Best of the Week: Tips for your Mind, Body & Soul

Hello all my intent friends,

Hope you had a rocking week, all of us here at intent definitely did and once again I am here to share with you our favorites.

Let’s face it, we could all use some help with the way we are. We (well most of us) try hard to be good citizens, parents and friends but it is not always the easiest. That is why I really appreciated the following pieces. Having trouble trying to apologize for something? Or need help trying to clean your family’s vocab or just shake off a bad mood?

Is the economy affecting your health? I don’t know about you but I have definitely chosen McDonalds over something healthy just because, well, who can beat the dollar value menu. But I need to make a conscious decision and not let the economy clog my arteries.

I defintiely got some great laughs this week

And as always there are those who are on top of what is happening around us

Ever wonder what type of a "fish" you are at work? Check out this great quiz Are you a Fearless Fish or a Jellyfish? by Robin Fisher Roffer. I am ofcourse a Holy Mackerel!

That is it my friends for the week. Hope you all have a lovely and relaxing weekend. But before I bid adieu…if you liked the Intent Learning Series you will most definitely love the new Life Force Diet we are doing starting monday. Want to lose weight, look younger, improve your memory or boost your immune system? The Life Force Diet can help you achieve your intention.

And I also want to see photos in all your blogs πŸ™‚

xoxo, Eden



  1. Hey guys and Im not trying to rabble rouse or be nasty eh…my comments sometimes as blunt as they are always my attempt to be constructive.

    Greg is my bro and we share in the Eucharist that is the Christ his blog brought tears to my eyes…and I shared it with added on music on my Universal Collective Prayer…but in all fairness So for sure it was topical and I was glad to see it on the front page appear…

    However shouldnt a post on Maha Shiv Ratri have be seen as topical by the Intent Editor too then if that was the criteria? I say this not cause I wrote it…btw Vashi did a prayer thing for it too. But let's be fair there are lots of people on Intent who are Hinducentric at the least and or Indian etc …in general people who celebrate that festival too….You guys in the past were embracing of Diwali and you should have done the same with the festival of the night of Shiv is all I say…regardless of if I wrote it…but the post that I did write was well received by the community at large anyway…I always take part in Universal Collective Prayer as Intent might know I celebrated Christmas in a big way by sharing my Advent calendar on here…so just to say the dance of Shiv and Maha Shiv Ratri should have been seen as topical by the Intent editor and marked in some way…my blog or either which way you please but in some way…what you say?

  2. And on the positive I think many of us on the community that have hung around are really liking what we are seeing taking shape now! While I was walking my 12,000 steps for today I was thinking how lovely for Mallika and they to have intent that I could have shared that and have it supported! πŸ™‚ Thanks for that! And in my walks the idea came to me you guys can also put something to show all the countries people come from on here….then we will really be dancing the dance that is Universal Collective Prayer and putting it on display! πŸ™‚

  3. Hi

    We have some exercise experts members on intent here.

    Along with intent learning series 'Life Force Diet', if a series is started for teaching "free hand exercise" without the use of any instruments would be a boon to intent members, as healthy body is the first requirement of human being.

    For eg. this… by Kathy Kaehler or… by Jennifer Cassetty

    Without healthy body, INTENT is not possible. Healthy body is must for pure bliss, love, peace, meditation.

    And also want more videos of Deepak on Aging like this

    Fit, healthy body, healthy INTENT, healthy MEDITATION, healthy bliss, Healthy Love

    Healthy Rajesh……….

  4. this is helpful. I missed some of these posts the first time around. The 5 Tips to stay healthy looks really good and I've liked David R's posts in the past–what a humorist!

  5. Care, there is no prize my friend only love πŸ™‚

    Ruchira, I most definitely look there for ideas on what was good πŸ™‚ ….how was the quiz?

    Babita, your comments are always more than welcome my friend. If even you need to sound off – I apologize if I miss anything

    Rajesh, thanks for posting other great ones in the comments. If ever I miss any please post them here

    Balanchine, I'm glad someone liked it πŸ™‚

  6. Cool Eden glad to make your acquaintance….I really rarely ever get mad….I just openly say things but never with mal Intent! πŸ™‚ I know nothing was done on purpose…but I was a bit shy since I felt I may have said something I should not when I commented on the pics used…I felt kinda bad given that I normally always say when I like the pics too! So…but I decided to let it go and dance on…I'm rarely mad mostly dancing! πŸ™‚

    And just as Kermit the frog said it's not easy being green…I'm sure it's not easy being the Editor…

  7. Well Eden glad that some one looks them at that way! Would you also recommend a way of keeping a tab on the posts and threads one wants to follow? Cos I keep commenting on some posts and then I miss them altogether as only the most popular and commented ones get displayed on the right hand side pane πŸ™ For example I missed this thread only to search and find out that I have commented on it and you have replied… wonder if the notifications don't work….. Well soemtimes I see a post and think to myself that I should read it sometime and then when I fnd the time – I just can't find the post – hope something could be done to mark the posts by the users to follow up and read – I'm sure it will incease ther readership. The quiz was good – looks like you are not the only Mackerel around – But its a bit too predictable I'd say.

  8. Ruchira — we actually have notifications for when people reply to comments. Make sure you have the "notify me: for all comments on this post" and that your emails dont go to spam and everytime someone comments after you it will email you