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Are Juice Cleanses Healthy? Why Some Wellness Experts Worry

We won’t beat around the guava bush: Juice cleanses are crazy hot right now. But are they really as good for us and our over-worked digestive tracts as they sound? Or is it a tad more complicated than that? We asked a handful of New York City wellness experts to weigh in. The Nutritionists “Most […]

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Chia Seeds Take Over the World!

We’re declaring it: Chia seeds are the new avocado. The formerly obscure seeds beloved by ancient civilizations are now a superfood staple of modern urbanities. Lauded for their omega 3s, fiber, and protein, chia seeds are fast becoming a culinary darling among healthy types. Warning: If you haven’t been offered a chia smoothie yet, your […]

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5 Stress-Reducing Foods You Should Add to Your Diet

Eating lunch at your desk every day will stress you out, but what you’re shoveling into your mouth also plays a role. And stress is more damaging than you’d think when it comes to weight maintenance and loss, says James Duigan, Elle Macpherson’s personal trainer and author of the newly revised and updated book, The […]

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Green juice vs. green powder: How they really compare

“Eat more greens” used to be a simple directive, but these days, there are lots of ways to get your daily dose of kale. When we tapped our virtual Rolodex of nutritionists to ask them which is best, they all joined in a resounding chorus of “Eat them whole!” We know, we know. But everyone has […]

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How to Grill Greens: A Top Chef Explains

For most people, heating up coals for grass-fed burgers or salmon steaks this time of year is a no-brainer, but not many think to cook their greens on the grill. Galen Zamarra, chef and owner of the acclaimed Mas Farmhouse, thinks you should. At Mas’ younger-sister restaurant, Mas La Grillade, Zamarra literally cooks everything—from tuna to ramps to […]

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6 things you need to know about BRCA mutations

BRCA mutations are having a moment, thanks to Angelina Jolie’s public announcement of both her BRCA1 positive status and her decision to undergo a preventative mastectomy in the New York Times this week. And while disease awareness is super important, celeb buzz can also lead to hype and misinterpretation. “I just think that what people have to keep in mind […]

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The Journey of Alan Finger, a Yoga Master’s Master

Alan Finger is a yoga legend, who’s on his second honorary title. First Yogiraj (meaning “master”) and now, about 50 years into teaching, he’s acquired another that comes with passing on teachings to a new group of yogic masters: Kavi Yogiraj. While “Kavi” confers a new level of seniority, it also means “wandering,” which couldn’t […]

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Getting Spiritually Naked with Meggan Watterson

Should a soul-searching pilgrimage to Bali or a few Divinity School degrees to find your spiritual self be out of the question, no worries. Harvard-trained theologian, Meggan Watterson, did both. The 30-something New Yorker spent two decades studying holy texts, searching for the spiritual voices of women. The results are in her new book, Reveal: A Sacred Manual […]

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5 Keys to Healthy Grocery Shopping

Wandering wide-eyed up and down every aisle at Fairway is not an efficient food shopping strategy; nor does it inspire healthy choices. But that’s what Melissa Lanz was doing before she realized it was time to overhaul her approach to making healthy, fresh meals for her family, starting with how she approached the grocery store. […]

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Do you have a “leaky gut”?

“Leaky gut” is probably not the sexiest term you’ve heard this week, but it’s steadily becoming a buzz word among leading physicians—like Frank Lipman and Mark Hyman—on the alternative and functional medicine scene. Why? The physicians credit the phenomenon with being one cause of a host of chronic health problems, from digestive issues and acne to autoimmune […]

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