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Mallika Chopra and 5 Leaders Living with Intent

You might be a mom, single person, grandparent, bank teller, or hermit and still have a hard time living with intent. We’re excited that founder Mallika Chopra decided to share her journey in Living in Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy. Over the course of her preparation, she was able to sit down with 5 leaders setting the bar when it comes to living a life of intent. Continue reading

Hey, Bono.



I’m not sure who is going to read this, but I do know one thing. It will get to the people who are meant to be called, slightly appalled and never stalled.

That’s you. And you know who you are, so I don’t need to go into great detail to describe you, to yourself, because you already have that description, prescription and inscription infused deeply in your DNA.

You get it, in other words.

This is important, because there is a message I am here to deliver. And it goes something like this.

Have you noticed that something has been a little different these days? I sure have. The TV is on, but the satellite signals are weak. It may be the result of long drives on an adventure that is just starting to take off. I can only see the first 100 feet in front me, at a time, but eventually the road will unfold to reveal millions of miles traveled when you turn around and look back.

But we are looking ahead right now. And I’m looking through you. Sorry. Back to business.

For a while now, it seems as though we have gotten completely off track, off mission, off brand and further trapped in the illusion of our own intentions.

And if you are anything like me (and for some reason, I really think you are more than you or I know) you might feel the same way.

You scratch. You think. You blink. You scratch.

You can’t quite figure it out, but there is something slightly off set, a little askew and very off beat, but in a good way, and you just can’t create the snapshot of sense in your head that will explain it.

I know. It’s OK.

You are glad that I said something. You weren’t sure if you were going crazy, or if everyone else are going crazy, but yes. I am here to tell you that you are correct in thinking that something is different, something is going on, and something is pushing you on, getting you there and you were just waiting for someone to make the first move.

Well, it is done. Isn’t that better? (You are welcome.)

I’m pretty sure that on this unusual day you find yourself alone, just you, and the me-niverse, face to face, vis-a-vis, and mano-a-machino, you are thinking what i’m thinking.

It is a good feeling.

The time is now. A time of awakening. A time of shaking and now finally a time of thought baking.

And we don’t need Bono to tell us what we already know. And here is the unmistakable, unforsake-able and un-breakable truth.

There is a light, that never goes out, and a signal of life, the true breath of God-force that swells, dives, drives and energizes through you like the power of every single light bulb in existence.

To say it another way. Anything is possible. You are not trapped.

Ah, yes. You know the feeling when you can jump from beyond yourself. You can’t shake this off, fake it, or justify it with the riddles of intellect that really just build bricks, in the wall between you and yourself.

Life and the universe are limitless, and that’s the truth that we don’t hear enough. And once you get this, you will be ready to make the next series of infinite moves, every 100 feet at a time.

Now you are getting it.

You can taste it. It is in the air. You and me, and a cast of billions of souls all looking for the same thing, all at once and all together now. We seek the one thing that we can’t quite finger, figure or forgive, but we know that it is the reason we are all here.

We fight a lot about right and wrong, up and down, in and out, who owns what, who lives where, who loves whom, but somehow, we have lost sight of the really big perplexing and perpetual point.

Why are we here? Maybe we are just here, en route to getting there.

Hmm…that’s changes everything doesn’t it.

There must be an answer to the question that is on everyone’s mind, and yet we have never collated the collective courage to ask, and fight back with a vengeance so viral, that even Bono would be impressed.

And, as you know, now is a good time. Yes, right now.

We used to need Bono to tell us this, in the same way we needed every other icon, mythical figure, divine deity or metaphorical mind to be a symbol of ourselves, or who we need to be and become. But, I think we got this now.

But let’s move on before we get lost in a sea of semantics.

Some of us call it the moment of truth.

I think that is a good way to describe this feeling of connection, true and real, bow and kneel, look and feel. It is an enlightening bolt that touches and torches you in places that you never knew existed, and lets you know that yes, there is something beyond you that calls the shots, and it is now finally calling out to you.

And then it goes away. As fast as it came. But that’s OK, now that you know, it will be back. But you need to know that you want this.

And you do. Want this. You got this.

You can take it from here.

