Best Of The Week: Better Skin

How well do you take care of your skin? What does your skin say about your health? Check out our exclusive content from our Intent Voice community on tips to become that dewy radiant creature with the ultimate beauty secret: great health and great self-care!

What Is Under Your Beautiful Skin? By Eva Barash

The outermost layer of our onion is the Annamaya Kosha, or physical self.  This is the layer we hydrate, stretch, strengthen, and worry about.  The Annamaya Kosha is what at first glance, makes us very unique.

Relax Your Way To Better Skin, Hair and Nails By Kirsten Harrell

In addition to the above stress symptoms, the American Academy of Dermatology’s SKIN academy explains that stress can also cause problems with the hair, skin, and nails.  Dermatologists believe that stress is the number one reason for unexplained hair loss.

11 Tips: How To Have Great Skin By Debbie Mandel

Skin care is inside out. It is crucial to reduce the inflammatory response. Simply put: Stress ages and depletes vitality. Instead of radiating happiness and positivism, you appear negative as you secrete toxins.

Work Your Face: The Best Facial Muscle Exercises For Your Face To Stay Looking Young By Yumi Sakugawa

As facial skin and muscles lose elasticity and start sagging over time, regularly exercising our facial muscles ensure that they will stay firm, support the skin on our face against gravity and have good circulation so that we can decrease wrinkles and droopiness in old age.

The How To’s And ABC’s Of Beautiful Skin By Janice Taylor

Vitamin A helps to even out skin tone, diminish fine lines and may help to make skin more elastic. Good sources are: egg yolks, milk and dairy products, fish oil.

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