Dear James: Where Will I End Up?



I want to know what am I to expect of my life: my love life: my career: my family: and my dreams and goals. I don’t know which way to go and need some guidance. Where will I end up? I’m scared.

-Where Will I End Up

Dear Where Will I End Up,

Ye have little faith: and FAITH is what you need most right now.

When you lack faith: life has a way of becoming uncertain: fast.

Faith has everything to do with certainty: confidence and conviction.

Faith lifts you up: when you are too weak and weary to make it on your own.

Faith is Source personified.

Expect to get out of life: exactly that which you put into it.

Do not be scared or intimidated by life: instead choose to embrace it and all its many facets.

You chose to incarnate so you could experience life, not run and hide from it.

The more you lean into Life: The more life lifts you up.

It carry’s you on a journey of remembrance.  Everything you are experiencing in life: you chose to experience before ever being “born.”

So simply relax, exhale and remind your self that you are in control: in as much as the more you surrender and re-member, the more centered, peaceful and easy your life will become.

Manifest a greater sense of conscious awareness within your self.  Still your self: so you may hear your self…literally.

Not your ego mind: but your soul self: your spirit self.

Your soul and spirit are speaking to and guiding you: every moment of your life here on earth.

LISTEN to them.  TUNE into them: FOLLOW them.

By doing so: you will have mastered the great art and discipline of FAITH.

Faith in knowing you are exactly where you are meant to be: at every moment.

Faith in the knowledge that you are always perfect and evolving.

Faith in knowing you are being led throughout your journey.


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