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From Inspiration is some of my favorite inspirations: people who are moving and shaking, trying and risking. They are experts at giving inspiration and receiving it. It’s Tuesday, you have most of the week ahead of you and maybe you’re needing a spark to make it through, so why not take a minute to share some of […]

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From Feeling infinite

This is one of my favorite little snippets from Garden State, a movie I first saw in college and have loved ever since. It’s about a guy who has spent his entire life medicated to the point of feeling nothingness who meets a girl who is the essence of aliveness. When she starts to feel […]

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Chelsea Roff

Intent Former Editor Chelsea Roff Gets “Best Shift Ever”

Good things happen to good people – that’s karmic belief. This week Intent’s former blog editor Chelsea Roff was the subject of’s “Prank it Forward” series where they surprise deserving individuals with life changing gifts. For those that don’t know, Chelsea left Intent last year to pursue creating her own non-profit organization that shows […]

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From A Work of Art

My friends and I used to have an Art Club. We would get together and work on crafts and eat snacks. As I typed that last sentence, I couldn’t imagine a get-together that sounded more girly, but alas, it was. Art Club is home to some of my fondest memories, but it was also a […]

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Meditate to Start the Day

I would’ve never been someone who meditated. It seemed to weird. To hippy. What is a hippy? I wouldn’t say I was even 100% sure what a hippy was but I didn’t think I wanted to be one. I like things to be orderly and intentional. Sitting on a mat and lighting incense was not […]

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From The Here and Now

As we sit on the heels of a global tragedy, an airplane willed with passengers who have friends and family they’ll never see again lost in the Indian Ocean, it’s hard not to face the fact that, with all the advancements of modern technology, we only have so much control over our lives. We only […]

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From Permission

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” -Eleanor Roosevelt, This is My Story You have to sign a waiver if you are going to have surgery. You have to sign a waiver if you want to bungee jump or sky dive or get a tattoo. You have to consent (in this country) […]

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From Living in the Abundance

I was going through intents this morning and stopped when I saw this one. “I intend to give from what I am abundant in.” I’d never asked myself what I was abundant in. Like so many people, I think about what I DON’T have. I don’t have a new car. I don’t have enough time […]

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syria war

Campaign Video Teaches Lessons in Empathy for War Torn Families

If you made a compilation video of one second of every day for a year, what would it look like? A campaign video to raise awareness of the political strife in Syria wanted to show you what it would look like for a child stuck in the middle of a war zone. It follows a […]

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A Taste of England: Yorkshire Pudding (Recipe)

My mom grew up in a small village 45 minutes south of London. Having a British mom has awarded me a lot of things in life that a lot of kids never get to have – true English Christmases, the ability to fake an accent better than anyone I know and getting the inside jokes […]

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