Celebrate Sea Otter Awareness with this Adorable Video

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Sea Otter Awareness Week, which occurs in the last week of September according to SeaOtterWeek.org. To celebrate we found this adorable video of two otters at the Vancouver Aquarium. Take a peek below:

Sea otters are known for holding hands so they don’t lose each other in the current as they sleep.

However, this awareness week was inspired not only because of the pretty universal understanding that sea otters are adorable – but to inform the public of the vital functions they perform in nearshore ecosystems and protect the species from extinction. According to the US Geological Survey’s Western Ecological Research Center sea otter numbers are up this year, which is reason to celebrate! But their most recent survey says that the California sea otter population is still only 2,941. The population needs to remain above 3,090 for three consecutive years to be taken off the endangered list.

So do your part to raise awareness for these awesome animals – share this video and go visit the otters at your local zoo or aquarium! Or you can check out a list of activities for the week here.

What animal would you like to see have their own awareness week? Tell us in the comments below!