Dear Intent Community: Brand New Website Coming Soon In April 2012!

Dear Intent Community,

Big news from the Intent Team! We are really excited for the new version of that will be launched later this year in April 2012. And by new we mean COMPLETELY NEW:  new features, new look, new logo, new everything!

Our core mission of will remain the same: to provide an online platform for individuals to share their intentions with the world where users can give and receive support to help make intentions come true. With Intent 2.0, we intend to provide a faster and more efficient user-friendly experience for all of you with new and improved features that will make your intention-sharing process more meaningful and more interactive. We hope that these exciting changes will  further foster new relationships, new dialogue and new ideas for inspiration among all of you community members to improve your lives, your communities and the world at large.

We are grateful for all of you Intenters for sticking with us during these periods of big transition and can’t wait to share with you the brand new site when it is ready to launch. In the meantime, stay tuned for new updates and please keep sharing your intentions with us on


The Intent Team