Chakra Clearing and Balancing

 Just as the physical spaces we inhabit require that we clear them periodically of clutter, the energetic fields that are a vital part of our being must also be cleared of old thoughts, energy, and emotions. Clearing your chakras and your aura restores and strengthens your connection to yourself and your divine inner wisdom. Unfettered by energetic baggage masquerading as fear, pain, and self-hatred, your consciousness is once again free to grow.

Chakras are energy connections to major glands and organs in the body, allowing the electrical/energetic field to hook in with the physical.  Just as trauma is stored in your mind, body and heart, freezing sometimes in unhealthy patterns, traumas are also stored in your energy centers, or chakras.

If you find the thought of clearing your energy fields disconcerting, simply think of it as cleansing the energy that surrounds you and releasing any stagnancy. You may not be able to see the results of your efforts, but you will experience a lightness of being and clarity of mind.

You can begin by sitting or lying down on a comfortable surface. Take a series of deep breaths and allow your soul to connect with Mother Earth and the vast expanse of the Universe. Visualize your first chakra, situated near the tailbone, and imagine if you will, a valve opening there, much like a faucet. Imagine a cord dropping from your tailbone deep into Mother Earth and let everything that is stagnant within you flow through it. Let go of old energy, inactive thoughts, and anything else that no longer serves you. Ask the earth to accept what you are offering by turning this old energy into light. Continue to let old energy drain out of you until you feel like you’ve released all your energetic baggage. When you are done, imagine the valve closing. Before moving on to clear your next chakra, let vibrant terra cotta light travel upward from the earth and through the cord into your first chakra. Repeat this process with all seven of the body’s chakras. The second chakra is orange, the third is yellow, the fourth is green, the fifth is blue, the sixth is indigo and the 7th is violet. Afterward, visualize your crown chakra and draw beautiful, golden-white light from the universe flowing down through the top of your head. Release any worries or fears that you have been holding on to. Draw this light into your aura and enjoy the resultant feeling of peace.



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About Rosalba Fontanez


Rosalba is an honors graduate from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. In her bilingual practice, she successfully helps clients rediscover themselves and guides them to find their true path in life's journey.  
She focuses on fears and phobias, stress management, building self-esteem and self-confidence, smoking cessation, and limiting decisions which hinder one's growth. Active listening and a true sense of compassion, ensure a way for people to achieve amazing results.
She also facilitates healing circles and personal transformation workshops.
Rosalba Fontanez, C.Ht.