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I am constantly changing, loving, growing and being! One of my favorite quotes, if nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies. Live on the edge, embrace the unknown, laugh a lot, free yourself, play with the moment, observe who you are not. Organically Yours I Am. XOXO

11 Simple Tips For Healthy, Beautiful Skin

skin treatment applyingYour skin, the biggest organ you have. Keeping it healthy and youthful is not so hard! Here are 11 simple tips to get and maintain beautiful, healthy skin:

1. Lemon water
When you wake up in the morning, drink a room temperature glass of water with organic lemon juice. This cleansing process is a great life practice, helps with great skin and great health.

2. Drink Water
Drink enough water very day, avoid sodas and sugary juices.

3. Wash your face
Don’t just wash your face before bed, suds up when you get home, even if it is early afternoon. Bacteria can irritate skin, clog pores, and trigger breakouts and long term damage can cause scarring.

4. Disinfect your reading and sun glasses
Great practice to implement every few days with rubbing alcohol. Think of all the surfaces glasses touch from desks, kitchen tables, bathroom counters to the counter at your local coffee shop, then they get placed back over the face. Keeping skin clean is important. 

5. Take nutrients
Remember to take your vitamins, minerals, fats and antioxidants even if you are eating a great diet. Fats are especially important to keep skin supple and firm. You can increase your good fats naturally by consuming more salmon, flaxseed, and almonds. Just understand that good fats are not saturated fat such as those found in dairy products and meats, which increase free-radical damage that makes skin more susceptible to aging.

6. Eat great food
8-10 cups of vegetables per day, 2 cups of fruit per day and high quality lean proteins is a good startEat vegetables from all possible colors of the rainbow weekly to ensure a variety of nutrients in your diet.

7. Go organic
Use organic skin care products. There are loads of chemical free products to choose from that don’t break the bank.

8. Sun Protection
Protect your skin from the sun. Ideally, SPF 30 with moisturizing and of course make sure it is organic. Every 10 minutes of daily exposure to UVA ‘the aging rays”can cause changes that  lead to sun spots and wrinkles in a matter of three short months, so don’t skip this step! Studies are now showing using a lower SPF but applying frequently is the way to go for optimal sun protection.

9. Let it go
If something is bothering you, talk about it and work it out – don’t wear it on your skin. Stress and unbalanced emotions can age you fast. You can increase the stress hormone “cortisol” quickly with constant anxiety which can trigger acne and facial redness.

10. Regular exercise
Studies show those who work out on consistently have firmer skin than non exercisers, so get your exercise on, once approved by your doctor. Exercise infuses skin with oxygen and nutrients that you need for collagen production!

11. Get to sleep
Maintaining a healthy sleep routine is critical for long term skin health. If you are in the habit of staying up late in front of the television, break it and get to sleep at a decent time every night. Your skin and overall health will be improved.

Bonus Tips!

How about a little retinoid?

The vitamin-A in retinoid derivatives speed cell turnover and collagen growth to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and fade brown spots. With a version now available over the counter called retinol, we can all use this product easily. Retinol may take up to 3 months to see noticeable  results, so be patient.

Fall in love with your looks/yourself just the way you are

The truth is we will never be at or feel our best until we can fall in love with exactly the way we are right now. It is our inner beauty that shines through our skin. All the practices, products and magical potions in the world can’t improve our looks if the insides are not appreciated, cared for, loved and nourished. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if you see yourself as beautiful, so will everyone else.

Renay Matthews is a nutritionist practicing in Agoura Hills California and can be reached at &

Originally published July 2010

6 Ways To Express Your Love This Valentine’s Day

Some say the best things in life are free and I tend to agree.

Here are some free suggestions, and feel free to share some of yours so we can all spread our love this Valentine’s Day.

1. Offer up some Strawberries Hand Dipped in Chocolate 

How Do We Love Thee? Too Many Ways To Count!

