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Is Your Life A Super Highway or a Garden Path?

So many of us feel like our lives are a race – a dash. We are sprinting through the events of our lives to get them “all done.” We have amazing to-do lists; we are compelled to achieve and accomplish; society says this is how we get ahead. We pride ourselves on being so productive. […]

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The Power Of The Positive Flow

When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me Speaking words of wisdom, let it be And in my hour of darkness She is standing right in front of me Speaking words of wisdom, let it be Let it be, let it be Let it be, let it be Whisper words […]

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malaysia airline 370

Malaysia Airlines 370 And The Unknown In A Known World

Over a week ago, Malaysia Airlines 370 disappeared, leaving more almost three hundred people presumed dead and families and friends in an unimaginable limbo. How could this happen, in this day and age, the pundits and t.v. talking heads exclaim and wonder. How could this happen and a plane simply disappear? “It just doesn’t make […]

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Be Present in a World of Constant Connection

The bus from Yangon to Mandalay was packed and I was the only foreigner on it. As such, I was given a seat up front, among the monks dressed in their dark orange robes. Slowly we made our way north on the toll way. In Myanmar, there aren’t any radio stations or satellite radio to […]

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How to Live with Questions Instead of Hunting for Answers

I am a child of the West. More specifically, I am a child of the United States and the mentality of answering a question is deeply-ingrained in me. I often think back to when I was in school, third or fourth grade and the teacher asked a question. I can still see the class, all […]

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From 30 Days of Okay

I was 24 when I had my first panic attack. I seriously had no idea what was happening. I was driving a car and I was fresh from a situation where I felt like there was no escape. Before I knew it, I was pulled over on the side of the road, crying and trying to catch […]

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family tv apps

Does Family Time Stand a Chance Against TV apps?

By Alexis Caffrey Not long ago, programing schedules tethered us to our televisions. You’d leave a dinner party early to catch Grey’s Anatomy. Wake up early to watch Wimbledon. Sneak out during the sermon to watch a Seattle Seahawks game. The advent of TV apps – the mobile-living answer to the VHS video tape and […]

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From Time to follow through

You buy a brand new television and keep it in the box in your garage. You buy plane tickets for a vacation to Bali and then never pack or go to the airport. You get engaged and then married to a person you don’t even really like. If you did any of those things, my […]

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Empower Your New Year’s Intents

The New Year is an inspiring time for fresh starts and envisioning a happy, healthy, and productive year ahead. From this springs many well-intentioned resolutions that often involve eating habits and exercise routines.  I see no problem with this, except that these ideas often come from feelings of lack and guilt about how the previous […]

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Juggling Glass and Wood: How to Prioritize Your Life

My father likes to explain life using a juggling metaphor. “Life is all about juggling glass and wooden balls. Sometimes you can’t keep all of them in the air. The trick to being successful is that if you have to drop any balls, make sure they are the wooden ones.” If a wooden ball drops […]

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