The Conversation of the Universe

Conversations are rhythmical flows of sound through which we modulate our individualized perceptions, they can be about enticements, vanity, caresses, seductions, rejections, profundity, aggressions, rejoicings, anything.

Thoughts and feelings condensed in expired air vibrations, graphic symbols exchanged, silences shared in knowledgeable eyes. Conversations, in all forms, are embraces we give each other in our loneliness, as we seek to understand, as we hunger for the whole.

They are a global exchange of impressions as we traverse the journey of life. It is really just one Conversation, of the Universe with itself, reverberating monologues in myriads of mirrors of Being, reflecting the light in all possibilities of color and brightness.

It effervesces from birth, this urge to embrace with our subtle extremities of silence and word, and react to this apparent solitude from each other that masks the singularity of our Being.

The evolution of language, as stated by those who converse about past times and relationships, developed in the last few seconds, if measured in the Universes’ age, out of a consciousness shift enabled by new body technology.

Rudimentary, representative noises were followed by words and sentences describing what we saw outside, and what we felt inside. Words, songs and poems crafted by the human pharynx and the opposing thumb, became the last instruments of the Universe to converse amongst itself and with itself in all manners of expression – to exchange awe in all manners of perception.

Language led to a deeper understanding of the inside-out relationships. Every understanding was preserved in scrolls, books, traditions and myths. Symbols were passed on, in a never ending information current, to each regenerating pulse of life as its streams advanced in the consciousness flow. The outer was progressively better described and compared, relationships of form predicted and controlled, until the awe of our external manipulations competed with the awe for our presence and inner depth. We then became enamored of our conversational skills and forgot the object of our conversation; the joy of being.

A tiny seed has the program for the un-manifest tree, intertwined strands of DNA the designs for the marvels of our physique. Likewise, the magnificent conversation of Being carried out by the Universe, was already latent in the original Silence before the first word of bang or Om. The spontaneity of this Silence is beyond thought and time, it preceded thought, and therefore conversation must be as animated, varied, spectacular, entertaining as only expressed infinite creativity can attest to. It can even go astray and forget the joy, the beloved joy. Still the forgetfulness is only part of this powerful multiple monologue of discovery, and even when the plaza crowds are mesmerized by fireworks, there are lovers in hidden corners conversing about love with glowing eyes.

The pulsating urge to joy beats like a cosmic heart, and the original joy again seeps into people’s hearts, unbeknownst to them and their woozy minds. And hearts hunger for more conversations about joy and meaning.

Today our humanness is linked externally as never before, a network of technological conduits has interwoven the possibility of a simultaneous global conversation. Electrons are magically bouncing in phosphorescent screens commanded by mind-hands. Symbols are being exchanged remotely in distance as well as in time. The conversation cloud pervades as one continuum. Previous codes that emerged in isolation are now exposed, challenged to redefinition, compared, and evolved. Millions upon millions of voices and silences, images and symbols collide in the crucible of the collective mind. The round boundaries of Earth have been ultimately circumvallated.

While heart hunger for joy and meaning grows, the scaffolding created for connectivity has paradoxically established further barriers to the original conversation flow. This colossal scaffolding, vibrating simultaneous information on surface phenomena can indeed be very distracting for a while.

However, like weeds sprouting on dead pavement the currents of life insist in significance and light. The inner Silent Being is prompting again the conversation. Now a full cycle is closing, the ancient myths, the cutting edge cosmological science, and the scaffolding are in place, providing the architecture and stage for the Conversation to turn fully unto itself and remember the oneness, rejoice in the awe of diversity, recover the reverence for life, and renew the healing compassionate flows amongst the living.

Our feet could not stop dancing when we heard this soul music, as we moved around in our lives. By coincidence we started tapping the tables in rhythm at the same time like so many others. As we tuned into the melody and shared, it became even more intense and others through the scaffolding listened with their hearts and joined in the music.

In phosphorescent screens we met and exchanged electrons instantaneously. They flowed to each other through webs and browsers energized with heart songs, afterwards we spoke and the air columns vibrated more electrons in pulses and sound waves linked our consciousness in synchrony through ear drums. The conversation on meaning and joy soothed our sun hunger for light, in the midst of the inane that had taken over the images and the content of our journeys.

Today let us share in all humbleness and awe this music that changed our perceptions and gave back the feelings of whole and joined us, across all improbability, in a common song. Let’s understand that this global scaffolding is only the outer temporary surface of a deep upwelling of being that is leading us to a New Humanity.