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Intent of the Day: Decide What We Will Stand For


In the light of all the breaking news and unrest in the world, we are all finding the opportunity to examine what matters to us. Last night at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, we were able to see what happens when an industry comes together to celebrate their work-related accomplishments and have a dialogue about how they will respond to current events happening in a world outside their industry.

What will you stand for? What will you and your peers unite to make better? Safer? Stronger? Right now, you may not realize the great power that is the willingness to have an open and patient conversation. You may not realize the bravery that is saying “this is important to me!” You may not understand just how much sacrifice it requires to make a change, but show up anyway. Our intent is to decide what we will stand for and we hope you will join us. Whether that is education, health, children, our environment, really an endless number of things could use your care at any given moment, we hope you will do so boldly and graciously!

Here are some of our favorite SAG speeches and encouragement to be unified, to be love and the be someone who calls out the greatness in others.  Continue reading

Intent of the Day: A Different Perspective


Do you call soft drinks soda? Pop? Coke? All different names to mean the same things but if you didn’t have a can right in front of you, you might not realize that you all had a commonality. Often times we focus on the differences in our words that even consider what we share and while that is a small example, we are finding more and more need to look for common ground, to listen and to hear than to shut down and divide.

Today our intent is to explore a different perspective. We want to stop seeing others and their differing opinions as wrong first, and instead consider how their actions are motivated. We want to be open and teachable. We want to be bridge builders instead of wall builders. We invite you to be the same. Here are 3 things to help you with your intent: Continue reading

Intent of the Day: Permission to Say No


If no one has ever told you before, you can say no.

You have a freedom, a right, and the ability to say no and say yes but that doesn’t always mean it’s natural to act on it. History, upbringing, natural inclinations, all of it can blend into an atmosphere where it can be easy to agree with others even when it is problematic or even harmful to you. We do know this- saying no doesn’t necessarily get easier without practice. It means the first several times may feel gut-wrenching but as it goes with any intent, finding purpose and joy on the other side of your practice can encourage you to move through the discomfort to a new habit. There is something amazing about knowing you have the freedom to say no and it begins with knowing that freedom exists. We intend to give ourselves permission to say no.

You too? Here are 3 things to help with the fear: Continue reading

Intent of the Day: Accept the Awesomeness


You are amazing. We know it. It shouldn’t be as hard as it is sometimes to celebrate the awesomeness that is us. But why shouldn’t we? Why shouldn’t you? If the world operated more from a place of knowing just how strong and powerful we are instead of seeing ourselves as broken and at a deficit, who knows what kind of goodness we could pass on! Our intent is to accept our awesomeness.

You too? Here are 3 things to help: Continue reading

Intent of the Day: Reflect and Reconnect


Did anyone else go home for the holiday and have the opportunity to dive head first into nostalgia? Revisiting old stomping grounds, coming across old yearbooks, bumping into old friends. When things are out of sight, it can be so easy to disconnect from parts of ourselves that existed in the past, good or bad. Just because something is in the past, does that mean it isn’t still you? What is the value of reconnecting with the past?

While we choose not to live there, the past is full of lessons and mile markers for the distance we’ve come. The past can be a light that shines on our victories and the hardships we’ve overcome. It can also hold sweet memories of friends, experiences and the brilliant, fearless ideas we had in days gone by. So today our intent is to reflect and reconnect with the past. Who were you then? Continue reading

Inauguration Day: An Intent to March

white house

Dear Friends,

My intent tomorrow, Jan 21, is to participate in the Women’s March in Los Angeles. I am so inspired by the travels of so many of my family and friends to Washington DC, as well as those who are marching in their cities and neighborhoods.
While I have been despondent about the turn of events in our political leadership, my two daughters, Tara and Leela, remind me every day that we need to #StandUp. It is a time to know our values and to find our voice. Our world, our children, our planet need our participation.

Continue reading

Intent of the Day: Seek Wise Guidance


Who would you call your best friend?
Who are your go-to’s when you have something tough to discuss? Since we’re no longer in grade school and since no one remembers what speed dial is anymore, perhaps it’s been a minute since you’ve had to consider who your trusted council would be.

Whether you’re 8 or 38, there is something cathartic about getting your tough questions off your chest and when you have wise sounding boards, you’re all the more likely to feel prepared to tackle them. So who are your people? Could you write down three names on a sheet of paper?

Our intent is to seek wise guidance, to find the people we trust to advise us and to be the kind of people who are willing to open up and give in the same way.

Sound scary? We have three things to help: Continue reading

Intent of the Day: Health Focus


Everything is demanding your focus.
Your job. Your family. Your personal goals.
Your finances. Your relationships. Your new business idea.
Not to give you one more thing to think about, but when was the last time you paused and thought about your own health? Until sci-fi movies catch up with reality, we only get one body to take care of and we don’t always treat it that way.

When was the last time you had a check-up? On a scale of 1-10 would you say your eating and health habits are more likely to build you up or tear you down?
We invite you to join us today in slowing down and letting our health be a focus.

You too? Here are 3 things to consider:  Continue reading

Intent of the Day: Believe in Better


It’s wild. 54 years since it’s original publication, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s words spoken in his famous “I Have A Dream” speech are not only reminders of a rocky past, but also a reminder not to repeat the same mistakes in the future. We wish that 54 years later, racism was a concept taught to our children only as a part of history, but they unfortunately learn about it from our headlines, from their own lives, from actions taking place in every country including this one.

Our intent today is to, like Dr. King Jr, believe in better. Our hope is that you will too and that your believe will spark you to action. Our hope is that you would believe in kindness and in gentleness, that you would believe in forgiveness and grace. Our hope is that you would believe in your fellow human, that you would see them as a whole person and that you would seek to lift others up rather than tear them down.

We have no better words to express our intent than the following: Continue reading

Intent of the Day: Enjoy the Moment


Where are you right now?
Right. This. Minute.
Where you are, for better or for worse, will only be here for a moment. The people walking past. The clocking ticking. The person sitting next to you. The wind blowing. This moment will never be able to be recreated exactly as it is and these moments happen all day every day, but how many do we stop and sit in?

So stop.
Right. This. Minute.
Just be in the moment.

Our intent? To enjoy the moment we’re in right now. If you need help, here are some wise words from wise people we respect about taking in the moment:

Forever is composed of nows.
-Emily Dickinson

Write it on your heart that
every day is the best day in the year.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let everything happen to you
Beauty and terror
Just keep going
No feeling is final
-Rainer Maria Rilke

Happiness, not in another place but this place…
not for another hour, but this hour.
-Walt Whitman

I don’t know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.
-Abraham Lincoln

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