly amaze you and surprise you with its vast sphere.

Weekly horoscopes are the best versions of astrology one could refer to. These variations offer weekly updates for each of the 12 sun signs on a variety of subjects, career, health, property, love and relationships. Weekly horoscopes also offer information on your lucky day, lucky numbers and also lucky colors you could sport in the coming week. Online weekly horoscopes provide you with significant details and can be subscribed from various well-known portals. Several portals also offer for weekly horoscopes free of cost.

For people already in the way of making new plans and resolutions for the upcoming year, 2011 horoscopes are the best options to consult and refer to. There are many variations of 2011 horoscopes already available in the market. Incase there is a wedding in the family, a house warming ceremony, a christening ritual or an inauguration of your business venture, refer to the 2011 horoscopes for great results. The 2011 calendar mentions the various significant days in the upcoming year. One could refer to it before finalizing on any major event of ones life.


List of Bank Holidays just a Click Away!

2010 bank holidays are all the public holidays and are observed across the different countries. The 2010 bank holidays are expected to be great occasions for merriment and planning for lovely vacations to ones dream destinations.  Beginning with the New Year Day on the 1st of January to the Boxing Day on the 28th of December, all the 2010 Bank holidays will be observed in the highest magnitude of celebrations throughout the world. The 2010 bank holidays vary from country to country and the most significant ones have been picked here for your perusal.

The United Kingdom and parts of the Northern Ireland has eight holidays scheduled for the year 2010. All the 2010 bank holidays in UK are public holidays of Britain. Although comparatively few in numbers as compared to other European countries, they are nevertheless:-

Mentioned below are the 2010 bank holidays in the UK  :-

New Year’s Day – January 1st 2010
Good Friday – April 10th 2010
Easter Monday – April 13th 2010
Early May Bank Holiday – May 4th 2010
Spring Bank Holiday – May 25th 2010
Summer Bank Holiday – August 31st 2010
Christmas Day – December 25th 2010
Boxing Day – December 28th 2010.

The 2010 bank holidays in US, are also well known as the federal holidays. Majority of the 50 states in the US celebrate them as occasions they look forward to for a whole year. These bank holidays belong to the distinct genres of are as follows:-

New Years Day – January 1st 2010
Martin Luther King’s Birthday – January 19th 2010
President’s Day – February 18th 2010
Memorial Day – May 26th 2010
Independence Day – July 4th 2010
Labor Day – September 1st 2010
Columbus Day – October 13th 2010
Veteran’s Day – November 11th 2010
Thanksgiving Day – November 27th 2010
Christmas Day – December 26th 2010.

2010 bank holidays in Canada are about 10 in number and all the days are observed as public holidays throughout the country.

New Year – January 1st 2010
Good Friday – April 10th 2010
Easter Monday – April 13th 2010
Victory Day – May 18th 2010
Canada day – July 1st 2010
Labor Day – September 7th 2010
Thanksgiving Day – October 12th 2010
Remembrance Day – November 11th 2010
Christmas – December 25th 2010
Boxing Day – December 26th 2010

2010 bank holidays in India are a blend of national events, community celebrations and  spiritual festivals. From the Christian religious festivals to the Sikh festivals and also the Hindu as well as Muslim festivals, the major ones are celebrated as the Bank holidays in India. Other than the religious fervor, many festivals depicting the patriotic themes like the Independence Day and Republic Day of the country. The 2010 Bank holidays in India have been mentioned along with the dates for your perusal:-


Republic Day
Milad UN Nimbi.      
Independence Day
Gandhi Jayanti
Id ul fitr
Guru Nanak Jayanti

You Celebrate the New Year with All New Goals

 We know you all are very busy in own personal or social life, and we also know you want to stay on this life for some time. You want to celebrate, and just await new year. we know you want to more joy to comparison with previous year celebrations. We know that you are planning to make viewpoint this New Year’s. 

Let us welcome the upcoming new year 2011 but never forget that thing which is wants to complete but yet it is not completed. New Year party ideas for 2011 include hosting a grand party and inviting like minded people. We know you are surely book a DJ in advance. You have always a very good Plan out the party theme. We know for a memorable new year parties you also think about the gifts which types of gift is outdated or who is on demand for a memorable new year party. 

