Debbie Ford: Dare To Dream A New Dream

I’m really inspired by all of you who are doing the New Year’s Ritual and committing to make this an incredible year. (If you haven’t done the ritual yet, it’s not too late.) I feel moved to share with you the dream I had for you during my meditation on New Year’s Eve.

My dream is that you are free from the bondage of your wounded ego’s needs, fears, doubts and greed in 2012 and that you wake up every day and see the goodness in yourself and in others. My dream is that today you accept the past for what it is — the past — and you open up to a whole new future unlike anything you’ve seen before. My dream is that this year you will love like you’ve never loved before, that you love your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children, neighbors, and even enemies in ways that you didn’t think possible. And my dream is that you devote yourself to living in peace and prosperity by telling yourself and others the God’s honest truth. 

In this beautiful first week of January, you are called upon to begin 2012 by allowing a new dream for yourself and the world to emerge. It’s not enough to write out a short vision or list a particular goal. In order to step into the next greatest expression of your soul’s highest desires, you must dare to dream. You must allow a dream that already exists in your soul to come to the front of your conscious awareness. You must unconceal a wanting, a longing that is consistent with the state of being you most desire. This should not be your ego’s dream but rather God’s dream for you — something that the divine has been waiting to give you until you were ready to ASK, LISTEN, and RECEIVE.

Dream today. Allow the powers that be to give you a glimmer of a future that is wanting to emerge this year. Don’t try to insert your will on to this divine dream. Just invite it into your awareness over the next few days. Write it down. See it in all its color and glory. Bless it, feel it, and thank the higher realms for giving you a peek at what is available for you this year if you allow your soul to be your guide.

I know that, if you are willing to reach deep into your heart, you will see a bigger dream for yourself and the world than you ever imagined.

With love and blessings,

PHOTO (cc): Flickr / aepoc