2. Chocolate.

The raw and processed foods produced from the seed of the tropical Theobroma cacao tree. With its earliest documented use around 1100 BC, human kind has been in love with this food for a long time. Dark, milky or white chocolate so many ways to enjoy this wonderful treat, especially when dipped in a beautiful organic strawberry and handed to a loved one with a homemade valentine.

3. A Homemade Favorite Meal

We know our loved one’s favorite delicacies, and taking the time to prepare them just right, served in candle light is such a delight!


4. A Warm Delightful Bath, Full of Bubbles of Course

Rubber Ducky You Are So Much Fun.

Almost everyone can relax and unwind with a nice warm bath. Add some candles, soft music and maybe some of those chocolate dipped strawberries and/or a glass of wine and presto!


5. Do A Gift Together 

This one is not free, but priceless.
For the couples who have it all, or just want to share, make a joint donation to help someone in need. Clean your elderly neighbors yard or offer up some sort of service for a friend.

6. Pay it Forward

With so much help needed around our globe this season, Valentines Day is a great time to pay it forward.

Here is one of my favorite organizations:


Happy Valentines Day To Each and Everyone Of You!

Renay Matthews

Originally published in 2010


5 Recipes for Halloween Treats to Make With Your Kids or Friends

If you don’t have kids you can still enjoy these fun recipes. Halloween is one of the biggest holidays in America even though it lasts just one day.

Why not partake this year and have some friends over for some scary treats!

Pumpkin Head Cup Cakes

  • Heat oven to 350 degrees.
  • Prepare 1 box (18.25 oz.) of devil’s food cake mix according to the package directions.
  • Add batter to 12 sized muffin pans and bake until done.
  • After cooking, pop out muffins and cover with organic pumpkin orange frosting. Add little licorice bits for the stem and let the kids make faces with bits and pieces of candy.
Organic Ghosts
Makes 24 servings
  1. Heat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Prepare 1 lb of pound cake mix to directions and stir in ½ cup of organic peppermint candy (or chocolate baking chips or your favorite candy).
  3. Fill organic ice cream cones (available at Whole Foods and other markets and do not contain corn syrup) with ½ cup of batter each of the pound cake mix and bake standing upright in two 12 cavity muffin tins. Bake 30 minutes. Once cooled of, trim to level so they stand up evenly.
  4. Use melted semi sweet chocolate to stick the ice cream cones on a cookie base of your choice. Use organic frozen whipped topping, thawed to coat cones into ghost shapes. Use semi sweet melted chocolate to stick on eyes of reese pieces or m & m’s and use little cuts of licorice bits for eyebrows, or just lay out little bits of candy and let the kids decorate them however they like!
Pear and Cheese Faces
Makes 8 servings
  1. Remove organic pears from can, drain and cut in halves and remove the “meaty” center.
  2. Lay out on a tray so the round part is facing down.
  3. In a pastry bag fitted with a round tip add soft blue cheese and, spicy mustard and fill the inside of the pears.
  4. Flip over and lay down on the flat side, on a harvest colored plate and add your favorite crackers to garnish. Use a little filling for eyes and a smile. Add some pine nuts for eyeballs. You can also add a sprig of mint for hair!
Drinks For the over 21 Crowd
The Red Royal Season Pleaser
  • 500 grams of cranberries
  • 50 grams of sugar
  • 2 tbsp of orange jucice
  • 1 tsp of orange zest, grated
  • 1 bottle of champagne
 In a large pan over medium heat add cranberries, orange juice, zest and sugar until syrupy and slightly liquid.

Blend in blender until smooth then strain solids and let cool.

