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Discovering God and Belief in the Wake of a Storm

Ever feel like you’ve lost track of yourself? Like work has taken over? Me too. As great as the last few years have been getting published and getting out there, there’s also been the growing sense of, “Damn –  where’s my vision?” So, after giving a workshop with Betsy Chasse (author Tipping Sacred Cows) in Sedona, […]

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Michelle King Robson

One World: Michelle King Robson and EmpowHER

After being given an unnecessary hysterectomy at the age of 42, Michelle King Robson saw a dramatic shift in her health. She went into menopause overnight, gained weight, experienced hot flashes, joint pain and memory loss. “I got so sick that I didn’t want to live anymore,” she recalls of the experience.  Her struggles with […]

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Tipping The Ultimate Sacred Cow

It seems at every turn, every careful step I take in this pasture of life I find a sacred cow. Sacred cows about love, sacred cows about spirituality, sacred cows about the world I live in and sometimes they tip easily and sometimes…well have you ever tried to tip a sacred cow, geez!  Some of […]

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From Permission

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” -Eleanor Roosevelt, This is My Story You have to sign a waiver if you are going to have surgery. You have to sign a waiver if you want to bungee jump or sky dive or get a tattoo. You have to consent (in this country) […]

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Better Than Before: A Hypochondriac Discovers von Willebrand Disease

The worst thing you can tell a hypochondriac such as myself, is that there is another illness out there waiting to be experienced. Case in point: The little-known bleeding disorder, von Willebrand Disease (vWD). While it sounds like something you can only catch from effete German aristocrats, it is, in fact, named after Erik Adolf […]

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Finding ‘True Refuge’ in the Face of Loss and Ego

Kim, Seoku Jong, the reporter for the Kyungyang Shinmun, one of Korea’s major daily newspapers, recently interviewed me about my book True Refuge, which is now available in Korean. Since most of my readers won’t be able to read the article in Korean, I wanted to share the interview with you hear. KSJ: How are you doing? […]

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Don’t Date Anyone Right Now.

I’m in a generation of people who are getting married later and later. We have careers to think about. We have money to amass. We have ourselves to find. I am not arguing those are legitimate reasons. I say there are bigger reasons not to date anyone for a season and they aren’t always the […]

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A Lesson in Resilience

One of my brothers still lives on Cape Cod, the place where my 5 siblings and I grew up. This is noteworthy for two reasons – first, he is a scenic photographer – he captures amazing shots of nature; second, Cape Cod and New England has had snowstorm after snowstorm this winter. This has created […]

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Snow Problems: Suggestions for Surviving This Wicked Winter

I live in New York City which has been smacked with the worst winter in over three decades. However, if you reside in one of the few areas left that hasn’t been hit with record cold or sleet and snow –yes, I’m talking about you L.A. and Honolulu — no need to read any further. Then […]

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7 Pieces for Peace on Valentine’s Day

Love: As much joy that this word promises, it also comes with its share of pain too. Love isn’t created to give any sort of troubles though. However, our attitude toward love has created a lot of havoc. Here are my 7 norm breaking tips on making peace with love on this Valentine’s Day. 1. […]

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