People also plan out celebrating their new year eve at different charming and great places. There are many places where you celebrate you special new year eve party either in traditional fashion or in the new mod way. Its depend upon you, either be it in global cities of USA, Las Vegas, Tokyo, UK, Canada etc. Most of the cities wear own a festive look and its on history, have grand parties in five stars or seven stars hotel who is very luxury hotels and at the same time have an standard show of fireworks to enjoy. In all over the world each historical place are decorated with lights. 

These days people are celebrating new year party on cruise, it is a fashion who becoming increasingly popular. The cruise is decorated like a bride for New Year celebration. On the luxurious ships can be held by throwing lavish parties. The parties can be organized within the ship too much excited. The curies members have organized cuisine restaurants, dancing troupes and orchestras accompanying them, they offering the guests with variety in entertainment and food as specially planned New Year cruises. 

It is not possible to any one to meet personally own his friends and relatives on the New Year. But yet we can wish them a "Happy New Year" by sending cards. Well the new year cards containing a small quote of your filling who tell yours emotion and Arrive that person  with the help of that card and wish them  "happy new year". Now we live in a professional and advance world we sent email to wish "happy new year". Through the Internet we are sending very attractive new year cards completely free, your happy new year wish can reach the person easily.


Corporate Law Services – Patent Registration, Copyright Prosecution, Law Firms in India

 Patent registration is one of the famous and well known corporate law services in India that includes preventing and protecting the unauthorized copy, selling, misuse or importing of services or product of any type innovatively invented. Patent term is used to grant a legal document or ownership to inventors for their invention in the form of service or product. Patent registration comprises specific rulers and regulations that one has to follow in order to get patent registration for his or her invention. Every country has its own procedures, rules and regulations for granting patent registration. Like patent registration in India includes submitting of patent registration application along with necessary information about name, address of the applied candidate, the title and description of the innovatively invention and other types of required details should be mentioned with systematic and in appropriate format about the invention. Power of attorney duly stamped by notary public is also need to be submitted at the time of patent registration. After verification of all the required documents by the concerned authority, inventor will grant a legal document or certificate of patent registration.

 After registration, patent renewal service is to done at regular interval of time. It is one of the very important tasks that must be accompanied with at the expiration of second year from the date of patent registration. Patent registration in India is granted for the period of 20 year whose fees can be either paid in advance or yearly basis as depend upon patent owner. There are many company law firms operating through out India offering wide varieties of law services including patent drafting, trademark registration, patent registration, IPR patent, IPR law firms India, patent application, IPR rights, trademark law, patent attorney, copyright prosecution, trademark application, copyright filing, copyright registration and lots more. Among the various types of law firms in India is one of the favored law companies that comprises a large team of attorneys with well qualified and experienced that provides complete assistance to their domestic as well as their international clients comprises a large team of corporate lawyers and attorneys with awesome experienced in offering complete assistance to their domestic as well as international clients.


Legal Services is no More Complex

 Every one who is out of India or live in India believes that the Indian Legal System is very complex. But being an Indian company it is very necessary to follow all the mentioned rules that are regulated by Indian government. On facing difficulties that are many law firms operating through out the India that offers their services with complete assistance and guidance. Most of the Indian law firms fail, but some of the legal issues are extremely easy to solve the problems. Our law firms and Legal Consultants have developed interest in Indian Legal System to every one on legal matters. Singhania & Co. LLP Solicitors is a 25 years ancient company. This law firms, located very near to London 24, Buckingham Gate, boasts of experienced solicitors and a support team to bring relief to its clients. Both, individual and company are helped for their diverse legal needs at Singhania & Co. LLP Solicitors. 

We can help when you need, as Singhania & Co. LLP provides there quality services on 24×7 hours basis. The best part of us, we strongly believe that money should never be a hindrance for anyone to get quality legal counsel. Here you will get complete range of legal activities likes, appearance in courts, client briefings and conferences, opinion writing and guidance, research work and many other related activities on reasonable prices. Our practice areas include Litigation, Real Estate & Construction, Corporate & Commercial law, Agency & Franchise, Merger & Acquisitions, Energy (Oil & Gas). Singhania & Co. LLP and its group of attorneys offer their services on all types of corporate legal matters to different clients globally, along with services including complete range of real estate law services including Advising on Joint Venture Development, Advising Development of Townships, Development and promotion of Real Estate etc.  

