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Get Active: 5 of the Best Cities in the US for Cycling

As time goes on, an increasing number of people have started leaving their cars in the garage and grabbing their bikes instead. As populations grow, streets become more crowded. Rising gas prices make driving in a car more expensive. Cabs can cost a fortune, and nobody enjoys riding the bus. That leaves a lot of people […]

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Josh Segel

One World: Josh Siegel on Maintaining Financial Community

As humans we are drawn to other humans. We find comfort and strength in bonding together to form close knit groups that keep in mind the interests of the entire group rather than focusing solely on the needs of any one individuals. We call these groups communities and we create them in nearly every aspect […]

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How to Overcome 7 Spiritual Blocks to Success

Everybody has a dream in their heart. They stem from our unique gifts which are part of our higher purpose here on this earth to share with the world. When the life we’re living is not in alignment with this calling, it can result in feeling less than happy and fulfilled. But, it’s not always […]

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How to Live with Questions Instead of Hunting for Answers

I am a child of the West. More specifically, I am a child of the United States and the mentality of answering a question is deeply-ingrained in me. I often think back to when I was in school, third or fourth grade and the teacher asked a question. I can still see the class, all […]

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Getting started, again

We started off the year with high hopes. We were going to find love! Start new jobs! Let go of old hurts! Now that it’s March, it’s time to do an evaluation. Are you any closer? Are you have the sort of realistic conversations with yourself that are going to stop you from repeating the same […]

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Kindness – It Does Your Body Good

I remember being told to be kind as a kid, primarily as it related to how I treated any of my five siblings. I was thinking about this again this week while watching how little kindness there seems to be in the news. Between political battles of ideology, fighting for land, arguing over resources and […]

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Best Friends Club

I am an adult with a Best Friends Club. You read that right. I remember being a kid and making a list of friends for my birthday. 20 people on the list? Man, I was popular. But I also remember asking my parents if they had 20 friends. I’d never seen them hang out with […]

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Carolyn Myss

Be a Guest on OWN’S “Help Desk” with Caroline Myss in San Francisco March 13!

(Click to enlarge image) PARTICIPATE IN AN “OWN” TELEVISION SERIES IN SAN FRANCISCO WITH CAROLINE MYSS!  READ APPLICATION PROCESS BELOW AND APPLY ASAP TO: WHAT:            The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), is seeking participants for the “Help Desk” series featuring Caroline Myss! WHEN:             March 13, 2014 WHERE:           San Francisco (specific location TBA) […]

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From Be On Your Own Team

I see a lot of intents everyday from people starting new adventures, new careers, new hobbies. It’s encouraging to be surrounded by such bravery. I also see so many people who are tackling the biggest battle of their lives thus far- the battle with themselves. Isn’t it funny how it offends us to see the innocent attacked […]

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Be Inspired to Make Intents in 2014

As the New Year arrives, many of us are apt to pronounce our New Year’s resolutions, be they in the privacy of our minds or promulgated near and far. Mallika Chopra’s December 11 post, Set Intents Not Resolutions For 2014, got me thinking.  She set a clear distinction between intents and resolutions. I took a […]

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