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Gentle Giants: 5 Big Names Investing in Your Health & Wellness

Personalized healthcare is quickly becoming an important trend in healthcare. As more and more data about each patient and about genes and the human genome becomes available, technology companies are conducting research to store and analyze this data. They plan to use it to understand illnesses and treat patients on an individual level. Some big […]

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One World: Shiva Ayyadurai on Inventing E-mail at Age 14

Most 14 year old boys find themselves interested just in sports, school dances and making it through high school. Shiva Ayyadurai was no ordinary 14 year old. While his peers were busy just with the traditional pursuits of adolescences, Shiva was inventing email.  This did not mean he was a “nerd”, who sat drinking Red […]

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David Gorodyansky

One World: David Gorodyansky Re-imagining Cyber Security

As nearly every facet of our lives becomes more and more dependent on the sharing of data and information via the internet, we become increasingly vulnerable to virtual theft and breaches of privacy. With this new threat has come a demand for cyber security. David Gorodyansky is one of the savvy businessmen who are rising […]

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syria war

Campaign Video Teaches Lessons in Empathy for War Torn Families

If you made a compilation video of one second of every day for a year, what would it look like? A campaign video to raise awareness of the political strife in Syria wanted to show you what it would look like for a child stuck in the middle of a war zone. It follows a […]

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Ray Chambers

One World: The Art of Impact with Malaria No More’s Ray Chambers

There aren’t many people who have had more of a dramatic impact on the health and wellbeing of children globally than Ray Chambers. In April 2011 Ray Chambers was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine not for his career in private equity-though he had an illustrious and […]

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Dr Iva Fattorini

One World: Combining Healing & Medicine with Dr. Iva Fattorini

As a doctor focused on international health, Dr. Iva Fattorini has had the opportunity to observe many patients from around the world and the ways in which they deal with their treatment. She noticed that for many patients once the medical tests are done, so much of their time is spent waiting. They are essentially […]

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America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful is Still America in Multiple Languages

By now you’ve probably heard about the controversial Coca-Cola ad that aired during the Super Bowl. The spot featured “America the Beautiful” sung in various languages and displayed images of various American families, including a gay couple (yes, that’s apparently still scandalous). You’ve also probably seen the lists of tweets from people rebelling against it […]

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Trash: Making Beauty out of What We’ve Thrown Away

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word trash? Dirt. Germs. Land fill, maybe? Trash is what we call the things we no longer have a use for – the things we throw away and discard never to be thought of again. Even when it’s used in a derogatory sense for […]

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State of the Union

What You Need to Know About the State of the Union

Talking about politics is a touchy thing (and we don’t try to hide that we’re pretty liberal here at Intent – but we do promote listening to contrary opinions with an open ear and encourage healthy, respectful debate!). However, the annual State of the Union address isn’t really about which side of the aisle you […]

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The Square was nominated for Best Documentary Film Academy Award

Jehane Noujaim Receives Academy Award Nomination for Documentary “The Square”

With her unusual background and upbringing between the United States and the Middle East, Jehane Noujaim has a unique vantage point from which to film the stories of the Arab Spring. In her newest documentary “The Square,” Noujaim follows a number of Egyptians through the ongoing Egyptian Revolution. That unique vantage point helped score an […]

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