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Sign Language Comes to African Communities

There’s an old adage that talks about how it’s easy to complain about your life until you come across someone who has an obstacle to overcome that you’d never even considered. Those stories add perspective to our own.

This was the case for many upon hearing Patrick’s story. In the US, kids Patrick’s age are becoming more and more independent, making plans, going to parties and getting learner’s permits, dreaming of the future. However, growing up deaf in Sub Saharan Africa, Patrick has never even had a conversation.
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The Overflow: Mentoring and Being Mentored


I live in Los Angeles, California.

It is one of the most populated cities in the US and at the same time, it’s common to hear how lonely it can get. So many people and yet you still feel like a ghost.

Los Angeles isn’t the only place prone to making us feel like singular units. Maybe it’s this era that we live in. We have so much simulated connectivity through social media and email that it’s easy to assume we’re engaging with humans when in actuality all those things happen in the midst of our schedules and timelines. So what options are there to keep from being an island unto ourselves?

Something I believe in wholeheartedly is that we should both be being poured into and that we should be pouring out. Think of it in a three-part structure:

-There are mentors who pour into us. Ideally this includes people you can actually reach out and contact. Look for people a little further down the road you’re on, meaning they might be a mom with older kids than your own, or they might be someone in upper level management within your career field. They are the people who have wisdom to share about the direction you’re headed. That being the case, you can also be mentored by people you don’t know. Some of the best advice I’ve received came from blogs, podcasts and books of people I respect like Seth Godin or Bob Goff. You might never meet them in real life but you also don’t have to wait for permission to learn from them.

-There are contemporaries who are on this road with us. Look for people who are in your same place whether that’s age-wise or stage-wise. Is there a writer’s group you can join? A mommy group? A business breakfast? Look for opportunities where you can intentionally mingle with some people who can speak into your life from the same angle. It’s a way that you can gauge whether your experiences are actually as unusual as you think they are (they normally aren’t).

-There are mentees who we pour into. In the same way that we are seeking people to pour into us, there are people who are just getting started down the path we’re on. They’re looking for someone just a little ahead of them and there’s a good chance you are that person. So don’t forget to be aware of people who may be seeking you out. At a certain point sponges get so full that they stop being able to absorb water and in the same way, it is good for us humans to be wringing out some of what we’ve collected. I’m not meaning that you assume every person wants your sage-like advice. Just know that you are not the end of the road on the information train. Keep an eye out for who’s behind you. Who is new at your office? Maybe it’s a younger sibling, niece or nephew.

The idea is that in the overflow of your life, things start to make sense. It is in this cascade model that we get the chance to see just how much life is coming and going from us. When we’re alone, we get this feeling of stagnation. What are we here for? What is the purpose of me? But when you are actively seeking mentors, when you are active in mentoring, you are part of a flow, a rhythm. It combats the lie that you are by yourself. It gives you a starting place to develop relationships. It reminds you that not every person is meant to be a part of your life and that’s totally normal and okay.

So who are they?
Who are your mentors?
Who are your contemporaries?
Who are you mentoring?

Barbie gets a more human makeover

A lot of our ideas for what “pretty” is gets determined on the pages of magazines and the screens of our televisions. For little girls, even the dolls we play with say something about waistlines, eye shadow and super cool ponytails. However lots of things are changing for the better! Dove ads have revealed the beauty of everyday women. Clothing lines like Calvin Klein and H&M are featuring models long considered plus size (translation: sizes 6-10) in their campaigns. Now, even Barbie is getting a makeover. Continue reading

Father’s moments with his newborn son

There’s a chance you’ve already been rocked by this video of brand new father Chris Picco singing the Beatles’ famous “Blackbird” to his son Lennon James Picco from the side of his incubator. For a few days, it was just father and son after mother, Ashley Picco, passed away in her sleep following an emergency C-section. Continue reading

An Intentional Q&A with Tara Stiles

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 11.18.05 AM

Yesterday we got to share about the brand new book from Strala Yoga creator Tara Stiles, “Make Your Own Rules Diet”.  Today, she’s sharing her fears, must-haves and techniques for keeping up with intentions in a Q&A with our community. Check it out:

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Make Your Own Rules Diet and Giveaway

We’re entering the holiday season where we’ll be sitting down to meal after meal with family and friends. In preparation, we shared about the 21 Day Meditation Challenge to help get your head and heart ready. We also have something that will help get your body ready!

We at have long been big fans of Tara Stiles and all she does for fitness and healthy living. Now, we’re excited to share about her new book “Make Your Own Rules Diet”.

MakeYourOwnRules Tara Stiles


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