Deepak Chopra: What is Synchronicity?

Do you ever feel an uncanny sense of things aligning in your life? In this episode of “Ask Deepak” on The Chopra Well, Deepak explores the meaning of synchronicity in our lives.

The word derives from the root “chronos,” which means time. Thus “synchronicity” means “in time.” It is associated to coincidence, which is characterized by unexplainable or improbable events. This is what Deepak calls a “conspiracy of improbability.” Coincidences present opportunities all around us, as well as connection to the soul and core consciousness. Some tips to tap into synchronicity: See the world as an extension of yourself. See relationships as a mirror. Come from a place of detachment. Have clarity of your intentions. Don’t get involved in details. If you experience coincidence, ask yourself what it means. Understand that life is the harmonious interaction of the masculine and feminine. Have a relationship with archetypes. Try it out!

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