Friends, I finally hit the wall.

Dear Friends, I finally hit the wall. After months of quarantine, following all the Covid-19 rules, trying to stay responsible and positive for my kids, two weeks ago, I gave into the overwhelming, paralyzing grief of the people who have died and suffered due to this global…

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Kids Meditating – In and Out of Caves

Guest post by Mallika Chopra

As the world jubilantly celebrates the rescued soccer boys and their coach from the cave in Thailand, the power of meditation has emerged as a potential factor in maintaining their physical and emotional health. The story demonstrates how powerful meditation for caregivers (parents, teachers, coaches) and kids…

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Doing the Inner Work for the Outer Work in a Suffering World

For the last 3 weeks, I participated in an intensive program at Teachers College (Columbia University) for my Masters in Psychology and Spirituality. During 9-hour days, we immersed ourselves in an academic understanding of the inherent spirituality in children, and how spirituality relates to personal healing, education,…

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