Here you will also get complete information about Intellectual property registration. It is stated as a global marketplace of any product bearing some form of commercial value. This term applies to your inventive ideas, such as artistic and literary works, inventions, copyrights and trademarks. Intellectual Property include Registration Renewal of trade / service marks, copyrights, patents and designs , Initial investigations into potential patentability of inventions, License agreements, Merchandising agreements and Domain name disputes. 


SEO Brings More Business and Profit to You

 Now day’s every one wants to earn more profit as compared to their competitors. No one wants to remain behind in earning revenue from their existence business. With the rise in the competition every business houses intends to use latest technology or method to grasp the market. That makes their business more liked and popular among the visitors. Among the various technologies and methods many business houses have started with their online services that bring online business in the form of online visitors from their website. Million of websites are getting online these days, simply because of high competition and mentality of earning high profit. Like to book airline / hotel tickets, for purchasing online software, for filling online education forms, for booking tours packages, to get online health tips and fitness suggestions or for online billing are some of the online activities that majority of population globally felt easy and comfortable to carry out.


 In these days no one wants to make their way towards market to buy particular product. Rather to visit market people try to book or buy online from available websites. Online market is on the peak as compared to physical super market. But to get online business there are some conditions means your website should be search engine friendly. It means your business portal should be optimized enough to get high rank on the search engine ranking page. . search engine optimization services means various types of companies that program their own crawler software that uses a particular algorithm to list various websites on their SERP’s. In days Google is one of the popular and favored search engines which is used by 75% of population. If your website is able to rank among the top 5 position means you will get awesome business in the form of online customers.



Checkout List of Bank Holidays in this Year – UK, USA, India, Canada

Type Your Article Here …There are variety of factors like bank acts that brings bank holidays on their way. Bank holiday is a day when not a single financial trisection will be carried out by the banks. Different counties consists different list of bank holidays like USA, UK, Canada, India all have their own list of bank holidays. Bank holidays are also known as public holidays, as it closes all the business deals and company’s transactions on that day. Apart from different countries, even different banks have their own bank holidays lists. Like private banks follow there own bank holidays criteria. Bank holidays also depends upon events and festivals of that particular country.     

UK is one of the famous business and tourist centers of the world. Every year millions of tourists attracts towards UK for their different types of work. Some of them are for business tour, some of them are for making holidays. Therefore, bank holidays in uk plays an important role, whose list should be known by every one coming to UK for any purpose. January 1st – New Years Day, April 2nd – Good Friday, April 5th – Easter Monday, May 1st – Early May bank Holiday, August 1st – Summer Bank Holiday, last Monday in December – Christmas Day, December 28th – Boxing Day are some of the famous bank holidays of UK.

USA is one of the developed countries of the world where you will find head quarters of most of world leading companies. Most of the tourist are from business sectors and they should know the schedule of banks and their list of bank holidays in usa .1st January – New Years Day, 4th July – Independence Day, 18th February – President’s Day, 1st September – Labor Day, 27th November – Thanksgiving Day, 25th December – Christmas Day are some of the famous bank holidays of USA.

India is one of the biggest countries of the world that offers amazing holidays opportunities to its tourist along with business opportunities to its business sector tourist. Every year thousand of tourist visits to India on business tour, vacation, sightseeing tour or may for any purpose. Therefore, it is very important for thousands to know the list of bank holidays in india. 26th January – Republic Day, 2nd Oct – Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday, 15th Aug – Independence Day, 5th Nov – Deepavali or Diwali, 25th Dec – Christmas Day, 26th Dec – Boxing Day are some of the famous bank holidays of India.

Besides the above countries, Canada is one of the countries with thousands of tourist welcomes every year. As it lies on the North America is one the biggest countries houses number of world known business centers and education destinations. List of bank holidays in canada  comprises 1st January – New Year, 10th April – Good Friday, 1st July – Canada day, 12th October – Thanksgiving Day, 25th December – Christmas, 28th December – Boxing Day are some of the famous list of bank holidays of Canada.


