Deepak Chopra: Who Made God?

Prompted by his granddaughter, Deepak explores the questions: What is God? And who made God? In this episode of “Ask Deepak” on The Chopra Well, he approaches the query from a cosmological perspective. Think of a cosmic Las Vegas – there is eternal inflation and eternal fluctuation in the universe. Because this is happening eternally, new universes can theoretically spin out, though they would be separated by light years from other universes. Is eternal inflation a possibility, and is it the mind of God? And if it is so, then who made that?

The nature of the Universe is that is it constantly coming into existence; it seems counter intuitive to suggest that there is one creator of matter, when matter continuously springs into form from dark space. But if there is a god at the source of all things – or if “god” is what we call the act of creation – then who or what made god?

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