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Michelle King Robson

One World: Michelle King Robson and EmpowHER

After being given an unnecessary hysterectomy at the age of 42, Michelle King Robson saw a dramatic shift in her health. She went into menopause overnight, gained weight, experienced hot flashes, joint pain and memory loss. “I got so sick that I didn’t want to live anymore,” she recalls of the experience.  Her struggles with […]

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ADHD pills

Better Than Before: Why are Adult Women Using ADHD Meds?

I read with great interest the other day a story on the rising use of ADHD medication among women. While the new mantra for women is that to succeed they need to “lean in,” to be more assertive and seek greater authority at work and at home, the added pressures to do it all may […]

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Cate Blanchett - best actress - woman in media

Women in Pictures: The Scary Truth about Women in Today’s Media

“Today is National Women’s Day!” That’s how MeLissa greeted me this morning. “Hooray!!” was my first thought but as the idea began to process I wondered, what does that even mean? We should do something to celebrate, of course, but how? Intent has always included messages of feminism and sisterhood on the blog and via […]

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VOD: Sexism on YouTube Deters Women from Hosting Tech and Science Vlogs

Having worked on The Chopra Well for over a year before joining the Intent Team I know first hand some of the ridiculous comments vloggers can get. They range anywhere from spam and complete nonsense to hate language and death threats. The anonymity of the internet allows people to spread their inner demons with reckless […]

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VOD: Stop Buying Your Daughters Dolls and Get Them Into Science

There’s a new girl power anthem, and Beyonce isn’t singing it – it’s your daughter. They are telling you they are tired of being cast as “Princess Maids.” They like colors that aren’t pink or purple. They are telling you they are tired of being typecast by the toys that are marketed to them, and […]

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Why You Should Stop Making Excuses & Cook at Home

As a fitness expert, I know everyone wants to look like a supermodel and eat like Miss Piggy. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work unless you are one of those rare individuals with exceptional genetics and metabolism. Eating out all the time is too tempting and thus we blow our diets. So I recommend that most people […]

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VOD: Lily Allen Bluntly Calls Out Sexism and Misogyny in Today’s Music

Brit singer Lily Allen has always been known for having a bit of a smart mouth, but this week she’s making waves on the internet for her new single, “It’s Hard Out Here for a B*tch.” The title alone is enough to start some controversy, but Allen takes on the various female stereotypes in the […]

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VOD: 4 Young Poets Speak the Truth About Costume Sexualization

Have you noticed when you go to buy a Halloween costume that the outfits get skimpier and skimpier? Or that it’s impossible to be something like a nurse or a police officer or firefighter without the word “sexy” on the front of the package? It’s a phenomenon that has been going on for years, but […]

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Before tobacco companies were legally mandated to disclose the connection between cigarettes and cancer - it was probably a winning strategy to be the most popular death stick with doctors!

7 Old-Time Ads That Would Cause Riots Today

When there are campaigns in the US to ban literary classics and relegate women to second class citizenship it can be hard to tell how much progress we’ve made over the years. But can you imagine a time when it was okay to send all of your friends cartons of cigarettes for Christmas? How about […]

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Before You Judge Plastic Surgery, Read This

Have you ever jumped to criticism after seeing someone with plastic surgery or hearing of a friend or relative’s decision to alter their appearance? Or if you have had cosmetic surgery, have you ever faced judgment from others for your decision? Truth be told, plastic surgery is a controversial subject, and such responses are typical. […]

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