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Tapp is a registered nutrition counselor in the Greater NY area, and food & wellness blogger at www.TappsTips.com. Tapp’s mission is to help busy families, including her own, make healthy choices in a complicated world. A proud mom of two energetic boys, and self-proclaimed "food geek," Tapp loves creating, finding and sharing convenient ways to put a healthy spin on kitchen staples. For more recipes, healthy tips and nutrition guides, visit www.TappsTips.com
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Creamy Cashew Sauce with Asparagus and Shiitake Mushrooms (Recipe)

I was a Fettucini Alfredo girl as a child. I can even remember the first time I ever tasted it. I have a strange “taste memory” and can even recreate the sights and sounds that surround the first unexpectedly delicious bite that rocks my world. We were at Disney World in Florida. Dinner was in Little […]

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Restaurant Style Tahini that Goes With Everything

Tahini is a wonder-food. A thick paste made up of ground sesame seeds, tahini is high in calcium, and B vitamins. Tahini assists in healthy cell regeneration as well as enhancing the immune system and healthy nervous system functioning. The best part is that tahini is very easy to digest so all of the goodness […]

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The Closest We Can Get to Healthy Candy

Healthy candy? Is there such thing? Well, not exactly, but some are better than others. These Chocolate Tahini cups have the goodness of tahini going for them, along with the antioxidants founds in good dark chocolate. Yes, there is sugar, and all sugars should be kept in check, but sometimes you have to live a […]

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How to Make the Versatile Asian Peanut Sauce

My favorite recipes are those that you can use for multiple purposes. When you’re trying to balance home life with work or taking your kids to a million extra curricular activities – it’s good to have a few recipes that can work for several occasions. One of my favorites is the Asian Peanut Sauce. I […]

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Sweeten Up Your Fall with Cinnamon Baked Apples and Cashew Cream

Cinnamon and apples are two of my favorite fall flavors. There are a lot of savory things that come with the cooler temperatures – pumpkin and squash, stuffing recipes, etc, which are great for the holidays. But I think fall also lends it self to amazing desserts, and why shouldn’t we give in to our […]

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The Perfect Gluten-Free Dessert with a Secret Ingredient

Calling all sweet tooths! Brownies are a dessert staple – right after cake, ice cream and pie. There are so many variations of the brownie recipe that it can be difficult to carve out your own, but after many attempts I think I’ve done it. It took a while to get this recipe right, but […]

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3 Quick & Easy Vegan Snacks For Parties and Home

It’s fall, which often means there is a lot of entertaining – whether it is for PTA things, football Sundays or holiday get togethers. It also means school is back in session and time is even more cramped. It’s difficult trying to figure out something tasty but easy to make when you’re in a rush […]

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3 Soup Recipes to Warm Up Your Autumn

With summer securely in our rearview mirrors, it’s time to start preparing for cooler temperatures. Get out your jackets and scarves, but what about when you’re home? Soup! Whether you are battling one of those transitional season colds or just want an easy to warm you up as you watch the leaves fall outside. Soups […]

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Welcome Fall! 3 Delicious Recipes for Apple Season

This past weekend was the autumn equinox, which means we are officially moving into fall! This is the perfect time for all things involving pumpkins, squash, cranberries, and…apples! This delicious fall fruit is packed with natural sugars, carbohydrates, and fiber – the perfect snack on its own, but also a delicious ingredient for all kinds […]

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How To Make Easy & Healthy Ice Pops for Kids

We frequently have multiple extra kids in this house. I make ice pops by the dozen to keep them satiated until the next snack, which is usually about 15 minutes later! I have lots of different, fun ice pop molds I use to make these special treats. I can freeze just about anything in an […]

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