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Vanessa Gobes is a community activista, philanthropista and newspaper columnista in New England. A mother of several writing her way to awakening on her mindful parenting blog Bringing Up Buddhas, Vanessa is plucking a thread from her online world and weaving it into her community, using her creative energy and giddy-up to collaborate with mindful thought leaders in Boston with the intent of introducing meditation and mindfulness to children and adults throughout the Greater Hub. She aims to release a book about her Bu-curious adventures in mindful living next year. Read more at, watch more on, connect more on and tweet more @vanessagobes.
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The Beauty of Silence, Meditation and Donuts

There’s nothing like a donut to bring two people together. I brought my truck in for a long overdue oil change yesterday.  My five year-old son came with me and we decided the one hour wait would be a perfect opportunity to visit the donut shop next door.  We hustled in from the cold and […]

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Managing the Chill Mindfully

Close that door, it’s freezing out! has been the most often heard command in my house this week.  It has edged out, No candy canes before dinner!, Don’t throw ice at your sister!, and even the recurrent Put-on-your-snow-boots-we’re-gonna-be-late!!!!! Welcome to winter in New England – five plus months of chattering teeth and cracked lips, drippy […]

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Empower Your Kids for #GivingTuesday

It’s a quiet evening in the Gobes household.  The autumn sun sets early as the rich aroma of Barefoot Contessa’s boeuf bourguignon peaks our appetites.  With a click of the mouse, my cozy, quiet, comfort-food kitchen is suddenly infused with emotion as my family quickly transitions from hunger to contemplation to tears to determination to […]

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Babies and Spoons: How I Was Coerced into the Talk by my Kids

I had the talk with my little ones today. The conversation caught me off guard as we sat together on the couch playing Spoons, sharing a bowl of Pirate’s Booty. As the yellow puffs started running low, my youngest daughter, glancing sideways at my son, said, “Mommy, we should get more Pirate’s Booty than him because we’re […]

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Peace Matters: A Mother Responds to the Call for Action Against Syria

As I pull my truck up to the local harbor beach, loaded with sunscreened kids, oversized striped towels and inner tubes, John Kerry’s voice breaks in over my radio, tuned into NHPR. “This crime against conscience, this crime against humanity, this crime against the most fundamental principles of international community, against the norm of the […]

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How to Survive Tickle Torture Like a Yogi

This summer the ever-expanding internet has been saturated with self-help titles. This year’s ubiquitous How-to columns are last year’s Call Me Maybe. 5 Ways to Know You Have a Sunburn, How to Match Your Socks to Your Underpants, The Best Way to Break Your Andy Cohen Habit. I admit, I’ve cast out a few How-tos of […]

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This One Goes Out to all the “Nobodies”

I’m a house frau.  I live a relatively ordinary suburban life in New England.  Technically speaking, I’m a nobody.  My name has never been in lights, I have about 14 Twitter followers, I have a moderate talent for writing.  But I do have something that makes me very special.  God lives inside of me.  Yep.  […]

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Toeing the “Blurred Lines” between Naughty and Natural

As the title of this post may imply, I’ve got Robin Thicke’s summer sizzler “Blurred Lines” on my mind today. On a website like that features subjects like tempeh recipes and chakra meditations, this might leave you questioning my relativity here. But ride out this thought with me for a minute. Typically, the only […]

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5 Tips To Survive Summer Vacation With Wild Kids

There’s a picture of my sister in our family album that has inspired a family idiom: the purple kitty face. In the photo, my sis is standing in our driveway on a summer day wearing light blue undies and holding a tiny black kitten, scooped from a litter of mates produced by our ginger cat, […]

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Why Kate Middleton’s Natural Childbirth Should Inspire Us All

Kate had natural childbirth! Kate had natural childbirth! Kate had natural childbirth! I’m not sure how reliable the reporting on Access Hollywood is, but I flipped on the TV last night to get the latest royal baby update and heard that Kate had natural childbirth. After a Google search I quickly learned that Princess Kate […]

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