Pour 2 tablespoons of the syrup into the bottoms of 4 chilled champagne glasses. Garnish with some cranberries and gently top off each glass with Champagne.
The Grand Orange Drink
  • 4 Large Navel Oranges
  • 115 grams of sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons of Water
  • 2 Tablespoons of Grand Marnier
  • 16 Strips of Candied orange peel
4 large navel oranges, peeled, all white membrane and strings removed, cut vertically into small slices and placed in a serving bowl.
Combine sugar and water in a small saucepan over medium heat and bring to boil (do not stir) until the mixture bubbles (should be syrupy), cover with lid and boil for 1 minute longer. Remove from heat.

Add in Grand Marnier to taste and stir to mix. Pour the hot syrup over the orange slices and stir to mix.
Garnish with the candied peel, serve and enjoy.
Always Organically Yours,
Renay Matthews

Originally published in 2009

Renay Matthews is a certified Nutritionist and Holistic Life Coach.
She can be reached at or

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30 Days Of Healthy Indulgences: Yummy And Healthy Coconut Champagne Cupcakes

“Just one more please”,  my little one says as he reaches for his second cuppy cake as he calls them, eyes wide waiting for my reaction as his dimples take center stage and my smile follows with “okay, one more”.

We love to indulge in cuppy cakes! So I had to find a healthier version so they can be enjoyed guilt free. If you end up trying these recipes get the kids involved, they just love being in the kitchen!

So what makes these cupcakes a healthier option? Coconut use is one way we make them healthier. Coconut is a natural sweetener that helps keep calories low and you can use it in all kinds of recipes. Another item we use is applesauce, this helps to cut the fat and of course that means fewer calories.

Coconut Champagne Cup Cakes
2 1/2 cups self-rising organic flour
2 cups granulated brown organic sugar
2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 tsp sea salt
2 tsp baking soda
6 tbsp unsweetened applesauce
2 1/4 cup organic milk
1 tsp pure organic vanilla extract

1 cup organic soy milk
2 tbsp organic granulated brown sugar
2 tbsp organic cornstarch
1 cup flaked coconut

Champagne Frosting:
1/2 cup organic butter, softened
4 cups organic powdered sugar
1/4 cup champagne (replace with organic milk for kids)
1 teaspoon organic vanilla

Complete the coconut filling first. Combine in a saucepan, the milk, sugar and the cornstarch, using a whisk. Bring to a boil and remove it from the burner and let it cool for about five minutes. Next stir in your coconut, cover with plastic wrap and place into the refrigerator for about an hour.

Next, in medium bowl, beat frosting ingredients with electric mixer on medium speed until smooth. Set aside in the refrigerator until the cupcakes cool.

Next up cupcakes!
Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit (190.5 degrees Celsius). Combine all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl. In a different bowl, mix together the applesauce, milk and vanilla extract. Now you are ready to stir in the mixed dry ingredients. Now the batter is complete and you can fill your cupcake papers halfway full. Add in about one tablespoon of the coconut filling into the center of the cup and then cover it with another bit of the cupcake batter.

Bake the cakes for about 25 to 30 minutes and once cooled top with frosting and sprinkle a little cinnamon on top.


From November 15 through December 14, Intentblog is launching its first-ever 30 Days of Healthy Indulgences, where every day for 30 days we are inviting bloggers from all over the health and wellness space to contribute their favorite healthy indulgent recipe in time for the holiday season. Please keep checking back for more recipes!

How To Make Your Own Homemade Comfort Foods

When the emotions (or hormones) are in play, is it not harder to walk through the grocery store bakery section?

Make it easier to walk on by the red velvet cupcakes, white icing baked goods, soft chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies, and brightly chemical colored with who knows what seasonal treats by having some go-to comfort food ingredients in your kitchen that you have come to love and can depend on.


In under 10 minutes, you can get use to preparing these lovely healthy alternatives that can become your at home go to comfort food items.


Comfort Pudding
A great alternative to chemical puddings found in stores. 
2 bananas peeled
1 mango, skinned and stoned
10 strawberries
2 dates, stoned

Chop up the dates, put all ingredients into the food processor. Blend until it has the consistency of pudding. Chill. Serve with a few dashes of cinnamon or nutmeg on top.

