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I live in a world where trees are friends, mountains are peers, animals and humans are partners and allies. In my world there are no rules, truths nor ways of being, there is only being whatever I wish to be in whatever way I like.
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There is no reason to think

 There is no need to think. I said that once, I thought it often (yes, I see the contradiction here) and I stand by it. There is never any need to think. It is hard to accept this idea, I know. One goes straight to working, making, fixing, planning. The everyday tasks organized by mind, […]

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Is happiness a myth?

 It began with an exchange I had this morning. There was a question, I gave an answer. “Well, that’s a claim. Can you back it up in any way?” I heard in response. “No” I said. “No I can’t and no, I don’t want to.” I thought about this later. I thought about whether I […]

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Do you want to become a Buddhist – or the Buddha?

 Do not become the Buddhist – become the Buddha. There. It is right there. I searched for it, chased it, tried to catch it and pin-point it since last night. Since the conversation about following a path. I couldn’t see why. I couldn’t see why I would need to follow a path to myself. I […]

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Don’t give your power away.

 When I say: “pain offers understanding, suffering happens when we lose ourselves in pain” do you think I am blaming suffering on people’s attitude towards pain? Some do. I don’t.  I do not blame anyone for suffering, but – and this is a very big “but” – I do believe everyone is responsible for it. Everyone who suffers. […]

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It’s You.

 Isn’t that a lovely stick? Inspiring and uplifting and what not? Truly a stick worth posting. Yet it begun like this: Yup. This is how I felt the last few days, the last few weeks, the last few months, the last few … well, all my life, likely. Though there were times of clarity and […]

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You Matter

 “Don’t think about me. Don’t think about how I will respond or what I want you to be. Just be what you are. You have to find yourself.” This is what my husband told me today and I must tell you, I squirmed. For a few reasons. First and foremost — because he was right, […]

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You exist outside of rules.

 Do you know what happens when I say: “God is love. Love for everyone and everything”? Someone immediately asks: “Including murderers and terrorists?” Sometime they add rapists, too. And I say yes, including murderers and terrorists. And rapists too. But of course that is not an answer that would satisfy anyone so I elaborate, like […]

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All You Are Is Love

  “No! I will not look there, I can’t!” my mind screamed, I screamed in reaction. I pulled back, pulled back from the pain in my being, back into the pain in my body. The pain cut and clawed and tore. There was nowhere to run. I knew. I couldn’t, I shouldn’t try to avoid […]

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You have everything.

  What would be the best advice on life you could give to a twenty-year-old? Mine was: “don’t listen to other people’s advice”. “That is, quite simply put, the worst advice I ever heard in my opinion” came the inevitable response, and then, a bit surprisingly, a question: “What’s the up-side of not looking for […]

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Feel Reality

The growl was rolling in my throat. A rhythmic, vibrating accompaniment for the movements of my body, the soft steps, the stretches and contractions of muscles. I moved a paw forward and my lips lifted over my fangs. Wild. I was wild. I was a wild cat. Another step crumbled a pile of dry leaves, […]

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