Be Better Today Than Yesterday

better-than-yesterdayWe don’t have to change the world today. We don’t even have to invent the next great product today. All we need to do is be just a bit better today than we were yesterday. Because greatness happens in the commitment to learning, improving, growing – in being better – in showing up more significantly to our lives and our world today than yesterday.

My daily intention is to show up bigger, happier, stronger and better today than yesterday. A forward movement each day, allows me to constantly get better and enjoy the process at the same time. After all, life isn’t a dash – a race or a sprint to get to an end. It is rather, a meandering path – a journey – where the value is the journey, not the destination.

To be better each day requires that:

  1. We show up present to our moments. In these moments are information about both our world and us. As we become a greater part of the moments of our lives, we start to enjoy life – a life we completely ignored as we rushed from thing to place to person. And in those same moments, we learn about ourselves – what we are good at, passionate about and what matters to us. We start to discover and connect with our inner hidden self – hidden by the lack of attention and awareness. This moment has everything we need to know how to respond to the next moment – more aware, more authentic, more courageous – better. To gather its wisdom, we have to intend to show up to it.
  2. We tune in to our world’s needs, challenges and opportunities. My personal perspective is that we are each different and unique on purpose – so that our world has all of the wisdom, abilities and resources to successfully handle whatever it needs. As we discover our unique abilities by being more present, we now can look at our world in a more focused way to assess how we can bring our best to the situations that need our best. We can make things better. It may be in how we parent, how we teach, how we connect in the workplace, how we start to solve a local, national or international problem, how we inform others about health, safety or spirit – the list is endless. We tune into the world differently, searching for ways to bring our best selves to it to make it better.
  3.  We allow others the ability to be better. So many times our judgments about others stop them from achieving their focus of being better. Our comments, perspectives and opinions shut people down and divert them from their paths of greatness and awareness. To live wisely and well, we each need the ability to know ourselves and be ourselves; it therefore follows that we all must then allow others to do the same – to know and be themselves. By showing up as their true selves, not only do they then have the ability to be better, but they have the ability of bringing what makes them better to all of us. We all get better. I love how that works – by each of us getting better, we make “better” the way forward. This is how we transform our world, each day a little better than the day before.

So how do we focus on being better? Know yourself. Be yourself. Let others be themselves. This allows what is best in us to come forward. Be better each day. Small incremental improvements create great results over time.

How do you want to show up in 2014? My intention is to always be just a bit better.

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