Serves 1 nice size comfort pudding.

Almond and Raisin Cookie Balls 
1 Cup of almonds, soaked overnight 

1 Cup of raisins (or cranberries) 

¼ Tsp of vanilla extract or essence

Grind ingredients into a food processor and squeeze into little balls.
Dehydrate about 12 hours. Great replacement for cookies.
Get creative and expand this recipe to include some of your natural favorites ingredients. Using raw cacao for example in exchange for the raisins would be a delicious cookie ball.

Dehydrating slightly less than 125 degrees ensures the enzymes stay intact. This method makes the food considered still raw. Your body will be able to use all the healthy enzymes in these cookies due to the raw state. You can pack these in lunches for your kids too. They will stay fresh for approximately 30 days if kept in a sealed container.
Makes approximately 12 nice cookie balls.

Coconut/Chocolate Milk


1 young coconut
¼ cup cacao
1 tsp agave nectar
2 cups of ice
Open top of the coconut with a knife so that the juice can pour out and you can use a spoon to scoop out the coconut meat. Add both juice and meat into the blender. Be mindful if this is your first time opening a young coconut, you must use a sharp knife and it is not the easiest fruit to open.
Add the cacao, nectar and ice into the blender and blend.

You will need to blend this mix for a long time, as the cacao will take it’s time breaking down.
Once done pour into a glass and enjoy. Don’t let yourself get addicted to this most excellent drink, and you should know that it is a stimulate, with the natural caffeine from the cacao, beware serving this to the kids. You’ll never want to stop off at your favorite coffee spot for another iced mocha! 

Makes approximately 2 coconut chocolate drinks.

More Homemade Comfort Foods coming in future posts.

Renay Matthews

                  Renay is a nutritionist practicing in Agoura Hills California and can be reached at                  

PHOTO (cc): Flickr / glenmacarty


Eat a Salad a Day – Spinach Salad, Grapes, Berries & Cherries

When the weather warms, I want colder food! I guess  it is only natural. Eating a different kind of salad a day is a great way to get a wide variety of nutrients. It also helps to build great family food habits. 

You can also do salads for dinner. Make up a hearty salad that includes a high quality lean protein, your body and your family will enjoy it!

Spinach Salad with Peaches, Plums & Pecan’s Oh My!

3/4 cup pecans
2 ripe peaches, get these organic, they use a lot of pesticides on peaches
1 ripe plum  
4 cups organic baby spinach, rinsed dried and ripped into small pieces.
1/4 cup poppy seed salad dressing, try Annie’s Poppy Seed Dressing as a chemical free organic option.

How to Do It
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F, then arrange pecans on a single layer on a baking sheet and roast for 7-10 minutes until crunchy. Peel the plum and peaches then slice into bite-sized segments. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Toss with dressing and serve.

The Dressing
An organic chemical free option is the Annie’s Poppy Seed Dressing, drizzle and enjoy this delicious salad.

Grapes, Banana and Cherry Salad with Organic Yogurt


1 pint of organic heavy organic whipping cream (or organic soy yogurt)
6 cups seedless red grapes, halved
4 large bananas, peeled and sliced
2 cups of pitted cherries
1/4 cup of shredded coconut
1 cup chopped walnuts, or slivered almonds 
You can exchange the fruits in this salad to whatever you have local and in season.

How to Do It
In a large bowl, beat the cream until stiff peaks form.
Stir in the fruit and top off with nuts.

The Dressing
Drizzle with organic vanilla yogurt. Top with nuts and sprinkle coconut on the top! Serve in a beautiful glass cold.








Always Organically Yours,
Renay Matthews

Renay is a Nutritionist practicing in Agoura Hills California and can 
be reached at
















Go Green & Get Goodies: Online Resources For Living The Fabulous Green Life

Don’t you wish you could recycle more than what is often taken by the city such as bottles, cans, and paper? I know I have, so I was happy to find this company that offers recycling for used beauty products. You can mail in containers and worn out beauty tools to Eco Tools’ Look Gorgeous, Love Green campaign.

