Fall is quickly approaching. Like New Year’s, this is a perfect time to clear out any clutter you have accumulated and start new.

Clutter can be the reason you may be feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and confused. Free up some space and you’ll be surprised how much energy is released. It’s much like a computer, when the memory is almost full or the system is not fully optimized (“How to: Optimize Your Computer”). When you are surrounded by clutter, you are constantly navigating through your space and still very connected to your past.

Optimize! Keep around you only those things that are sacred and of utmost importance. Be aware of the objects and things that help you to feel energized, efficient, and forward thinking. Notice how you may speak of change or improvement, but you may still hang on to things that are comforting or serves no purpose. That’s not bad, but take notice that you may not be quite ready.

Do you dare to throw or give it away and start over new? It’s sort of like packing for a trip and living off of just the necessities, your favorite sweater, a coat, a good book, etc. It feels very freeing and unencumbered.

Try to de-clutter when you’re a wrestling with a big problem. Tackle a closet or a room. Organize, throw things out, or give them away. By the end, the crisis will pass or you will find a solution to your problem. There is therapy in cleaning. (“Cleaning is the new therapy”) That’s why moving is hard work, but you feel much better in a new, fresh, and organized space. Nothing new can come into your life if cluttered by old.

Get rid of the pants you are holding on to until you lose the 30 lbs. Get rid of them! Get rid of presents that you really don’t like. Empty your pants, coat pockets, and your handbags.

Clearing clutter doesn’t necessarily mean being neat. Clutter means disorganized, not having things at your fingertips and that blocks creativity and the ability to work efficiently. Clutter means dirty. Get out the mop, sponge, and get to dusting!

Okay, all of you in New York City will laugh at me.Keep the entrance of your home free and clear, very Feng Shui; it represents your approach to the world and to your life. All doors should open fully, all hallways clear (that’s really funny!), get as much off the floor as possible, from underneath your bed, and clear out your closets.

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