What’s Your Zodiac Sign saying in this Year Calendar

Future predictions and the moments to be held in future always excite us to know more about them. Like moments of child birth, about relationships, affairs, marriage, starts new business, property selling or buying and lots more. All these events or moments are very common in one’s life. Not single time but every times a person is always curious to know more about these events whether they bring happiness, profit or success in his or her or not. What will be the result of that particular event? Well horoscope is always work on the predictions made by astrologer. It means astrology plays an important role in horoscope predictions. Astrology is a method of defining astrological aspects and sensitive angles at a particular moment of human life. Basically, horoscope is a Greek word that depicts astrological chart, chart wheel, sky-map, celestial map, cosmogram and radical chart.      

Today the major section of the society have trust on horoscopes as according to them horoscope is something which gives them helpful suggestions, needful information about their future. It is all about the interest and favor from the society it is not like compulsory activity in the life. Sometimes it proves an alarming clock for you. Now day’s horoscopes predictions are very popular and people are now showing belief and faith and very curious about it. After analyzing the human interest towards the curiosity to know about the future moments of life, many magazines, newspaper and even websites offers detail information and helpful suggestions about different types of horoscopes including love horoscope, Chinese horoscopes, weekly horoscope, monthly horoscope, free horoscopes and lots more related to astrology predictions. Websites like that offers complete solutions about different types of horoscopes like 2011 horoscopes, new year astrology, month wise horoscopes, week wise horoscopes, relationships horoscopes and lots more.

Apart from the horoscope and astrology predictions, also provides new year 2011 calendar that further brings you with new list of bank holidays of different countries. As with the change in year, the calendar is also keeps on changing. Calendar is a tabular format that defines particular event on specific date and day. In every calendar the bank holidays is one of the list in which most of the people are interested in. Not only bank employees but also general public have keen interest in knowing list of bank holidays. As it is a day when not a single financial transaction will be carry within a bank. Therefore, New year brings many new things in the life regarding new astrology predictions, new calendar along with new list of holidays.       

Law Firms Services – Corporate, Commercial, IPR, Immigration Law Services in India, London and Abroad

In these days law firms plays an important role in providing worthful services to the corporate sector of the world. As with the growth in the economy and rising competition within business houses compel law firms to offer their corporate level services. These services includes intellectual property laws that comprises trade mark, copyrights & related rights, patents, geographical indications, trade secrets, plant variety protection, agency & franchise, infrastructure, real estate & construction, corporate & commercial law services, litigation law services, trademark registration, taxation, company registration and lots more. All these are very worthful from business houses point of view. It is recommended to all types of business houses whether small or big may be private or public to follow all types of company level laws in order to get legal benefits.
There are many top law firms operating in different continents of the world. Among all these types of law firms is one of the famous and favored among the business houses that offers wide verities of law services at affordable raters having different branches in various parts of the world. Besides affordable rates, here you will find complete client satisfaction and true value of your money. It consists a large team of well qualified and experienced attorneys that offers remarkable and worthful suggestions and solutions regarding corporate and commercial laws and services. Here you will find complete information about corporate law firms that comprises commercial and civil litigation, international banking and finance, construction and engineering contracts, licensing, international trade, intellectual property embracing trademarks, copyright law, shipping, foreign investment including tax issues, insolvency and lots more. Apart from this also offers complete information about ipr law firms in india that comprises administrative, judicial and statutory framework to uphold intellectual property rights in india. Whether it is trade marks, copyright, patents or industrial designs Singhania & Co. LLP offers ipr law services for all level of corporate sector. 
Here you will find wide range of legal services that meets the client’s requirements and expectations at domestic as well as international level. Apart from this, Singhania & Co. LLP comprises team of highly qualified and experienced attorneys including intellectual property experts, chartered accountants, technical experts and Information technology consultants that provides complete solution to all types of legal issues and cases. They also offer professional, comprehensive and personal visa information and immigration application service including immigration solicitors in London to all applicants from different parts of the world.

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