They collect items and send them off to a company called RecycleBank, which is an organization that recycles a wide range of materials through its recycling centers. That’s not all! In return you are rewarded with a coupon good for one EcoTools’ beauty products with a minimum value of $8.00.


For more information go to

I also wanted to share some of my top earth friendly online sites and in hopes if you have some you’ll share too.

Ecofabulous.comThis site offers insider information on living a well ‘eco’ life. – A great site that helps organize large amounts of information interested in renewable energy and sustainable living. – A great environmental blog. – Ideal Bite provides awareness, inspiration, and recommendations for light green living. – Architecture for Humanity is a charitable organization that offers architectural solutions to humanitarian crisis and brings design services to communities in need. – A United Nations Environment Program supported IPTV channel for environmental films. I really love this site! – Encouraging progressive building practices by making green home designs free for everyone.

Organically Yours,

Renay Matthews

Eat a Salad a Day – Beet and Rocket Salad & How to Make Canned Beets

My mom got me cooking beets. Ever since I was little she would can them, cook them, I have probably been eating beets since I was 3.
Here are some simple ways you can incorporate beets into your family’s diet. 
Take your beets, cut off stem, scrub with brush and don’t remove the skin.

 Boil until you can stick a fork through them. These are really hot, so be careful when you take them from the stove, let them cool a little bit then run them under cool water and the skin will fall off in your hand.

You can slice them, add flavor with sea salt. Beautiful Simple Gems!

Rocket (Arugula) and Beet Salad

1 Bunch of cleaned rocket greens, you can add in the leaves from the beets for an alternative version
8 Sliced beet gems
1 tsp of clove oil mixed with 2 tsp of extra virgin olive oil
Juice of one lemon
½ white onion, diced
1 handful of craisins 

How to do it:
Cut up rocket leaves and add to a bowl. Add in onion, craisins, with oil and lemon juice and mix well. Top off with beets.

Here is Mom’s Recipe for Canning Those Beautiful Gems!
Canning allows you to enjoy these gems 6 months out. Use organic brown sugar as an option to white sugar. If you try this, let me know so I can share with Mom.

Take beets and slice into rounds.
Put into sterilized canning jars.
On the stove add 1 cup of water, 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of vinegar and cook until the sugar is dissolved.

This makes two cups of liquid or one jar of beets. You will pour this into the can with the beets.

 You can add a few whole cloves to each jar which enhances the flavor, just delicious.
If you are doing ten jars, you must times the above by ten.

Once sealed you can store these gems up to 6 months.
When you open the ring on the canning jar, it has to pop when you open it. It if does not pop, don’t eat them! It means you did not seal them right.

Renay Matthews


Send Your Kids to School with Butterflies and Caterpillars – Earth Friendly Lunch Kits

I believe most of us have become more passionate about protecting our beautiful planet lately. Inspiration has filled my life, I am recycling, my next car will be a hybrid and I am doing more community outreach work each month than in the past.

One area of my life I needed to improve in was the excess garbage my little family was producing due to lunch packaging. Even though I spend a little more money on non chemical plastic baggies for my son’s lunch bucket, they still would get thrown into the garbage every day.  Another personal issue was buying a new lunch bucket each year that wears out and eventually gets tossed in the trash leading to more chemicals in our landfills as well as garbage.  Many of my parent friends explained to me they had never thought about the massive amount of lunch waste that they create weekly, and did not know there were earth friendly companies offering solutions.

I am inspired this week to write about options to old fashion lunch buckets and plastic baggies for families who pack lunches  and snacks. Offering my top picks for earth friendly lunch and snack packaging as well as a demo and product review video below so you can see one of these products first hand.

