Bandhas & Breath: 5 Ways to Access Your Inner Strength

For Web (9)You’ve probably heard your yoga teacher instruct you to engage mula bandha in certain poses. How to do this correctly can be a difficult concept to grasp.

Bandhas are interior locks that, when engaged, can provide a container for our energy and allow us to tap into an internal, consistent power.

Here’s five articles all related to inner strength, accessed through Bandhas and the Breath. If these are not already a part of your yoga practice, try choosing one to focus on at your next class and see the difference it makes.

Learn how to tap into the unique qualities of Mula Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha, Jalandhara Bandha, and Maha Bandha.

Bandhas for Beginners (MindBodyGreen)

Learning to engage the bandhas is very similar to the concept behind Kegel exercises. These are not just for pregnant women. Mindfully learning how to strengthen the sex muscles, both male and female, can improve arousal, blood flow to the pelvic region, bladder control, strength of orgasm, erections, and the health of internal organs.

The Yoga of Sex Muscles (Huffington Post)

Many of us think of our core as our abs. This is partially true, but our core is much deeper than the outer stomach muscles. Learning how to truly strengthen our core can help protect our back, in addition to revealing deeper layers of our being.

Myth & Realities About the Core (Elephant Journal)

Engaging bandhas and our core does not mean holding our breath. It can be difficult to do one without the other because tightening our muscles often makes us hold our breath. Learning how to breathe freely while engaged muscularly is a powerful practice.

Stop Holding Your Breath (Care2)

The breath is at the core of our existence. Listening to it reminds us of both our fragility and fullness as human beings. It has the power to calm, inspire, and strengthen. It is our life force, quite literally, and tuning into it frequently can reinvigorate us like nothing else.

Reset Your Day with Conscious Breathing (Positively Positive)