Good Luck: Words of Wisdom on Being Lucky


Today is Saint Patrick’s Day! Named for a man who was brave and made the most of hard situations, the original Patrick was kidnapped by Gaelic raiders and found God in the years he spent on the Emerald isle. He was able to escape back to his home in Britain only to return to Ireland as an evangelist after becoming a priest.

Are you in a rock bottom moment? Maybe it’s an opportunity waiting to be realized, with out without a little luck! Here are some words of wisdom to bring a little extra shimmer to your Tuesday: Continue reading



I remember walking.

To the beat of my inner talking, and soul stalking. Every step is a detailed and ghostly psychic chalking of my past lifelines, present past-times and future fires.

Oh man. It was an intense time. Past tense. Future tense.

With every step, there was a kind of cleansing. Like walking on white hot coals of regrets. Brutal, but kind. The kind of intensity that happens only a few times in your life, like some greater power is trying to sell you on an old idea, that may be new to you. Who knew? Continue reading

Celebrating American History in Words

America is home to inventors, artists, scientists, activists, freedom fighters…
The list could go on forever and it is something we’re very proud of.
We’re celebrating today with words of wisdom from Americans who overcame amazing odds to make history that changed us all.

We are not makers of history.
We are made by history.
-Martin Luther King, Jr., Civil Rights Leader

I freed a thousand slave.
I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.
-Harriet Tubman, Abolitionist Continue reading

What is love? Quotes to know your heart

What is love?
Is it a feeling, or a biological response we don’t fully understands that directs our steps more involuntarily than we give credit? Maybe it’s a choice. Maybe it’s all a lie. Historians aren’t necessarily sure which Saint Valentine is the one we celebrate on February 14th. Regardless of how dreamy-eyed or cynical you might be tomorrow, a day to celebrate the people we love the most seems like a worthy celebration.

So what is love? And what does it feel like to you?
Here are some wise words from some wise people to help you decide. Continue reading

Katy Perry’s Stirs Hearts and Raises Awareness

The Grammys celebrate a year in music performance and writing. Colorful characters, old favorites and new faces all show up to sing their hearts out and find out who will take home trophies for a variety of categories. Katy Perry is one such artist who has been providing party anthems for several years now. She recently brought her brand of fun to the Superbowl with a stage show that featured dancing sharks, beach balls and palm trees, not to mention a giant robot tiger puppet thing. Continue reading

From Being New

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 1.29.46 PM

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.”
― Cynthia Occelli


Change is innately scary.
There are elements of it that involve things falling away, things passing on, things ceasing to be. If you stay focused on that side of change, you can be frozen in place. Staying the same doesn’t necessarily mean everything is good though. What living things are known for never changing? Part of life and part of health means growing and developing. The most beautiful gardens require pruning and tending not because they are falling apart but exactly for the reason that they are constantly growing.  Continue reading

The Fight for Freedom (Quotes From the Greats)


It was over this last holiday season that a media giant like Sony had to seriously consider pulling a new film as a result of threats against theaters showing “The Interview” and movie-goers seeing it. Why the threats? Because it depicted the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Many had things to say about the situation- was is wise to safe-guard human life by simply withdrawing a film? Was it an act of cowardice to cave to the demands of terrorists? Strong language either way and you could argue both points. Who would’ve expected that a Seth Rogen and James Franco movie would be something having to be discussed by the President and his cabinet?

Now, only a day ago, it is believed that militant extremists are responsible for entering the French offices belonging to cartoonists of the renown satirical magazine Charlie Hedbo, gunning down 12. The outpouring today has reflected not only grief over the loss of dear human life, but on something even greater- the attack on freedom of human expression. Cartoonists all over the globe released tributes to their fallen artists, one citing humor as a dangerous profession, but it’s more than just humor. It is our words, our freedom to feel and create some to explain what is going on in our heads and our hearts.

Today we share words of freedom and liberty from those who have and are still fighting for it in so many ways in every corner of the globe.

Continue reading

Peace and Love: Quotes About Change

Again the US is buzzing with thoughts on the latest verdict from Ferguson, MO.
What is freedom? What is reality for young men growing up in this country?
What is justice? What honestly needs change?
Speaking up about change is hard work but arguably one of the few kinds of work that really matter. Continue reading

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