Dean Ornish Talks With Deepak Chopra

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  1. Last time I saw a video of yours with Ornish it was so hostile, and this one so friendly. What a difference it makes in a conversation!!

    Yeah, the medical world is catching up with what you said yrs ago. One day they may also catch up well with the Vedic knowledge which came thousands of yrs back. It's fine to talk abt body, health and fitness…but really isn't this all Transient?? In comparison to the timeless, undying Spirit.

    How many more yrs can a human being live longer than fellow counterpart? 20 at the most! What a short time is that when you see things from the Spirit. You give them the knowledge of the body….you give peace and joy for; close to a lifetime. You give them the knowledge of the Spirit…you give them peace and joy forever. Which one is better?

    Someday they may also catch up well with the knowledge that…all the seeming physical reality is only an illusion, a superimposition on the eternal existing reality of consciousness/spirit/god. But, as of now…they are very busy fighting with each other Ironically in that same name of God/Religion and tightly embedded in the ego which makes them think, they are a separate entity from the other.

    Enjoy your break, catch you later.


  2. I'm so inspired! My father died from complications of Pic's disease and he was told by the Doctor's that his prognosis was death and that's what he became obsessed with, death. This raises patient care issues, when to disclose and to whom , but I know that he would have lived many more years if he had not heard these words from thh profession he so admired.


    Samantha Barton

  3. In my country they now come with a complete new course for elder people called: "Death simple".

    They had already courses for people from other countries how to stay and live in a pleasant way in our country called: "Naturalization"

    Now they come with a course: "How to die the easy way" lol

    In-naturalization versus Out-naturalization

  4. Congratulations Deepak!

    You found your special soulmate 🙂

    What you talk about has been my experience for the last 31 years.