Kids Konserve  – An Earth Friendly Company 

Caterpillar or Butterfly Waste-Free Lunch Kit 

It’s back to basics with this version of the good ol’ brown paper bag.  
Great for packing lunches, picnics or on the go snacks.   This product is BPA, Lead & Phthalate Free, Stainless Steel Containers and a Non Toxic Ice Pack & Sweat Free Cover.

– Recycled Cotton Lunch Sack:  
  Machine wash cold, line dry 
– Stainless Steel Bottle and lid- 
  Hand wash warm soapy water 
– Round Food Containers and Lids
– Dishwasher safe 
– Napkin – Machine wash, machine dry, light iron or lay flat on top dryer to dry 
– Food Kozy – Hand wash with warm soapy water

Here is there Snack Pak! 

This cute little pack is the perfect solution for on the go snacks, park visits, light lunch or a short ride in the car.


       Drawstring bag, 100% cotton, reusable

       Cotton Napkin

       Leak-proof 304 food grade stainless steel container

Please share this post with friends and family! 
Collected small changes equal big changes, together we can make a difference.




  Product Review and Demo on Kids Konserve “Snack Pak”

My best,
Renay Matthews

Renay Matthews is a nutritionist practicing in Agoura Hills California 
and can be reached at



A Dream is Not Given to You Without the Means to Attain It ~ Hemal Radia

This week’s theme on How To Live Your Dream Life lead me straight to the one person I have always wanted to interview, my good friend and manifestation expert Hemal.

Hemals’ unquenchable desire to help others bring to life their true passion by understanding the law of attraction is undeniable

                                   My intent is that friends young and old will find something in this post
                                                             to bring them closer to their dream

Hemal, what started you on this path of helping others to understand the way of attraction?
Around 15 years ago I was learning in the personal development field, including, amongst other things, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).  As I learnt more, I found myself being drawn towards more spiritual and metaphysical perspectives.  For example, I learnt about how interconnected we all are and how our thoughts affect what happens in our realities. 

At the time, I realised that the term that described this best was "Manifesting" and more recently "Law of Attraction.”  Of course, it is all spiritual and metaphysical, and inter-related.  All in all, a love of how we create our realities. 

How we create our realities was a great love of mine and I would study material that was out there in the world and apply what I knew and I would create my own techniques.  

As my work has become more and more public and well known, people have found that by reading my content or listening to the audios, it connects them to who they are on a deeper level.  To me, that’s really what it’s about.  It’s about someone being in tune with who they are, and by doing that they are in tune with everything else, including all that they want and the path to it.

Hemal, if you could tell every child one secret that would lock into their minds and impact their lives forever, what would it be? 
Firstly, I would say despite what "the adults" tell you, keep dreaming. 
Don’t worry if you don’t see it in your reality just yet, do it because it is so enjoyable to be dreaming (of course, by doing so, they are putting themselves around the vibration of their dreams, even though they may not be seeing the manifestations immediately).

I would also say:
Don’t underestimate what you can be or do. 
Anyone that underestimates or limits you, is doing so from THEIR limitations.

– That you are no less than what anyone else is – and don’t let anyone make you think otherwise, and that you may be more than you realise that you are.

– That you are unique and have something special to offer this world, just by you being you.

For the rest of us, can you offer some methods on how to attract:

  • balance
  • health
  • peace 

I would actually say that these are all available to you and it is actually more a case of how are you NOT letting them into your life?

What can we do to live the life of our highest potential?
Follow your greatest joy.  In any moment, follow what fills you with the greatest joy and love – i.e. whatever feels best, regardless of the words we use to describe these feelings – is the indication to you for the path for you to take in that moment.  Sometimes we may not be feeling great, so find the thing that relatively feels the best (or the least worst, depending on how you are feeling).

