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Three Benefits to Manage Stress: Better Health, Rejuvenation & Weight Loss

By Louisa Graves Excerpted from ‘AGE-PROOF: Beauty Alternatives You Need to Know’ Our bodies respond to our thoughts and feelings. When we’re feeling down our bodies become tired and sometimes even sick. When we feel positive, our bodies are healthier; we become uplifted, more energized and enthusiastic about life. If you have a hectic lifestyle […]

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Listen to What Your Body is Telling You

As I progressed with my morning yoga and stretching routine this morning, ribs and clavicle sore from a fall nearly two weeks ago, it occurred to me how often the decisions our brain makes directly impact the well-being of our body. My sweet body had no say in my decision to step from one countertop […]

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Having Faith In Positive Energy

Most people can relate to having a strong desire, belief and yes, even faith, that something good was about to happen. This may have been a strong intuition that they were going to get that promotion, meet Mr. or Mrs. Right or even reconnect with someone after a misunderstanding that created a rift in the […]

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Wordplay Wednesday: Stop Beating Yourself Up

Stop beating yourself up. It serves nothing. Absolutely nothing. We all have things about ourselves that we want to change, or don’t like so much. However, beating yourself up in order to change actually has the opposite effect. Beating yourself up for not being loving enough or compassionate enough like the Dalai Lama. Beating yourself […]

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Finding the Cure for Chronic Disease

A question I am often asked is, “Where can I find a doctor like you—someone who practices Functional Medicine?” One in every two people in America has a chronic illness such as heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease, arthritis, depression, ADD, memory loss, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, migraines, allergies, asthma, or skin problems such as acne, […]

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Know Where Your Health Products Come From – The Beauty of Wakaya Island

At Intent we believe very firmly in knowing the source of the food you eat and the products you use in your wellness regimen. It’s almost impossible to avoid GMOs in the United States or to know exactly where your health products are coming from so it’s a relief when a health company is upfront […]

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Are You Sick and Tired? Maybe It’s Your Thyroid

If you feel cold and tired all the time, there’s a good chance your thyroid is to blame, because one out of five women and one out of ten men have thyroid problems. That’s 30 million women and 15 million men. And half of them suffer needlessly because their doctors completely miss the diagnosis or […]

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A Focus On The Positive Is Key To Success In Addiction Recovery

One of the best experiences I had in writing my book “The Law of Sobriety” was the opportunity to think back on the clients I have worked with throughout the years. By looking at many different cases I was able to clearly see patterns emerging that signaled either success in addiction recovery or a return […]

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From I Intend to Take on the Yoga Intent Challenge!

I need to confess that I’m a yoga beginner. I know a lot about gymnastics and tae kwon do. I know a lot about ballet and even a considerable amount about wrestling, but yoga- very little experience with the exception of an 1.5 hour long work-out DVD that made me wish I was dead. Since […]

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Soy: Is it Safe for Me? A Cautionary Tale for People and Planet

I came across an article this week, written by Barry Boyd, MD, a board certified oncologist and hematologist, that does an excellent job of summing up, once and for all, the myths and facts around soy as it relates to breast cancer.  Fortunately, I think we’ve finally gotten to a point in science that we can confidently […]

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