Big stuff going on at the mo~

Lots going on this week, in one fashion or another.  My youngest daughter is going into the hospital tonight at midnight, to have her labor induced.  Now, to be quite frank she’s not completely due yet, but as doctors will they want this scheduled on their terms, no surprises.  We know it’s a little girl, and this will be granddaughter number 2…the other 4 are little testosterone bundles, lol.

I’m excited, and if anyone knew Lacie the way I do and how much change she’s incorporated into her life, well it’s nothing short of miraculous.  I’m just praying that the changes she’s made are the reasons imprinted on her soul~that they aren’t temporary.  She now has a good husband, her children are just blooming, and I support her in every way I can…without bringing up the past out of fear.  We talk about it, but there is no blame, and she knows that.  She knows there is pain, scarring, and some longterm damage…but sometimes you get that, and you just have to keep moving forward.  That’s what she and I have done~and she now understands that anything I did where the kids were concerned before, was not against her, but for them

So, I’m tired, awaiting the birth of my 6th grandchild, and am terribly afraid I’m coming down with something.  I’m willing myself with everything in my soul to remain healthy.

Just riding it out, lol.