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The BP Oil Crisis, one of the worst environmental disasters in recent history, is unfolding right before our eyes along the Gulf coast with no end in sight. Check out the following resources below from our Intent community to inform yourself and get inspired to take immediate action.

Educate Yourself:

What Happened On The BP Oil Rig? By Rex Weyler

Resources To Help: 

One Month After the Oil Spill, It’s Time To Act By James Boyce

Eight Actions For The Gulf and Beyond By Deepak Chopra

Six Simple Ways To Help the BP Oil Spill By Marissa Ross

7 Organizations You Can Financially Support Right Now To Help the Gulf Coast Recover From the BP Oil Crisis By Yumi Sakugawa

How You Can Volunteer To Clean Up The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill By

Rethinking the Way We View the World: 

How Can We Help The People Affected By The Current Disaster On The Gulf? By Deepak Chpra

Planetary Wellness: A New Consciousness By Deepak Chopra

VIDEO: BP and the Girl Scout Law By Dr. Susan Corso

The Inner and Outer of the Gulf Oil Deluge: Questions and a Prayer By James O’Dea

Protect What You Love: Re-Define Your Health, Tend To Your Planet By Jonathan Ellerby

BP Oil Spill and the Future of the Gulf By Alexia Parks

The BP Oil Crisis: Business Leadership In A Crisis By Taz Tagore

Reducing Our Oil Consumption and Carbon Footprint:

A Few Easy Things To Reduce Our Oil Consumption! By Joe Clark

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint By

Intent 101: Help Heal the Planet By


  1. Seek out Ecosphere Technology. They have the technology to separate water from gas w/o chemicals. They can clean large quantities of water. Contact Troy Aikman, Bledsoe, or Cousteau. They have already been interviewedby CNBC and FOX. They have been featured in the Wall Street Journal. This technology has proved itself in OK and AR. They have 26 machines ready to go.

    They speak with BP but have received no answers. They can set up this technology w/i 72 hours. Just Google them.

  2. The Gulf of Mexico oil spill has caused quite a few controversies and this new decision is probably going to cause more. The drilling moratorium that was put into location was overturned by a judge. In a nutshell, offshore drilling will continue regardless of this accident. You will find many off shore drilling projects which were already within the works that were pulled when this spill happened, they can be able to continue work. Because oil is offshore, the drilling will continue; and this BP incident is an accident that will not actually stop drilling offshore. Oil tycoons are to wealthy to stop from eventually getting the oil they really want; in the end they don't need money advances to expand their projects. I think that the workers of this deep water drilling will put themselves to risks.So before they work, I think that they should first ask their bosses if they are liable to them if ever something bad happens.

  3. Thank you for compiling the best available solutions for helping heal the oil crisis! This is Heavenly work!