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Reaching Out For Compassion

At a weekend workshop I led, one of the participants, Marian, shared her story about the shame and guilt that had tortured her. Marian’s daughter Christy, in recovery for alcoholism, had asked her mother to join her in therapy. As their sessions unfolded, Christy revealed that she’d been sexually abused throughout her teen years by […]

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How to Start a Meditation Practice

Have you always wanted to start meditating…but don’t know how? Or started a meditation practice and quickly fallen off the wagon? It takes a little instruction, but it’s simpler and easier than you may think. As yogis have known for centuries and scientists more recently discovered, the benefits of meditation are profound! Studies show, that […]

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Committing to Presence for the Sake of Love

 Jeff was convinced he’d fallen out of love with his wife, Arlene, and that nothing could salvage their twenty-six-year marriage. He wanted relief from the oppressiveness of feeling continually judged and found wanting. Arlene, for her part, was hurt and angry because she felt Jeff avoided any real communication or emotional intimacy. As a last-ditch […]

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Meditate to Start the Day

I would’ve never been someone who meditated. It seemed to weird. To hippy. What is a hippy? I wouldn’t say I was even 100% sure what a hippy was but I didn’t think I wanted to be one. I like things to be orderly and intentional. Sitting on a mat and lighting incense was not […]

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Deepak and Oprah Announce “Find Your Flow” 21-Day Meditation

Get ready – Deepak Chopra and Oprah are launching another 21-Day Meditation. “Find Your Flow” is designed to help you find your inner guide and transform your life. Registration for “Find Your Flow” is completely free and begins today (March 17) here. The meditation officially begins April 14 so make sure to sign up now […]

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Finding ‘True Refuge’ in the Face of Loss and Ego

Kim, Seoku Jong, the reporter for the Kyungyang Shinmun, one of Korea’s major daily newspapers, recently interviewed me about my book True Refuge, which is now available in Korean. Since most of my readers won’t be able to read the article in Korean, I wanted to share the interview with you hear. KSJ: How are you doing? […]

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From Get Happy!

I love that the sun is starting to stay a little longer every day. Is there still a polar vortex? Is that still happening? I think it’s safe to say everyone is over the polar vortex. We’re ready for the sun. It’s such a joy hanging out with the folks on because no matter […]

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From 30 Days of Okay

I was 24 when I had my first panic attack. I seriously had no idea what was happening. I was driving a car and I was fresh from a situation where I felt like there was no escape. Before I knew it, I was pulled over on the side of the road, crying and trying to catch […]

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The Power of Breath in Meditation and Fitness

I was nine years old when my father, Deepak Chopra, taught me to meditate. Meditation has become an invaluable tool in my life to help  me stay calm, centered, and focused since then. A vital part of meditation is breath. It is also an important aspect of yoga in wisdom traditions.  We know through sciences […]

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prayer and meditation

The Connection Between Prayer and Meditation

By Linda Lauren In my practice, many people seek my guidance on their spiritual progress.  They want to live more positively and many incorporate prayer into their daily routine.  A client came in the other day to discuss meditation.  Like many novice to the practice, she kept telling me that she simply didn’t have time for […]

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