Breath is Life: A Message from Mallika Chopra

Breath is life. Breathing is fundamental activity of all existence, and a basic human right.

Yet, “I can’t breathe” are the words igniting protest across the country. George Floyd, like Eric Garner before him, was suffocated by police officers while pleading for the right to take a breath.

I teach people every day how to use breath to pause, reflect and find connection. But, even breath has been weaponized. 

The murder of George Floyd has become a rallying cry for action, expression and standing in solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters. In the aftermath of the unlawful deaths of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, we are reminded yet again of the systemic racism of our country.

I invite you, right now, to take a deep breath and connect with your sense of life and justice.

Breathe in.


Breathe out.

Connect right now to the power of that one deep breath. 

And what it means to have that taken away from you.

I ask you today to think about what you can actively do to use your voice, your resources, and your heart to make a difference in our country that is angry, frustrated, and grieving.  Recognize that social justice mandates how we look at health care, education, financial resources and access, jobs, housing, food, water, gerrymandering and so many other issues. Racism is a public health issue.

If it all seems too much, pause, and set the intention to help. 

Choose one area to research, take one step at a time. But commit to taking action.

Here are some links to resources that my daughters, family and friends are tapping into as we listen, educate, donate, and take action.

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