Backward Beauty: Tips and tricks from the around the web

It’s a fact. We’re suckers for unique and bizarre alternatives to mainstream health and beauty. Check out these recent articles from our favorite sites and learn some easy, DIY tricks to feeling fit, vibrant, and beautiful. The moral of the story: kiss more, keep bananas on hand, and treat yourself to no less than an hour massage a week. No complaints here!

Moisturize your lips…with butter?

10 Beauty Tricks to Try when You’re Traveling (Yahoo Shine)

Reduce wrinkles…by kissing.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kissing (MindBodyGreen)

Whiten your teeth, treat a bug bite, and feed your dog with this fruity goodness.

15 Surprising Uses for Bananas (Care2)

Stand up, and live longer.

Sitting At Your Desk Is Taking Years Off Your Life (The Grindstone)

And, as if you needed an excuse to kick back with a bottle of massage oil…

How One Hour Can Have a Huge Impact on your Health (Elephant Journal)


photo by: Suus Wansink