What are some goal-setting tips?
Focus on what is important to you about your goals.  For example, if you want a relationship, focus on the ‘essences’ or the emotions about why you want it.  This is where the vibrational value is rather than the just the statement of the goal itself.  The Universe brings to you what it brings to you based on your vibration.  When you state a goal, it’s not the words that you utter about it, it’s the vibration (/emotions) about what you want.

So focus on the feeling behind why you want something, and build on that becoming a dominant part of your consciousness. 
                             If you have the goal within you, it is only a matter of time for it to be around you.

How can we break down our wildest and most spectacular dreams into a series of bite-sized, tangible action steps?

In line with what I mentioned above about vibration, I would certainly recommend having dreams which are"wild" and "most spectacular", or certainly those that feel very good!  Why?  Because the more positive emotions you have around something, the more in alignment you are with it.  And the more in alignment you are with something, the more a match to it you are and the more the likelihood of it coming into your life. 

One way of knowing what to do is to start feeling and experiencing it as if you have it already right now and get into the vibration of it.  Then notice what inspiration you experience.  This could be to do something, or it could even be to momentarily continue focusing on it and to build the vibration and then asking yourself the same question and then following some actions.

If you are really someone that likes to have your bite-sized tangible action steps, then what you can do is work backwards from your goal and create the steps from it.  So ask yourself what is the last step to take before the attainment of your goal and note that down.  Then write down the last step before that, and so on, and work your way back to now.  Thus, you are creating a trail of action steps from the outcome to now.  This is a different perspective than creating steps from your now to the outcome.  Both are valid and useful in different ways.                                                                                        

What can we do when we are feeling stuck, discouraged or confused?
Realize that these are momentary states rather than ‘fixed’ situations.  Everything is always fluid and constantly changing.

One thing you can do is to just step away from things and to change your perspective.  Things are not always as they seem and the reason it feels the way that it does is because of the thoughts and perspective that you have about that situation. 

Step away from it and look to see it from another perspective.  Also, step away from it and see it from a bigger perspective.  Maybe it doesn’t matter in quite the same way when you see it that way.

The solution is to change your perspective and how you see it and get at peace with it as much as you can, and that in itself will enable you to draw a better solution to it. 
When you change what you see, what you see changes 🙂


Any pearls of wisdom you got on manifesting your most fabulous life ever, we want to hear it!
Be true to your deepest desires and even though you may not necessarily always have complete faith in their attainment in the moment (or you may very well do!), at least don’t doubt yourself – allow yourself to be open-minded, i.e. if you can’t believe it 100% in every moment, at least don’t block it.

As mentioned earlier, follow your greatest joy in your now moment.  On a deeper level, the Universe knows what you want and the path to it and it communicates this to you through your feelings.  That’s why when you follow the things that feel the best, they lead to the things that feel the best.  The vibration you have within you and that you follow, leads to a similar and consequent vibration.

Hemal, what do you love most?
This can vary from time to time in terms of the details, but I love being in my flow.  And consequently, others are naturally inspired from it.  This is something I very much teach, which is when you are in your flow, that’s the best way for others to be in theirs. 

A final note from Hemal:

When you have a desire, that desire is a vibration. 
The vibration itself has the mechanics and the ‘how’ of the attainment of your desire.  
Do not think you need to consciously know the how.  
Follow the vibration and keep your attention on it and what feels good.  
Live and feel as if you have it.  As the vibration builds, the people, the synchronicities, the “how-tos” will appear.  If you are doubting it, the Universe will reflect that vibration.  

Thank you for spending time with me. I really appreciate you and have for a long time.

I am sure many will find this post useful. I will also leave links at the bottom of this post so readers can get to know you more.  
I think Hemal is right, a dream is not given to you without the Means to Attain it

Hemal is offering two free audio classes here.
One on One’s with Hemal can be started here. 
Meet him in Las Vegas here

Always Organically Yours,
Renay Matthews

                Renay is a nutritionist practicing in Agoura Hills California, 



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